Hi-d History

Heidi & big brother Rick

Heidi & Rick - The Essence of Joy

First of all, those of you that are curious why I write my name Heidi like this: hi-d. Well, it started back in high school… as the way I signed my artwork. I had a funky way of signing my last name too, but once married, I decided just to keep the hi-d.

I grew up in the central valley of California with my parents and three brothers. We moved there when I was five and some of my fondest memories are from living in this little farmhouse on the outskirts of Lodi. It was there that I learned to love gardening, hard work, animals, home cooked, hearty meals and life itself! We helped my Dad harvest from his garden loads of fruit and vegetables, then can, freeze, dry and juice everything! Mom made granola, pasta sauce, biscuits, bread, tortillas, etc. all from scratch! My brothers and I didn’t even know they made cereal in a box until we were old enough to stay at a friends house overnight. It was so amazing to us… and amusing to our friends! But I wouldn’t change a thing! I LOVED that life…and I still do! I try to emulate as much of it as I possibly can in my own household.

On the farm my love for animals grew and the beauty of nature frequently overwhelmed me with joy! We had chickens, goats, dogs, rabbits and even a pet cow…which became a bull. But he was friendly and we rode him like a horse, since I never did get my dream of having a horse.

One of the best animals we had then was a big white rooster. His name was Flappy. He was one of the best watch dogs/roosters I have ever seen! When a car came down our long driveway… Flappy would crow and crow and crow…and then when they stopped, he would fly up on the hood of their car and keep crowing! NOBODY got out of their car until someone came out and called Flappy off! He was a huge rooster, and the four of us kids loved him!

I am suspicious that the rest of my life will be spent trying to recapture the feelings and sense of contentment I had while on that farm. And I don’t think that is a bad thing.

Eddie, Ricky, Heidi, Jonny

Eddie, Ricky, Heidi, Jonny 1968

Eddie, Rick, Heidi & Jon 2006

Eddie, Rick, Heidi & Jon 2006

We moved into town some time later, with many tears from my little brother and myself. I am quite sure that my mom must have shed some herself. I know she loved it out there as much as anyone.

My dad still managed to have a garden in town and they did some canning and freezing…even drying there. I remember my dad telling of a time when he dried some onions, and the whole neighborhood smelled like onions! All the neighbors were trying to figure out where the smell was coming from!

Even though we got used to living in town and made friends, went to school, joined the swim team and all that good stuff, I never quite got over the farm. It still lives inside me today.

Oh my...

Oh my...

Well, I grew up, got married and realized that I had made a terrible mistake. My husband wasn’t at all who I though he was… after four years of marriage and a year of going to counseling (alone), I left. There were some pretty rough years as a single mom, but Bud and I made it through them together, with the help of wonderful friends and family. I was happy again, and could be the kind of mom I knew Bud needed and deserved.

smooch, smooch!

smooch, smooch!

A few years later, I met Dave! (on a blind date) And Married him!

(Not on the blind date…you silly…about a year later!)

Dec. 31, 1994

Dec. 31, 1994

We have had some trials of our own, but seem to get closer with each and every one. I don’t fear the future like I used to, and I know that if we are both focused upward, our path will become straight. I believe that promise with all my heart, and it has already been proven to me many times.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good!


D & H in 08

D & H in 08 (Happy 13th honey!)


2 responses to “Hi-d History

  1. urthemom


    I loved reading about you and your family. =D This is a great blog…your honesty and grace come through loudly and clearly.

    I was LOL about not knowing cereal came from boxes. How funny…I didn’t know ya could make it yourself up until a few years ago!

    I look forward to popping in and reading more!
    joanne calderwood

  2. Hi d: I would be happy to send Harrison a starter Sea-Monkey set so he can always be around salt simian friends. I enjoyed your images and writing…thank you for mentioning Sea-Monkeys. Adios, G. Pres Sea-Monkeys.

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