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Angels Are All Around Us – II


Yolanda was there almost every morning to greet me and make my “veggie” sandwich. She’d see me walking in and start on my order without me even having to say anything! She called me her “vegetarian friend“! One morning, she slid over a comp card, and slid it back to the register and said, “there… all set!” SO SWEET! And every morning, asking how my Dad was doing.

A couple of times during the week, I had to extend my stay at the hotel. Two beautiful angles at the front desk, named Dee Dee and Cheryl (a new employee – in training), helped me and they were so patient and kind. They gave me a book on God’s Promises, and inside wrote a message, signed their names and email. It was just so thoughtful. They also gave me hugs and said they were praying for my Daddy.

My brother Jon stayed a couple of nights with me there as well, and was treated the same way. They all gave us both hugs, and said how sorry they were about the condition of our Dad.

They were all there for me, the morning after my Dad passed away, to comfort and console me.

Of course they didn’t know that they were making such an impact on my life at the time. They were just being themselves, I’m sure. But this is my point. When we open ourselves up to allow God to work in us… He does… whether we are aware of it or not!

I had the pleasure of being able to stop by the Hotel last week, when I was back in the area, and take them a thank you card and flowers. Dee Dee was the only one working at the time, but it was so nice to be able to give a hug back to at least one of them!

So, thank you Hotel Angels. Thank you for being open to God using you for the good of others. Thank you for your hugs. And thank you for being there when I needed you.




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Angels Are All Around Us

It is so easy to believe that our world is full of evil. Mostly because, well…it is! If you spend any amount of time in front of the TV, you know it’s rampant out there. But good people ARE out there as well.
Satan is no dummy. He’s been around a long time and knows the weaknesses we will have in our personal makeup, long before WE do! After all, he has been witness to generation after generation of our ancestors, and has a full history of how “the sins of our fathers” will affect us. All he has to do now, is to rub on and poke at that irritating/weak/hurtful/ugly area in our lives and give us major head cases to distract us from what we should really be focusing on… Our Loving Father, Jesus Christ, and how He can work in our lives to touch others.
Well, throughout this whole sad journey, I have been extremely blessed by several people. Some of them total strangers. All of them allowing God to do great things through them. All of them making a conscious choice to do a good, kind, loving thing for someone else. And in some cases…a total stranger! All of them showing me how God can use hurt and damaged humans to nurture, comfort and care for other hurt and damaged humans… if they will but allow Him to.
I want to tell you about some humans who allowed God to use them, and how they became angels in my life.
(Since I was in such a fog…I may not have all the facts exactly right, but this is what I can remember…and the gist of story is exactly as was!)
I checked into my hotel on the evening of April 15. While most of America was battling to get their taxes in on time… I had just come from seeing my Dad battling for his life. I was numb, tired, jet lagged and everything was covered in a dense fog as I cried myself to sleep that night.
The next morning came quickly, since still operating on east coast time, and anxious to get back to the hospital, I pried my swollen eyes open, got ready and headed down to the lobby to get some coffee. I didn’t feel like eating, but knew I should, so ordered an egg sandwich on an English muffin – hold the bacon! (my stomach couldn’t handle it.)
I don’t remember if it was that day or the next, but the sweet girl behind the counter asked some questions and we somehow started talking about my Dad. I shared with her his struggle and my fears. She asked if she could hug me, and that started my encounter with one of Gods “care taking angels”… Her name was Yolanda.

I will return to continue the story…

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Angels Galore

Each year our church has a wonderful Christmas event called Truly Christmas. Any of the women in our church can host a table and invite 8 friends to buy a ticket that gets them a spot at your table for dinner and a program. One of the bests parts of this is the first half hour of the evening, walking around looking at all the beautifully decorated tables. It is just a great atmosphere and a wonderful way to start the Christmas Season. Actually, I should say that the best part of it is the fact that the men (and boys) in our church do the serving. Dressed in black pants and a nice white dress shirt with a Christmas tie to boot! I like that!

I love this event and usually make a new centerpiece for my table (or tables) every year. I will share some of my past pieces with you in a post soon.

