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I know, I know… but I Haven’t Forgotten About You!

Well, I had a post scheduled to appear this last weekend explaining my absence – but it didn’t. Hmmmm. Sorry.

I am so far behind on the news at this point I really don’t even know where to begin.

Yes… I’ve been stressed and very busy. I feel like I’ve been treading water for quite a while now and I’m tired! But the school year is coming to a close, and maybe this summer I can get caught up and organized like I’d hope to be.

Part of my scheduled post was wishing all you wonderful mom’s out there a very Happy Mothers Day! So… HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY to all of you moms – and mom’s to be!!

My girlfriend Branndan and I were going to take off for the weekend (with our boys) to the beach, but found out that Dr. Ben Carson was coming to our church to speak. We didn’t want to miss that, so we waited until after he spoke on
Sabbath and then hit the road with our 5 boys and stayed until Tuesday. Not sure what we were thinking – spending Mothers Day taking care of our kids – but isn’t that just mothers for ya? 🙂

Hearing Dr. Ben Carson speak was wonderful. He is an amazing man. I stood in line to shake his hand and get his autograph. I longed to talk to him about Gerrit and his Chiari Malformation II – but it was not the place or time. I just hope that if Gerrit does need another surgery that we can somehow manage to get Dr. Carson to do it! It’s, of course, in Gods hands. Having Dr. Carson’s brother at our church may help us out in the future though!

The boys and I had a great time  down at St. George Island with Branndan and her two boys! It was beautiful weather the whole time. The only bad thing about the trip was the fact that my two youngest got VERY burned. They are SO fair-skinned… 70 block sunscreen, hats… they still burned. So badly in fact that their eyes were swollen when they woke up on the third morning. Poor kids. I feel like a shmuck letting this happen to them.

 They are almost done peeling now and will be fine. (Until they’re my age and have to deal with skin cancer.) 😦


Harrison played his last baseball game of the season yesterday. They lost that one, but the night before (Friday) they won – and Harrison caught a fly ball out in left field!! He also had his first hit of the season and eventually came in to score! I had started bribing him this week with five dollars a hit – even if it was a foul ball. He needed a push to get over his fear of the batters box! (Being as he was hit a couple of times in there and all.) It worked!! He’s now made 15 dollars! I should have done that a long time ago!

After the game the coach had the kids in a group and asked who should get the game ball. In unison they said “Harrison”! What a night! He was on cloud nine – and his percentage went up to 80!!! (Those of you that have been following Harrison and his baseball percentages this year will know what I am talking about. For the rest of you – you will have to read up on it at that “percentage” link!)

It was a great way to end his season. The game ball will go in a nice case and Harrison requested that it sit beside his trophy from Fall season. I’m so glad he got to have that positive experience. 🙂


I woke up yesterday morning to the mother of all migraines. I made it to Harrison’s game, but wasn’t real effective as the photographer that I usually am at the games. It was very hot and I was miserable.

After the game I came home and cried and moaned most of the afternoon. Took some of the “good stuff” (prescription meds) in the evening and went to bed. It was gone this morning – although I felt like I’d been run over by a freight train or something. What a frustrating waste of time that is. I get so mad that I cry. I can’t help it. I know crying only makes it worse – but I just can’t stop. It’s partly anger that causes the tears. I have lots to do and just get behind when I get those. HATE them.

I’m good now – and will try to catch up tomorrow. We still have a week left of school, but am happy to say that we have already completed our required testing and they are ready to be sent back for scoring. I don’t put much into those… but it’s the law… so we do it!


Kiki is fine – for anyone who is wondering. She is fully recovered and back to her annoying little self! She is getting along with our two other dogs (outside labs) just like she did before the incident – thankfully. So, the pet life around here is pretty much back to normal. (Although that’s not saying much!) Oh… and that reminds me… we let our beloved water turtle go. I have had a draft saved on that for some time now – just haven’t had the chance to post it. I will do that with photos soon. Jerri is now happily swimming around in a big wonderful lake with others of her kind! She was SO ready to go!

I hope to catch up on my blog reading this week and reconnect with some of you.

Sorry for the long space in between posts lately, but real life will always take precedence over my blog life! But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about all of you often.

Hugs to all,








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More Baseball

Another cold day at the baseball field!


Oct.E 087-b

(Sawyer, one of our players little brother.)

Not quite as cold as last weekend – thank goodness – but chilly just the same!

