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Gare-Bear Turns 13

Happy birthday sweet boy!

You astound us daily!

May25-09 065-b

He had a kick-back birthday weekend.

We took him out to Mexican on Saturday night. We were going to go bowling, but he changed his mind after he ate!

Got too full!!

guyB-day09 027-b

Then Monday (on his actual birthday) we went out to Brewster’s for ice cream! Instead of cake.

May25-09 057-b

May25-09 095-b

May25-09 132-b

I can hardly believe that Gerrit is already a teenager.

There was a time when we weren’t sure we would see this day. If you haven’t already read his miracle story, click here.

What a blessing he is to our family!

May God give him many, many more years!!




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My Birthday Dinner

I just can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than to hang out by the fire in the backyard!

Now it would have been better if I had my husband and youngest son with me… but I’ll take what I can get!


I made sure that we had fresh supplies and enough buns!




It is very rare that I eat a hot dog, so I ate a big salad from Zaxby’s that this big boy bought me on the way home from the laundry mat! So sweet of him! It was yummy!


JJ is helping Guy shut the mustard bottle!


Guy sprained his ankle this weekend, so he is keeping it a as much as he can.


JJ delights in s’moores!


They seem to bring out something eternally good in him!


Making them brings joy to his heart!


And when all is said and done… the world is in a good place!

4-29-09-065-bGuy… he just eats them!

(He also needs a haircut in the worst way! It usually doesn’t look that bad… but he didn’t comb it after just swimming apparently. However, It may get a lot worse before it gets any better because I have walked away from trying to cut his hair. His hair/style is up to he and his daddy now. If they want it to be cut they can pay me… or pay a barber. I don’t care… I just know that I’m not wasting good ammo on anymore hair arguments!)


Darren likes to philosophize everything… including s’moores!


I am a weirdo and don’t care that much for chocolate or grahmcrackers… so I just eat my “White Cushions of LOVE” right off the poker! (I just quoted JJ there!) So… the way I see it… I had the fire under my cake this year! ūüôā

Oh, and by the way… I got this fire started without the aid of Mr. Safety’s dangerous lighter fluid technique! I was pretty proud of myself! I did however use some corks that I had soaked in alcohol (last year)… and although they didn’t catch on fire like I thought they were supposed to… they may have kept the fire burning better for awhile longer until it really got going good. I don’t know… but I will use one again next time! Kind’of a neat idea someone told me about.

Anyway, this campfire dinner went WAY better than the last one! But the only problem was that we were missing Dad and Harrison. Bummer.  But I will have plenty more cookouts in the backyard this year!!! It beats eating out at any restaurant!  I LOVE IT!




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Prince Harrison and the King

For an eight year old, a birthday is all about friends and presents… maybe even cake. Right? I mean isn’t that what most kids are excited about for their upcoming birthdays? Well, I know Harrison was. He was SO looking forward to Thursday, when he would be eight years old… get to hang out with his friends and eat pizza and birthday cake!!

Well, Thursday didn’t go as planned. He was sick. We missed out on a field trip with friends, his brothers were mean to him, he spilled a huge glass of orange juice all over both of us… and the couch, his dog didn’t come and love on him when he called her, his (fake) cell phone broke, I wouldn’t let him have any cake (because he was sick and I was trying to get him well), AND his pizza party was cancelled.

None of it major… but to a little boy… it was overwhelming.

He cried on and off for much of that miserable day.

Of course that is not like him and I chalked it up to not feeling real well.

But that evening, I ordered pizza in, daddy brought home balloons and a few small gifts for him to open.


See, we had gotten him Kiki… his own little dog for his birthday! But of course that was two months ago… she is old news now. (you know what I mean. He still loves her… but the excitement has worn off!) That is what his big brothers were all up-in-arms about and giving the poor kid a hard time. I will never do an early gift like that again.


Well, he went to bed happy and I think the day ended alright for him.

But I had bigger plans for the next evening! I was hoping and praying that he would be feeling good enough, because I had gotten tickets to take him and his little best buddy to the Medieval Times show in Atlanta.

He was well enough… and we had a blast. I took his friends mom with me, and left daddy home with the two middle boys. Harrison needed some time away from them anyway.

It was a great evening. Harrison was even Knighted by the king!

Here are some pictures of his experience.







They are just two peas in a pod!

(His little buddy is actually 8 months older than him. Harris is just big.)


Thank you Medieval Times and King Philippe for salvaging an eight year olds birthday!!