Well, this year I am on the Truly Christmas committee. Since our theme is Angels this year, I suggested making little chocolate molded angels for the dessert plate, and then later it came up that the same molds you would use for the chocolate could be used with Plaster of Paris to make refrigerator magnets. So… since it was my idea and all… I have found myself making these little celestial beings for over a month now! It’s not hard, just time-consuming. I love this kind of thing though, and don’t mind a bit.

Just thought I’d share how to make these little plaster angels. And obviously you could do the same thing with any chocolate candy mold that you get at a craft store. Here is the angel mold.

Now take some Plaster of Paris powder in a butter tub or other such disposable type dish, add just enough cold water to make it an almost cake icing texture. Work very fast as you don’t have much time before it starts to set up. Fill the mold and then tap the whole mold on the counter over and over again to make sure the air bubbles rise to the top. You may have a few trials before you get it just right, but don’t worry – you will get it.

Now wait about half an hour or until the plaster is cold.

Turn over the mold and gently press out your plaster. Hold your hand under it or do it real low to the counter so you don’t drop and break the piece. Right now it is still very breakable. It has lots of moisture in it, so lay them out on a paper towel and let them cure for hours or overnight.

Now, see the extra plaster that is around my angel. I don’t like that. But believe me… after carving number 201, knowing I have 99 more to go… I am beginning to think I like that extra little bit of  “edge”. But what you have to do is just carve it off with a knife. If you have an easy mold, you might not even get too much of it.

After I got them trimmed up, I painted the trumpets and halo’s gold.

Paint your pieces as detailed as you wish. Then you need to seal them. After I painted the gold on these, I then prayed sprayed them with gold glitter before sealing them.

Don’t know if you can see the glitter – it just kind’a looks dirty there.

Anyway, you will need to brush on a sealant. I’ve tried the sprays and they just don’t give you a thick enough layer to make them look good. So, any of the liquid sealants at your craft store. You will have to choose between glossy, matt or satin finish. These are the satin finish.

Then I just glued a strong magnet to the back, and waaa ‘la. You have a sweet little gift or favor for any occasion.

I was lucky enough to have three sweet friends help me make the 300 chocolate angels, which were MUCH easier. We got them done in three hours! Thank you girls!

Hope you try it out and enjoy yourself in the process. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any questions you may have.

Good luck!



(This years centerpiece info coming up in a post soon! -maybe-hopefully.)



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Speaking of Angels…

This sweet drawing is by my seven year old!


No… it’s not a mongoloid fairy… it’s me… I’m an angel!!

How sweet is it to have your son draw you as an angel?

But after my last post… I am wondering if he thinks of me as a tough, kick *%%, protector kind of angel, or a sweet calm and gentle angel.


Okay… that didn’t take long… I know which one!

He knows he is protected! Even though I am not “buff”, I can still kick some *%% if I need to!

I am so blessed!


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How Do You Envision Angels?

I have talked with my boys since they were very little about their angel and how he is their protector. I’ve told them that he is a mighty angel and carries a big fiery sword to fight off  Satan and his demons.

Well… have you ever seen any angels that look  like that?

Me neither.

The tree top angel I had for many years was an elegant gal with lots of lace and froo froo. It was a nice angel,  so far as a “fake” angel can be, and it was just fine as a tree topper for me…  but I decided that with a house full of boys we needed a kick ass tough and durable angel on top of our tree.

So, here is my attempt at it.


(click on picture to see bigger)

I hope to make a few more as gifts… but some of the action figures I got are just plain creepy looking and nothing I have been able to do has yet to changed that creepiness… so I will need to go in search of more action figure guys here soon.

Oh… and don’t get me wrong… I don’t think that angels are all guys. But they are not all girls either. Humm. I don’t think they are either. I can see that some of you might not agree… or maybe you have never thought about it.

It is perplexing. But thank goodness it doesn’t matter!

Look up some of the references to angels in the Bible sometime and most of them had/have male names and tough, strenuous jobs. The delicate little angel on my tree top for so many years could not have possibly “take care of the family business” very well.

Anyway… just messing around… and thought I would share!

The boys like this angel and given the choice… they’d rather this one watch over them than the one who looked like it might break if a small breeze came up.

So here’s to angels… big, small, fancy, rough, male or female. How ever you see them… however they are… I am very glad we have them!!

Tell me what you think angels are like.



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