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God Smiled at Me Today

Much to my youngest son’s dismay, I shoot pictures out of my window while I’m driving. I just can’t help myself. Oh, I do pull over for some shots… which doesn’t exactly thrill him either. But I just can’t help myself. Really… I just can’t. I’ve tried.

On our way to piano lessons today, the clouds were just amazing. I LOVE clouds. They make me happy. One day I will paint great clouds.


Then, while we were at our lessons, Harrison spotted a deer in the backyard! I love the deer!

(yes… I take my camera with me… a lot of the time.)


And here is the house we go to for piano lessons. It’s incredible. She and her husband built it with the trees they cut down on this land. They built it themselves! It’s amazing. Someday, I want to build a log cabin! Love it!


The boys piano teacher raised 5 boys and homeschooled them. She is also very artistic. Such a neat lady. We just love her too! And today, as we were leaving, she talked with me some about the homeschooling life. The words that she spoke were just the words that God knew I needed to hear. I left feeling very blessed and cared for by my heavenly father. It’s so wonderful how he uses those around us to help guide and direct us in this life. I appreciate her wisdom and that she felt comfortable sharing it with me. Refreshed and refocused, I think I can sit down and finish planning my school year now!

So, God, thanks for smiling on me today. I needed it.




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One Evening…

The days are just flying by without so much as a nod. Who pushed the fast forward button on life? Sheeesh.

Well, we’ve been keeping busy!

I don’t even remember last week… I just know that I was preparing for our school to start this week!

Friday we headed down to BV’s house for the evening. Three of us couples got together to just hang out and have dinner. Here are some photos from the evening.

JulyE 243-bGuy and one of the new kittens.

JulyE 247-bCould it be any cuter?

JulyE 260-b

This is Skitty. You’ve seen him before. I guess you could say that he is that new little kittens big half brother!

JulyE 268-bSee that rock down there by the water? That is Harris and Tucker on it. I ambled on down and shot some more of them while that sunset was going on! It was a beautiful evening and the boys were nice enough to play along and let me shoot dozens of pictures of them! Unfortunately… I didn’t have it on a good setting. Most of them were blurry. I’m still a newbie at this photography stuff.

JulyE 270-b

JulyE 290-b

JulyE 306-b

JulyE 307-bYea… that’s my boy!

JulyE 308-b

JulyE 310-b

JulyE 318-bThis is the back of their house. We are standing by that rock down at the lake. Now… see that big cloud on the right? It kind looked like a big cave to the boys and I! So I got a closer shot…

JulyE 321-bIsn’t that cool?

Clouds are one of my favorite things! Not really a “thing” I guess, but rather… well… we’ll save that explanation for the classroom!

JulyE 323-bLOVE IT!

JulyE 322-bIsn’t this a peaceful setting? If I had this out my window I might never want to leave!

And if I turn around… this is what I see…

JulyE 329-bOhhhh… I just love those big clouds!

JulyE 326-bWe always enjoy ourselves down at BV’s house!

JulyE 330-bAs we sat out on the back porch that evening we kept seeing things in the clouds over the lake!

What do you see in that cloud formation?

Will post soon about our fist day of school!




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A Georgia Thunder Cloud

While we were at our friends Matt & Amy’s house in Peachtree City Friday night, we had a storm system move through that brought lots of rain and some hail too!


After it was over (temporarily) we went out and saw this:


Okay… apparently I am still inept at uploading my videos, so I put a picture in.


Well,  just figured out that it’s the wrong “type”. That helps. NOT.

Alright, I did take some still shots… but you can’t hear the thunder and see the flashes of light in the beautiful clouds.


For some strange reason… much to my mom’s dismay… thunderstorms just turn my cranks!!!


I still get excited every time we have one!

Yes… I am aware that they are dangerous, and I respect them very much. I do not have a death wish… I just simply love them. The power. The beauty. The dange…. ahh… ohh… ok, I do enjoy the danger of it all.

Confession… I get a rush.

Although one time I got TOO much of a rush… when one bolt of lightning hit a pole at the top of our driveway some years back. It blew out all the electricity (du) and threw me back a couple feet! I was talking to my mom on the phone (on the front porch) at the time… and all she heard was me scream… then the phone went dead. Poor mom.

It was about 20 minutes before I could get her called back to let her know I was okay. Not good. She was a nervous wreck! I stayed inside during a thunderstorm for quiet awhile after that. I got over it.

But I will not be able to share my little video with you tonight. I suck at figuring this part of my blog out. (if anyone can tell me how to change my video “type” I would be ever so grateful!)

I’ll put the video on when I get it figured out. (but I’ve said that before.)

Hope you enjoy the still photos of those beautiful clouds.




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