Oct.E 010-b

Oh, and look!! Sandy actually got to see him play this time! This was her third attempt – and rain was forecast. This once I’m glad the weather man was wrong! It made Harris and I VERY happy that she was there. Thanks Sandy. You are so special to us. (I have more to tell you about my friend Sandy… in another post.)  🙂

Harris was great and made two very important plays. He has improved SO much since the start of the season.

Oct.E 023-bAs third baseman, he got a ground ball and threw it (nicely) to first base getting the runner out. Naturally, I was screaming and not taking pictures. *sigh*

Oct.E 060-bHere he is with one of his hits. See the ball?

Oct.E 064-bHe makes it to second! And yes… that is mud. Muuuuuuuuuuuud I tell you. He was VERY happy to be on second base though.

Oct.E 080-bBrady makes a base hit and Harrison is off to third! Can you see him? His coach is running off the pitcher’s mound and over to be the third base coach. (The coaches only have to pitch if the (boy) pitcher throws four balls – then the batter gets three chances to hit a ball pitched from his coach.)

Oct.E 082-b

Oct.E 083-b

Oct.E 085-b

Oct.E 086-bAnd he’s home!!!

Sadly, they lost. But the kids didn’t care and it was one of the best games they’ve had. The two teams were well matched and the score was 4-5.

But you know what was one of my favorite parts of the game? It was overhearing Harrison and another little guy, in the dugout, trying to cheer up one of their teammates who had just gotten out and was shedding some tears over it. (He is only 6.) It was very cool. 🙂

Oct.E 013-bOnly one game left now. I will miss seeing my “baby” in this uniform.

Well, there IS the Spring! And I know it will be here before we know it.




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My little Slugger Update

Harrison has had a game now three days in a row.

(I don’t know about him… but I’m tired!)

SeptA 116-cb

Thursday night was his second game ever played. And they won!

The funny thing is that he didn’t even realize it. As he and another kid were coming out of the dugout, the other boy mentioned something about their win, and Harris said “We won?!!” 🙂

We have since showed him the score board and how to read it. But to be honest… I kind’a liked it that way. Knowing that he keeps wanting to play the game not even aware if they win or loose. I know as time goes on and he gets older it will matter more to him, but for now it is all about enjoying the game!! But for now… ignorance is bliss!

He made the first score Thursday night and made a great hit later on in the game that brought two of his teammates home! It was a very fun game to watch. We were so proud of his efforts!

SeptA 144-b

(No, I didn’t get a picture of him sliding into home base because it got dark and I am having “human operational” issues with my camera doing action shots in low light. I’ll figure it out one of these days! In fact all the mom’s turned to me and almost in unison said, “Did you get THAT?”, after the slide! They know I’ve had a camera stuck to my face at every game and actually every practice!)

Friday evening they lost, but played real well. Harrison got a ground ball (playing third base) and threw it to first getting someone out – twice! Good stop, good throw and good catch by the first baseman! Very fun.

SeptA 201-b

SeptA 213-b“Walk’en the dog” or “Dowwwg” in the south!

SeptA 215-b

Today? They lost again, but played against a very, VERY good team. Their coaching was so good that the coaches were giving our boys some tips and helps along the way. I thought they were very kind and helpful to our team. (some parents didn’t see it that way I guess. I’m still a newbie to all the politics.) I think Harris learned some things just watching how well the other team played. Yes, they were that good.

But today was extra exciting for us because Harrison got to pitch!!

He was shown how by our coach last night.

SeptB 138-cb

SeptB 141-b

SeptB 151-b

SeptB 152-b

Since he has never done it before – he has a LOT to learn. But the coach said he has the strength and the desire, it will take practice now to get the “form” down. 🙂

Dave had got to work the score board, so I went up there while Harry was pitching and got some neat pictures.

SeptB 052-b

That’s Dave in there.

SeptB 153-bAnd here’s JJ visiting Dave! Oh… and I found out after the game that while JJ was in there he spit or spit water out of his mouth out the opening. Dave jumped all over him and told him that  the other teams coach was right below the opening (behind the catcher). JJ felt SO bad. He apologized then, and again after the game as we were leaving. He felt so bad. OOPS.

SeptB 158-cb

SeptB 159-cb

SeptB 161-bbA serious pitchers face!

SeptB 193-bOur little band of misfits, high-fiving the extremely talented (and coached) opposing team, with big smiles on their faces say’s it all!! They had fun.