(He still hasn’t had his cake yet. But JJ wants to make one for him this week! Good save JJ.)







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Birthday Boy!

Yes, my little boy is growing up. Eight years old today. I can’t believe it. I just brought him home from the hospital.

He was such a happy baby.

And now he’s a happy boy!

Happy 8th Birthday Harrison!!!


(So sorry you have to be sick on your birthday. But I hope we can get you better before your dinner at Medieval Times tomorrow night. Lots of tea and soup today. I love you, mom)





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What a Surprise!

Well, that was my intention anyway.

¬†It was a surprise party for my good friend BV… turning 40! Some of her other friends and I had been working on this event for some time.¬† It was coming together nicely. We were lucky enough to be able to get her sister to come all the way down¬†from Maine. (BV’s husband¬†paid for it, AND dinner for all of us!)¬†¬†He was to tell¬†BV that he was taking her out to eat at Maggiano’s in Atlanta and that they were dropping the boys off at my house on the way up.¬†¬†

The rest of her friends got to my house at around 5:30, and Dave (my husband) took their cars to the neighbors, who I had gotten permission from, to park the cars down their second (dirt) driveway-that goes down to almost the back of their house, and HIDE them.

There ended up being only two cars to hide – so I felt confident that she wouldn’t see them!

Everything was right on time! Going as planned!

At six o’clock BV shows up and comes in my kitchen through the back door, like always. And like always, I am in the kitchen! But she is grinning from ear to ear and kinda giddy. I say “Hey girl – what are you so¬†gigglie about?” To which she replies, “Oh I don’t know, but I know SOMETHING is up…“. Seeing that she is onto us, I imediatly¬†tell her I have a surprise for her… and she say’s, “Yea, I know Becky and Michelle are here… I saw their cars!”¬† (WHAT?)
So the girlfriends come jumping out of the dinning¬†room and there’s lots of hugs and laughing… (mostly about the fact that she saw the hidden cars…)

Becky looks disappointed and tells¬†BV that she forgot to be holding the balloons that she got for her… “Oh, go see them“, she say’s, “their in the living room“! ¬†As BV comes around the corner to the living room, there is her sister – holding the balloons!!!!


Now, THAT was a surprise! And a good one too! She was SO happy about seeing her sister who she is¬†so close with and doesn’t get to see very often.


Well, after a few pictures… we left for Maggiano’s in Atlanta. As I was backing out of the driveway… I see them… the cars… NOT HIDDEN AT ALL… AT. ALL. People, I’m serious… AT ALL.

They were just parked at the top of that second driveway.


Men… men out there… please… please, please explain this to me. PLEASE.

I do want to understand. I doooooooooo. I just don’t.

I’m sorry,¬†but this¬†is not even as hard as flying a jet… He can fly a JET!


(Matt… I know he’s your buddy… but ya gotta help me understand here! Throw me a bone – please.)

WHAT in thee HECK was he THINKING?

How is that HIDING cars? Not twenty cars mind you… not even ten. Not even five!!!!!!!


…and that driveway had LOTS of room down it.


Okay… I’m fine. Really.

(((heavy sigh)))

We did have a great evening… and I enjoyed seeing BV so happy at being with her sister! So in that regard it was a big success!

(But I am still very perplexed!)


(Dave was helpful in every other way… and patiently took this photo with three bazillion different cameras!! He and BV’s husband also took all the boys out to eat while we were gone and eagerly waited for us to return!)






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Happy Birthday JJ!

Eleven years ago this morning at 2:15 AM, JJ was born!

He was about as purple as Barney when they whisked him away for oxygen. He had the cord wrapped tightly around his little neck multiple times. He turned a normal color before I took him home and was a very happy baby!

JJ is a wonderful person to know. He is thoughtful, caring and has a very good sense of humor! He’s artistic, hard working and you can always count on him to get the job done!

He is now eleven years old. I don’t know where the time went.

But I do know he didn’t stay this small very long!


And now at eleven… he is 5’5″ tall!


And he loves to cook!!

Happy Birthday Jage!!!

You are very loved!



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Happy Birthday Buddy!

I am now the mother of an adult.


Wait… really, wait a sec… I was just 21 the other day.

How could my baby be 21?

He went from this…


To this…


in just a few short years!

But he couldn’t have been a better kid!

Thanks for being my boy Darren… I am the luckiest mom on the planet!

Happy 21st Birthday!



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