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While I’m waiting for a complete head transplant… (having head and neck troubles) I decided to go through some of my old pictures and try to get them saved and possibly organized. Not so much of either has happened yet… but I sure have enjoyed looking at these cute little kids!

Thought I would share some of them with you! Just click on the little video here and you can hear good’ole Barry Manilow singing his Memories song while you scroll down and take a look at my obsession!

MiscFamPics 183Harrison. He was dubbed “Mr. Smiley” at our church when he was a baby.

MiscFamPics 066

Don’t pay any attention to the pink flowers there… he’s definitely all boy!!

puppies-g6 copy.jpg-b

Back in the day when he thought if he put on the dog suite… he really was one of the puppies!


These two little crazies have been almost inseparable since infancy!

baby pics 034Baby Jage  & 19 month old – Gerrit

baby pics 040

MiscFamPics 013JJ & Gerrit – Little boys and their blankies!

MiscFamPics 048

Always the comedians! STILL.

MiscFamPics 012Guy & Jage

MiscFamPics 080Best Friends and Brothers!


MiscFamPics 213Look at all that cuteness in one place!! Ohhh my. (((SMOOOCH, SMOOOCH)))


Baby Gerrit001First time holding his first brother, who’s just a few minutes old!

Baby Gerrit003-3mo

baby pics 008Buddy & Gare-Bear

That was one HAPPY big brother – let me tell you! He had waited a long time for this little guy!


baby pics 044

Oh, how Darren loved to make up all these contraptions for his little bro’s! He even hooked me up in some concocted float one time and proceeded to take all three boys inside to get them dressed while I relaxed in the pool for awhile by myself! Sweet – eh?

Miss that pool.


baby pics 012Bud & Guy


MiscFamPics 020Twenty one years ago. 😦 They went WAAAAAY too fast.

baby pics 065Sweet little JJ smooching all over Harry. Those were the days!! (sigh)


Anyway… just remembering all the chubby cheeks and lack of sleep with a smile right now.




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Fun For One and All

We always enjoy a trip down to our friends house where they have some property and a lake. Her boys are good friends to my boys and we all enjoy just hanging out together. Her husband just recently built a chicken coop and they got some chickens a few weeks ago, so we were anxious to go see them.

Here are my two middle boys, one of hers and another of their friends… oh and the Kiki-miester!


And by the way… Kiki had the time of her life out there running around! She had six boys to run after, a dozen chickens to bark at and a swimming pool to fall into – yes… within the first 5 minutes! But she learned what it was… and that she couldn’t run across it!!


Here’s Kiki barking at chickens.


Isn’t my friend cute in those red boots?!

in the chicken coop

Although she has some pretty odd looking roosters in there!

(I know, I know… NOT funny mom.)


I just LOVE this photo. I am not sure what it is about it… but if you knew these two little boys… and their adventures… this is just the epitome of their friendship! Off to explore and fight imaginary battles for the good of all mankind!

And the orange cat that is by the tree… she is more like a dog! She follows the kids around all over the property… but when their dad decides to go fishing… she is all over that!!


I don’t think you can see her by his feet there in this photo, but she is!! And I wish I could have captured her walking with him from the barn to the lake! She bounced along the whole way… looking forward to the fish I suppose!!

friends 2-09


dirt pile 2-09

And what kid can resist a good dirt pile?

Especially a nice big one!

VnEgmd 2-09

Everyone slept good that night!

Thanks BV for letting us play at your house.




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Boys and Their Dogs…

As you learned in my last post, I am a dog person. I like the loyalty and devotion that dogs give their masters. I’ve had a few wonderful dogs in my life. One I miss very much.

Darren had a Keeshound/Chow mix for seven years and now we have had Jetta – our black lab – for most of the little boys lives, and one of her puppies, Brutus, for four years now. He’s a meathead, but we love him!

Jetta & Puppies 11-04

Jetta & Puppies 11-04

Baby Brutus!

Baby Brutus! He still lays like that!

It was a wonderful time for my boys when those puppies were born! They finally understood why I would alway say “I could just eat you!” when I loved on them! I caught them expressing that same line to those seven little puppies on a daily basis!

Gerrit & JJ in the puppy room

Gerrit & JJ in the puppy room

Harris thought he was a puppy for weeks!