And so did I!



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What a Week!

We did so much this last week with Uncle Rick that I can’t possibly post about all of it at once. So I will take it a day at a time and get you all filled in on the events of the week!

My camera is still smoking from all the usage! Between Rick and I, I think we took about a thousand photos! Not all of them are “people” pictures. We both enjoy photographing nature and various still life objects as well. But we did get a thrill out of annoying the kids with multiple photos sessions throughout the week!

But I can’t tell you about the week in order of events. I wish I could. Because that is just how I am programmed. But I am going to go against my “in order” anal tendencies to tell you about yesterday first. Just because I can’t wait. (Impatience supersedes anal “in order” tendency) 🙂

Harrison finally got to play a game of baseball!!!!

It was wonderful!

(After missing the first one to illness, and the next two rained out… he wasn’t so sure that there really was a game to play. “Maybe it’s all just practice.” Surprisingly – he was okay with that!)

But he finally got to feel the excitement of a game!

I loved everything about it! And having my brother there was icing on the cake!

SeptH 013-cb

Harris had a great time. He seemed so comfortable out there. And he did real good too. I think he will continue to progress and love the sport even more in the future! It was heartwarming to see him out there trying so hard.

He made a great play in the game. Maybe even… dare I say it…  the highlight of the game.

He caught a fly ball!

And Uncle Rick captured it on film!

SeptI 243-Cb

Yea baby!

They lost.  But he didn’t even really know it (or care) until later at lunch. It finally donned on him and he asked if they won or lost. I told him that we lost – but we defiantly won as far as having  fun goes! He shrugged, smiled and ran off to get himself some pizza. Yea… we won alright!

SeptI 258-b

SeptI 255-b

SeptI 251-Cb

Yes, I am unashamed to say that I am proud of him. He had a good attitude, played hard and acted like someone who knows Jesus. (Even while others around him displayed ill behavior.) I couldn’t be happier for him on his first baseball game – ever!

SeptH 047-cb

Good times. Many blessings.




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Well, that was weird. My post disappeared.

It said something like this:

Harrison’s game got rained out tonight.

He is so sad.

We are both bummed out.


I guess God thought we needed the rain more than he needed to play his first ballgame.

What’r ya gunna do?

There will be other games.

Still bummed though.



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Practice = Improvement!

I am still sad about Harrison missing his first game, but I know the world will keep turning in spite of it.

It was a good call to keep him home (thank you husband), because he really didn’t sound good at all Saturday.

But here are some neat shots of his last practice.

Coach Matt noticed marked improvements in his abilities. That was nice!

SeptC 009-cGood catch!

SeptC 010-cWhat form!

(I’m just saying … but truthfully, I have no idea what good form looks like! I just like that shot.)

SeptC 013-cSeptC 014-cSeptC 015-cThis camera is so fun! Just hold down the button and “click,click,click”!

Now I gotta get me a telephoto lens!

SeptC 020-bHappy boy!



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Harrison’s Personal Coach

Sunday was Harrison’s day!

He and I met our ex-neighbor and good friends Sandy, and her son Michael (you met them recently here) in the next town over at a ball park. Michael was very sweet to volunteer to spend some time with Harris playing catch and giving him some tips on catching fly balls and batting.

Harris got better right before our eyes and Michael seemed to enjoy the part of “coach” very much! He was a good coach too! Very patient, clear and encouraging. Future high school or college coach? Maybe. I just know that Harrison was blessed to have that time with his buddy Michael. Harris even said that he wished Michael could be his real coach.


SeptB 004-b

SeptB 006-b

SeptB 014-b

I don’t have any photos of Harris hitting the ball because Sandy and I were instructed by the “coach” to go out in the field and get the balls that Harris hit!! And he hit quite a few of them! I was impressed. Good coaching!

Well, Michael said that we needed to get a lighter bat for him, so after they were done practicing we went to lunch and then out to find a lighter bat. It was such a good day!! So much fun hanging out with Sandy again. I sure do miss them being right next door. 😦

Anyway, thanks Michael and Sandy for spending that time with us and making Harrison feel special! You did a good thing man. And if you meant what you said about doing it again… I know Harrison would look forward to it!

You ROCK!!

SeptB 018-b

I’m just proud of both of them!



“Sometimes, the amount of time it takes to become friends is just the roots of your friendship getting a good grip, deep into the earth, so that nothing can shake it.”

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