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I am a homeschooling mom, an artist, a small business owner, and have been happily married to Dave for almost 17 years now! He has been my hero on more than one occasion!


We have four boys. The oldest one I brought with me to the marriage. In fact he gave me away at the tiny, little train depot wedding we had on New Years Eve, 1994! It was so adorable! He was only 7 then… he is a big, tall 23 year old now! Here is a photo of Buddy right before giving me away!

My little Buddy 12-31-94

My little Buddy then...

My little Buddy now!

My little Buddy now!

We have three more boys together and had I not stopped trying to have a girl, we would have a whole baseball team by now! There have been no girls born into this family since before the Civil War!

***(update: the first girl was born, to Dave’s cousin and his wife, this last August! And then Dave’s brother and wife had a girl a couple months later! So we DO have girls in the family now!)*** 

I tried…but, hey…

To be totally honest…I’m quite glad I have boys! They are great!

The boys and Great Grandpa

The boys and Great Grandpa (100 yrs old)

***(Update: Great Grandpa turned 102 this past February -2010! Still doing great!)***

I know I don’t look like it in the above wedding photo, but I really am quite a Tom-Boy! I grew up with three brothers, so I am used to all this boy stuff! And truth is…I don’t think I would have known what to do with a girl if I’d had one! I didn’t even have a sister…so, my little girl would have been raised without ANY foo-foo!

The three younger ones are home schooled. And although it was only a temporary deal when we started a few years ago… I have come to love it and made the decision last year to keep going all the way! I love watching my boys grow and mature into wonderful young men. I don’t want to miss a thing!! And it would be awful lonely here on my planet alone all day! Some days I highly question my sanity, but for the most part, we have a great time and enjoy learning together.

Worship outside on a warm winter morning!

Worship outside on a warm winter morning!

Newie Brothers

Newie Brothers

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!




2 responses to “My family – Newie Stew

  1. Just beautiful, so glad to make your acquaintance as our paths crossed over at Linda’s place. I will definitely stop in to visit your peaceful, beautiful virtual home as opportunity permits.


  2. What home schooling curriculum do you use? I am looking at some and so is a friend of mine.

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