“I absolutely love my beautiful wedding shadow box that hi-d made for me. She thought of everything – the miniature of our actual engagement photograph, my dark red roses, the detailed wedding cake which matched ours, the Chinese accents that personalized our reception. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of our wedding celebration and all our special memories. Hi-d’s creative talent always amazes me!”

Elizabeth Dexter –  Loma Linda, California


“I have known hi-d over 20 years. I have seen the artwork that she has created. She is one of the most talented artists I have known. She can paint small paintings for doll houses, as well as paint murals on bedroom and dinning room walls. She is detail oriented and a perfectionist. She puts 100% into her art work. Her personalized miniature shadow boxes are amazing. Hi-d is fun, easy to work with, and passionate with her creations. Her works of art are priceless.”

Lily Ritterskamp – Sacramento California


“I man be a bit biased as I am hi-d’s brother, but that does not lessen her talent. Her abilities have grown and developed over the years as she continually challenges herself with new mediums. My personal favorite is her miniature scenes. She is incredibly gifted when it comes to details, making many of the items by hand and everything in her miniature scenes is personalized in every way. If you can effectively communicate to hi-d what you want, you will not be disappointed.”

Eddie Haffner – Elk Grove, California


“I was looking for a baby gift for people who have EVERYTHING. I contacted hi-d, told her a little about the people and she came up with the most beautiful and unique gift I could hope to give. When the gift was received, they were speechless. It is truly a rare thing to find someone who is so passionately committed to making sure all your hopes are exceeded.

Jennifer Faulkner – Peachtree City, Georgia


“Hi-d turned our dining room into a Tuscan Countryside theme. Dinner parties are now a magical experience, our guests all love the atmosphere. Bon Appetite!”

Matt & Amy W. – Peachtree City, Georgia


“I had the privilege of watching hi-d paint the little girl by the laundry basket. It was amazing to watch the scene come alive with every brush stroke. She captures the emotion of what you might feel if you were there in the picture. Hi-d is an artist that is in love with creating and her work reflects that.

Maurene Neal – Lodi, California



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