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Creative Juices Flow

Yes, I realize that the cobwebs have taken over on this blog again. I guess I just need to accept that I am not going to be doing weekly posts, or even monthly posts anytime soon. It just is what it is.

Maybe it has to do with the boys not being little kids anymore. They are all teenagers now, and don’t need me as much. They keep themselves pretty busy with their individual hobbies, work and friends. And by this time next week…school. Or maybe it’s because I spend every spare minute in my studio!

Yep, that’s it! We are all spending our time being creative. That can’t be a bad thing!

And by the way… here is a photo of the studio after the outside was painted. It is finished now. My Daddy would have loved it.


Isn’t it so cute?

While I am on here, let me share the boys latest creative talents. I think I’ve missed sharing the last couple of their movies with you. You can always go to their You Tube channel (Trippin Lion Studios) and watch them… but here are the three latest.

Pro Clip Exchange (1 min. 38 sec.)

Justice Breach (3 min. 9 sec.)

Motion-Trigger (2 min. 2 sec.)

I am so proud of all these boys and the time and effort they put into these movies. They have learned so much over the last few years of doing this. JJ, the camera man and editor, is so talented. But like he always says, he couldn’t do it without his actors!

It’s exciting to watch these boys and see where this might take them in the future.

If you have some time, take a look at them.





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My Movie Crew

JJ has a birthday this next week. He will be sixteen years old. (boo hoo… can’t be…) However, we celebrate his birthday in October when not as much is going on. He chose to do this, several years ago, because he was sick of his birthday celebration being so close to Christmas and his big brothers birthday. He wanted to open presents more than once a year like everyone else! Couldn’t blame him. So we moved it! We call it his “still __ birthday party”. (Fill in the blank with whatever age his still is!)

Well, this past “Still 15 Party” he wanted to have his friends over and film a movie. That was it. He told me that I could provide food and his regular “doughnut” cake, but not to plan anything else for them. Hey… easy!


So… had a house full of boys for about 24 hours, and this is what became of it.


JJ is the guy behind it all, but he would NOT want me to make it sound like it’s all about him. He LOVES to come up with little movies, has a gift for working the camera, likes to be behind the camera, and enjoys the pants off of editing… but he couldn’t do any of it if he didn’t have his brothers and buddies as actors. So, he is always quick to point out that it is a team effort.

Just before he posted the Hostages video, he and Guy made this little gem.

A Day in Minecraft

Now, I was doubly impressed with this one because not only was it JJ’s first attempt at adding animation to a film, Guy did the music for it! (I am so proud of them… even if I don’t always get the subject of the movie.) 🙂

Then a few weeks ago they filmed this one on a Saturday afternoon/evening at a friend’s house.

Power Level Too High?

I have already gotten on them for having my baby say one line that I am not happy about. Of course they all think I am over reacting… and that’s fine… it’s my job!

They have a great time making these movies, and JJ spends a lot of time editing them. I am very proud of my boys and all their friends that help out. They are a good bunch of boys.

Their You Tube channel is Trippin Lion Studios. In case you haven’t seen Friendly Fire or Wolf and Lance (the latter being a 24 minute movie that took them a whole year to make.) A “like” or comment would be wonderfully encouraging to them. Thanks!




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Friendly Fire

As I mentioned in the previous post, the boys made a new movie this last weekend. Here is the link to,

Friendly Fire.

Yes… I know they are shooting each other up. Yes… I know… I know.

But here is how I look at it:

They are BOYS! Boys being creative, learning script writing, working well together, problem solving, directing, taking directions, learning loads of information about the filming, editing and producing of movies, and, they are outside having a great time!

They never even fired one Air-Soft pellet in the making of this film. LOL! All of that was done in the editing.

I am amazed at the ability of JJ to turn what I saw them doing in the yard, into a film like that. I call it talent.

I am proud of all five (my three youngest and their two best friends) of them. Proud of their hard work, humor, creativity and dedication. And who knows where this will lead.

Hope you watch it and hit the like button, or even better, make an encouraging comment!





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Trippin Lion

My boys and their best friends, Tate and Tucker, have come up with several little movies lately. I love that they are being creative and enjoying the process of all that goes into making a movie.

Sometimes JJ (the director) gets frustrated with his “actors”, but they always find a way to work it out and JJ gets his shot. I love to hear all of them talking and brainstorming about a scene or new movie idea. Ultimately, they have all put into each movie some great ideas, skills and talents. 

I am proud of each one of them and even if I’m not thrilled with some of the subject matter… I encourage their creativity and expression. And they just CRACK ME UP!

Here is the latest one. I’m sorry to this Justin Bieber guy… I don’t really know who you are, but I’m sorry anyway. They jest.

“Who Killed Justin Bieber?”


They jest.




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