These are usually done for a Christmas program that our church has every November, but they have occasionally been used for other events.

The Cabin

The lights inside the cabin flicker – as if from the fire, and smoke actually comes out the chimney.

Not turned on yet.

A chair like this was hand-made for everyone who sat at this table (the first year it was used) out of sticks from my backyard! They were all (obviously) a bit different, but each one was personalized with the name and address on the envelope of the person receiving it. I blurred the address in the photo on purpose – to post – but you can actually read it clearly in real life!

In subsequent years, the place markers and favors were different. Here are a few of the other favors.



The Penguin Tree

(My first Centerpiece)

This ornament was the favor the first year of this Penguin Tree and it say’s “Untangle the Season… and enjoy the reason!” They are tangled up in tree lights. I made the penguins out of clay – careful not to make them bigger than the opening in the ornament – put hot glue on the bottom as a base, then after gluing the tree and penguins down, I added the loose fake snow.


White Chocolate Church

This was a fun one. It smelled SO good at this table! I put a light inside to accentuate the stained glass windows. The windows were made by crushing Jolly Ranchers and putting the different colors in little piles next to each other. Then bake in the oven until they melt together. Let cool and wallah! Stained glass windows! Everything was eatable except the light inside it and the cross on the steeple. (toothpicks)


Rotating Nativity

This is the only one I’ve sold so far. (And I miss it!) I frosted the glass panels in this purchased gazebo kit. Made dark blue inserts with pin holes to go in the top section. Drilled a hole in the bottom and inserted a light fixture and motor, then cut out of cardboard the whole nativity scene. Anyway… the shadow figures of the nativity characters turned slowly and it looks like a night sky on top.


Mosaic Tree

This was intended to be a water fountain – but I still haven’t found a bowl big enough to hold the tree and still have room for marbles and water! Maybe one of these days I’ll get it worked out.


Rustic Tin Can Tree

This is simply (rusted) tin cans with holes punched in them – stacked up and with tea lights in each one. The guests got a small jar of dry soup mix with a rusted tin lid to go with the rustic theme. The napkins and around the base of the tree were gingerbread men made out of applesauce and cinnamon. They smelled SO good and make great ornaments that last a good long time!


Ornament Tree

This was an easy and simple centerpiece – except that right after I made this one, I saw one in a store for about half of what it cost me to make this one, AND it had lights in it. 😦 Grrrrrr.

That’s okay. It served it’s purpose and has been used many, many times by myself and others for decoration at various events.  


Angel Cake



Woodland Christmas

These little bears were the place cards and the favors for this table.



This was more of an assembled centerpiece. Click here to see the post on how I put it together. The owl is the only hand made thing in this one, but I did make the base and put the deer & tree on it.



The inspiration for this centerpiece was from where the proceeds of our Truly Christmas event was going this year. The Red Cross has had to pull out of Coweta County and the firemen here have been trying to raise money for an Emergency Fund of their own. Who knows, it could be any one of us that would need that help if our house burns down or blows away… so I we were trying to get some of the female firefighters to come to our event, but it didn’t pan out. I was very disappointed that no firefighters or EMT would see it, but that might still happen. Will update if anything comes of it.






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