Harris insisted he was a puppy for days on end!

I had my boys watch a movie this afternoon when we got back from the library. We don’t watch a lot of TV or movies, but I am trying to show them some good ones this year that either deal with what we are studying or teach good ethics and morals.



Today we watched ‘The Trial of Old Drum’. It is a good little movie about a boy and his dog, set back in the 1950’s. A few tears spilled, and I knew that would probably happen with one or two of them, but I don’t mind pushing the “emotions” envelope a bit! I think it is good for them every now and then.

January 2005

January 2005

If you are looking for good ethical, moral and uplifting movies for your young ones, this one is a winner. (Although, the twenty year old watched it with them too! Shhhhhh.) The seven year old didn’t fidget around the whole time and ask when it will be over like he usually does. He’d rather be outside with his dog than watch a movie about someone else’s! But it was raining today, so that helped!

Harris & Jetta 06

Harris & Jetta 06

Guy & Brutus 06

Guy & Brutus 06

JJ & Peaches

JJ & Peaches

Harris, Darren & Brutus

Harris, Darren & Brutus

I love to see a boy and his dog.

Or a girl and her dog for that matter!

Heidi & Dasha 1985

Heidi & Dasha 1985


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A glimpse of things to come?

I hope so!

After school today I needed to do some grocery shopping. I don’t LOVE to shop. For anything. Even good and lovely stuff. I just don’t like it. I don’t know why, but I think it started way back when I was a kid…you see… No.   No.   No, I won’t do it. I won’t go there with you! I will not do that to you…your not ready.

Ok, so I needed to go grocery shopping, and I didn’t want to. So, I devised a plan to lure my four kids into going with me and doing most of the work so I could get home sooner and be less tired than usual. Ha. What a ridiculous idea you might say. How absurd of you to think you will be LESS tired with the kids, you might muse! What are you sniffing that you might even for a moment think it better to go shopping with the kids, you may ponder?

Well… yes, I do absurd and ridiculous things on a daily basis, but I sniff nothing…that is nothing but boys armpits to see if they are the culprit to the deodorant-deficient smell I’m smelling! And until recently I would have had to agree with you that one is better shopping alone than with a tribe of smelly young elephants. But not this time!

I bribed them with Taco Bell! Ha! Taco Bell has great powers! Powers I was unaware of! Now, all I have to do is say “Taco Bell?” and they are ready to do my every whim! Well, not really, but today it worked!

You see, I was battling a very large head ache. (Unfortunately this in not unusual for me. Another childhood thing…I am sure!) I couldn’t think well, and my husband is on a trip, so I couldn’t ask for his help. I was doing good today to get through school, although in spite of my head…we had a good day. So, I asked them if they would help their mom out and come grocery shopping with me. I got the usual groans and wet noodle style body launguage, but then one of them had pitty on me, and the other three followed suit. Cool!

They were awesome! And when I say awesome, I mean awesome! My oldest made it like a game with the younger ones! He would send them off to find an item and when they came back with it, he would send them off again for another. Then he and I split up – we were forced to rip the grocery list in half! We got two grocery karts full in record time and I didn’t even have to put all of it on the belt or in the car!! These wonderful, sweet, awesome, handsome, increadable boys did it all for me!!! Wow. If this is how they are going to be in the future… lucky wives!

I did treat them to Taco Bell afterwards, and for us it is a treat. We don’t go out very often. But here is the other good thing. As my youngest (7) and oldest (20) went in another vehicle to get the Taco Bell, the two middle ones (10 &12) and I went on home to unload the car and put the food away. They not only unloaded the whole car, they helped stock shelves and put produce away when they were done. And when it was all put away…and I was hugging and thanking them for all their hard work…they smiled big, hugged back and said that they had fun! They liked it? What? What the heck? They like it! YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS! They will, in time, become my personal shoppers!!!!!! Sweeeeeet.

I would like to bottle this day and keep it under my pillow for such times in my life when all I get is a grunt from the men around here. Then I can retreat to my room…open the jar…sniff…and enjoy this day again for while! Minus the head ache, of course!

Then I would have something better than armpits to sniff!

I love my boys!


The boys...birth ones and adopted ones!

The boys...birth ones and "adopted" ones!

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