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Treehouse, Apples and Shotguns

I know… I wish I were telling you about shooting apples from the treehouse with my own shotgun… but sadly I’m not. Still some fun stuff, but that would have been sweet!

It’s been a crazy-busy couple of weeks.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but every year about this time, I think I’m going to get a handle on my “To Do List” and be better organized. It just never happens.

About three weeks ago my dad and aunt came through here on their way up to North Carolina to see more siblings. We had them just over night, but it was good to catch up a bit.

That weekend our church had a variety show, and Harrison played ‘The Pink Panther’ on the piano, and I sang ‘The Sixty-Dollar Duck’ again. It was a fun night. Harris did very good. And he wasn’t nervous! How does he do that? I was very proud of him. 🙂

I don’t even remember the next week! It was filled with all kinds of projects and lots of cleaning of the house.

My Dad came back here after he was done in North Carolina and stayed about four days with us. It was so good to have him around, but it wasn’t long enough. Never is. 😦

He did get to go on a field trip to Ellijay GA with us, to pick apples with our good friends Branndan and her boys (Tate and Tucker). It was a great day – so beautiful too.

The day after Dad left, my brother Rick came. He spent a week with us, and boy did we have fun. A week isn’t long enough either, but we were happy to have that much.

We moved furniture, went and picked up more furniture (Craig’s List rocks!), and moved even more furniture. Picked up lumber and built a tree fort. Went down to Branndan and Tim’s house to skeet shoot and have a bonfire. Tried two new places to eat. Took a short hike after church and got great family pictures taken. Watched a few movies, had a little campfire a couple of nights, and then got in the jacuzzi before dropping into bed. (I’m sure I’ve left something out.) It was a full week, but went WAY too fast.


I’ve waited YEARS to do this with my bro again!

We love making tree houses together. (We’ve only made two!!) 🙂  Here we are in our first one… around 1968. I think it was just a plank for a seat… but we LOVED it!

The view from up there…

I plan on adding a zip line soon. Don’t know if the boys really want it… but I do!

Here, the boys are getting a lesson on shooting a shotgun from Mr. Tim. I will post more pics of this day later.

(Will tell you about all my Craig’s List finds too… but it may be after Thanksgiving. Can your believe it is almost THANKSGIVING????? Where, oh, where has this year gone?)

We got so much done while Rick was here… he may think twice before he says he’s coming back again. 🙂 Naw… he LOVED it!

 Now, the rush is on for me to get all my projects done before the Truly Christmas event this year. At least I’m not making 350 of anything! Just two centerpieces, two life sized angels for the stage and decorating a “donations” table. Oh… WAIT…(I totally forgot) I DID MAKE 350 OF SOMETHING. CRUD. I lied. But at least I already have them done and in the fridge. I made 400 (because some could break) white chocolate molded candies. I didn’t have to paint them or cook them or anything, so that was good.

I will post pictures of my new centerpieces when I get them done. The angels too. Now… off to work! Just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m still alive and kicking. 🙂





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Another Special Visitor!

Next weekend I get to have a visit from my big brother Rick!

I am so excited.

It has been two and a half years since we’ve seen each other.

March08A 063-b

Maybe I’ll get an updated picture of the two of us!




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While I’m waiting for a complete head transplant… (having head and neck troubles) I decided to go through some of my old pictures and try to get them saved and possibly organized. Not so much of either has happened yet… but I sure have enjoyed looking at these cute little kids!

Thought I would share some of them with you! Just click on the little video here and you can hear good’ole Barry Manilow singing his Memories song while you scroll down and take a look at my obsession!

MiscFamPics 183Harrison. He was dubbed “Mr. Smiley” at our church when he was a baby.

MiscFamPics 066

Don’t pay any attention to the pink flowers there… he’s definitely all boy!!

puppies-g6 copy.jpg-b

Back in the day when he thought if he put on the dog suite… he really was one of the puppies!


These two little crazies have been almost inseparable since infancy!

baby pics 034Baby Jage  & 19 month old – Gerrit

baby pics 040

MiscFamPics 013JJ & Gerrit – Little boys and their blankies!

MiscFamPics 048

Always the comedians! STILL.

MiscFamPics 012Guy & Jage

MiscFamPics 080Best Friends and Brothers!


MiscFamPics 213Look at all that cuteness in one place!! Ohhh my. (((SMOOOCH, SMOOOCH)))


Baby Gerrit001First time holding his first brother, who’s just a few minutes old!

Baby Gerrit003-3mo

baby pics 008Buddy & Gare-Bear

That was one HAPPY big brother – let me tell you! He had waited a long time for this little guy!


baby pics 044

Oh, how Darren loved to make up all these contraptions for his little bro’s! He even hooked me up in some concocted float one time and proceeded to take all three boys inside to get them dressed while I relaxed in the pool for awhile by myself! Sweet – eh?

Miss that pool.


baby pics 012Bud & Guy


MiscFamPics 020Twenty one years ago. 😦 They went WAAAAAY too fast.

baby pics 065Sweet little JJ smooching all over Harry. Those were the days!! (sigh)


Anyway… just remembering all the chubby cheeks and lack of sleep with a smile right now.



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