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Peep and Her Peeps

I’ve gotten behind again on blogging. It’s amazing how quick that can happen.

Life is fast, and sometimes I like to slow down and just enjoy the moments. But I don’t like it when it takes an illness to MAKE me slow down. Well, this weekend it took food poisoning to make me stop and smell the doughnuts. Although, I wasn’t in the mood to smell doughnuts or any kind of food! YUCK.

I’m fine now, and it was just a 24 hour deal… but it did slow me down (just enough to get behind on everything, but not enough to get a rest. don’t ya just hate it when that happens?).


Tonight at my girls Bible Study, I was telling them that Peeps had gotten much bigger. Well, okay, maybe not MUCH bigger… but some! And I reminded myself that I hadn’t posted her latest photo shoot that I did on Easter morning.

So, here she is… Peeps and her peeps!

And that is a regular (med) sized egg.

She pecked at the peep later and got her beak temporarily stuck to the marshmallow!

She is two weeks old today, and doing fine.

Still lives in the house under a heat lamp, but gets to go outside and peck around in the grass a little bit every day. She likes it as long as my hand is nearby to hide under or hop on.

The other six chicks are doing GREAT, and are being very well cared for by Bonnie. They are so stink’en cute! I let Bonnie and the chicks out of the pen today to free range for the first time. They all did great. Bonnie and one of the other hens got into a tussle because the hen got to close to the chicks… but other than that all went well.

Maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to go out there with my camera and get some good ones of those little cuties.

But right now, I need to hit-the-hay.

Hope you are all having a good week!





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Bonnie’s Brood

Our little mama has been doing great! It’s amazing to me how well she’s doing as a first time mom. She is teaching them to scratch and peck in the dirt, and will sit down and let them crawl under her when they need a warm up or a nap. She has different sounds for them too. Like a happy low cluck when they are playing around, and a different sound for alarm when they all stop what they are doing and stay perfectly still. And even another sound that means to scurry under her wings. It’s just amazing.

 I don’t get tired of watching her and those chicks!

Today, while at the Tractor Store picking up something (real quick), I just had to go by and take a peek at the store’s chicks! You know… that “cheep, cheep, cheep” is just irresistable!

I was watching a newly arrived batch of little bantam chicks and noticed one of them that was about half the size of the others. It was getting knocked around and pecked on, and was so small that it couldn’t even reach the water.

When one of the workers came by, I asked her if I could just buy that one little chick that was so small. She said, “Oh, no… you have to buy six.” I told her that I did buy six… on Monday, and that this little chick wasn’t going to make it til morning. After a little bit of convincing, and telling her that I had a broody hen, she finally gave in and said, “Don’t tell anyone that I did this!”

So… chick number seven came home with me!

(That’s a butter dish her food – and her – are in!)

I was not planning on this.

I probably shouldn’t have done this.

I may regret this.

I think I need therapy.


But here she is…the cutest little chick I ever did see!

She spent the rest of the day under our heat lamp, with a big fuzzy slipper to cuddle with, and some food and water.

She is so small that I had to rig a smaller water feeder for her. It’s made with a small spice bottle and a mini rubbermaid lid!

Well, I waited til dark, and with much apprehension, I poked her under Miss Bonnie. I am saying prayers that she will survive her big sisters and GIANT mama tonight.

I’ll be anxious for daylight tomorrow.




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Oh Me of Little Faith

I didn’t want to worry. Believe me, I tried not to. Usually, I’m not a big worrier. But going to bed last night, after checking on Bonnie & the chicks for the 80th time, I succumbed to my migraine induced weariness, laid there and worried.

It was a restless sleep. Being one of our colder nights of late, I tossed and turned, thinking of all the things I should have done different. All the things I was going to bead myself up with in the morning when I went out to check on Bonnie and found her new little brood all dead from the cold.

Sleep did eventually come. But before the sun was up… I was. Worrying again.

I decided that I needed to beef up my mental strength before I went out to see the probable carnage, so I opened up my Bible and tried to find something on protection. I had been praying for those cute little fluff balls… and I had hoped that God would see their importance to us and protect them through the night, but still I had worried.

In the concordance, I found under God’s Protection, Matthew 6:25-34. The heading for that section of scripture is Do Not Worry! I especially liked verse 26. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” So, I added to that, that He keeps them warm and gives the mama bird the instinct to care for her young.

As I sat and pondered what God was capable of… I realized that He entrusted me with little bundles of cuteness, many years ago. And even though I had many “firsts”, He gave me the instinct and direction for each one of them. He trusted me with little humans. So, I needed to let go and trust that Bonnie would do what she was designed to do, and that God was in control. If they didn’t make it, it was His plan.

So, brimming with tears I make my way out to the coop. Tears of sorrow for not having more faith, and tears of anticipation to see God’s design at work.

As I let the other girls out of the pen, and made my way towards Bonnie’s little nest, and I heard the peeps of little chicks! They made it!

God made sure that Bonnie knew enough to keep these little-wiggly-puff-balls warm, even though they were just pushed under her during the night.

She is being a good little (actually she’s pretty big!) mama to them. She gets agitated whenever I go near her and seems to be telling the chicks when to get under her – if danger is present. They look happy and seem to know that Bonnie is their mama.

 (sorry the pics are a little blurry. took with no flash and the sun was hardly up.)

I am impressed.

With God and with Bonnie!

And my faith is stronger. I know… I know… something could still happen… the cycle of life and all that. God would still be good if they hadn’t made it… and granted, I haven’t seen all six of them yet… but my faith is STILL stronger because I was able to grasp a little deeper God’s love for me… and my children… and all His children. He loves us so much more than I or Bonnie could ever love those little chicks!

Love doesn’t make everything perfect down here on earth, but His love for us, and death on the cross, has given us the promise of perfection and a life with Him forever.

Looking forward to it!

For now… I will work on trusting Him more.

Off to sneak peeks at those darling little fluff-balls before the boys are up. I can’t wait to tell them!





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Spring Chick’s

Oh my word!

I just can hardly stand their cuteness!

Being as I have a broody hen, and being that she is a good breed to “mother”, and being that raising little chicks by myself is not an easy job, and being that I just can’t resist cuteness… I’ve acquired some little fluffy children for Bonnie.

She has been on her nest for two weeks now, but of course, I killed all her potential fathers, soooo, I will have to sneak out the golf balls and fake eggs (that I switched out from her real “unfertilized” eggs), and insert these precious little cuties!

From everything I’ve read and heard, this works like a charm.

I sure hope so.

They say that it’s the best way to raise chicks. Let the “professional” do it for you. I’m good with that.

She will keep them safe and teach them the ways of the chicken… far better than I!

So, they are in the house until I get Bonnie’s extra room built, and then they will be snuck out in the dead of night to snuggle with their new mama.

Wish them luck.




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