Mini Moments In Time

Welcome to the tiny world in-between a daydream and a memory.

This has to be one of my favorite mediums! I get to do a little of everything. I often have to come up with my own pieces in these custom scenes, since I can’t always find what I need. So, I’ve been able to sculpt clay, build, paint, age, sew, do electrical work and various other things during the making of any one of these. I love it!

(Unless otherwise noted, all of these are 1 inch to 1 foot scale.)

Custom Scenes:

Kathy’s Office

A retirement gift. There was actually a photo of what she saw out her real office window in the pretend window on the right side.




Mark’s Garage (2001)

(One of my first custom scenes.)

FILLED with custom pieces. Anyone who knew Mark would know this was his garage!

The fly fishing pole, fly case with flies, tackle box, fish basket, hip waders and radio (among others) were all hand-made… from clay or wood. The tackle box(on shelf near lantern) and insert (on bench) were made out of tongue depressers and the insert actually fits into the tackle box! (WHY I felt the neet to make them fit together when they are glued so far apart from each other… I don’t know.) SO many firsts in this scene. And like a “first love”, it will always be one of my favorites.



Asian-American Wedding 


New baby 


Baby Girl Bookend

This has hand painted furniture and doll furniture to match, hand-made lamp, hand stitched bedding with personalized pillow, and personalized calendar with birth date highlighted.


Sid’s Bait & Tackle Shop


The Cunningham Farm

A soft light glows from within the barn. Hand made bridle hangs by the stall door. Muddy boots (with red Georgia clay) and fishing gear were dropped off on the hay bails before going off to do the morning chores. A basket of freshly picked vegetables sits by the open gate. Birds adorn the big tree, that has a heart and initials carved into it of the farm owners. The horse is hand altered to match one of their own. A basket of fuzzy peaches is ready to take in and can, cat’s play with dragonfly’s while water drips into the water bucket and dandelions grow along the wet walkway to the barn.


Home from Vacation


Florida Fun 


Springhill Farm


Grandma’s Livingroom


Mini Fence Scenes

For the Farmer


For the Gardner

For the Entrepreneur


Potters Bench

With “freshly picked” handmade tomatoes and carrots.


 Custom Chairs

The Teachers Chair

Each one is created specifically for that teacher, with many of her favorite’s, including: favorite flowers, season, bird, book, magazine, animal, color, play etc…

The 9/11 Chair

The Artist Chair

These can be customized with any type of scene on the canvas.


Doll House Type Miniatures

CD case

(not quite exactly 1″/1 ft. scale)

All the windows, shutters, door, roof and plants are painted


Arlene’s Wall House

Doll house


 Doll house for the doll house

1/4″ scale




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