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Brain Drain

Been way too long since I posted anything on here… and consequently, I now don’t know what to post about. I have a mental list in my head of the things I want to “share” on here, but in reality… you don’t need to read any of them to continue living your happy life! So… my dilemma is, do I try to catch up, or forget the past and focus on the present?

I don’t know… I just tried to make a poll to see what YOU want. But it wouldn’t work because of an error. Go figure.

Forget the poll. I already know that my parents and close friends would like to see photos of the boys at Christmas. And my bloggy friends would probably like to see my “how to make cute stockings out of old jeans” post, and random visitors have already logged off!

I will try to get some pictures posted soon.

But every time I get on the computer I am lured away with an evil, addictive, time-consuming, totally awesome architecture program that my husband bought for us the other day. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is SO fun. And productive too. Because we are going to soon turn part of our garage into a mud/laundry room, it is a valuable tool. I have been able to set up the space the way I thought I wanted it, and “live with it” for a while… then make the changes I see that it would need. All this BEFORE you start to build it! Awesome I tell you!

And paint color. Oh, don’t get me started on that! (I need a support group.) You can try all the colors of the rainbow… and then some!

I will get some pictures of my design up soon!

But right now… I must go clean off my pantry shelves to make room for a new (to me) hutch that is coming this evening!

So much going on over here that I am having a hard time keeping up.

But I did just read a post by Clover Lane that has me inspired to start on my new years resolution TODAY. She suggests to pick just one word or phrase for a resolution instead of “a list” (that I won’t keep)! Go see her post here. And my word for the year 2010 is SIMPLIFY.





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Brain Drain… again

I just have too much on my mind to sort it out into different posts!

I know that is how it “should” be done, but I feel the need to catch up and move on. So bear with me.

A good portion of this last week was spent cleaning out and going through the class room. Last Sunday, Dave helped me build shelves in the front coat closet (that was just full of junk because we don’t use the front door) and I am using it now for homeschool supplies and games. I love it!

JulyD 073-b

It has helped make room on the bookshelf for books! Just a few more things to get for the coming school year and we should be set. I enjoy the planning, but get frustrated if I can’t get all that I want to teach into them in a given month… or year for that matter.

I also got to go on a mini vacation to my favorite dentist this week. (In case you missed it before… I feel like I’m on a mini vacation at a spa or something at my dentists! Laying down in a nice chair, blanket, cushy pillow, my own music, laughing gas! Hey… find as much as you can to do in there folks… because I am loving this!) I broke a tooth last Sunday and had a crown prep on Thursday. Yes… I am sore, but they are so nice and good to me that I just don’t mind. I know it will be fine in another day or two. Just grateful that it wasn’t any worse… and that we have ways of fixing broken teeth now! Can you imagine way back when they just had to pull them if they went bad on you? Yikes.

The three younger boys and I got to go visit our good friend Sandy and her son Michael this week as well! They used to live right next door to us and we miss them very much. Michael is a year older than Gerrit and fits right in with our family. We have kind’of made him one of our own! And Sandy and I feel like we’ve known each other since we were little. We will always be friends – no matter how far away we live from each other. But I sure do wish she was still next door.

JulyE 087-b

JulyE 190-b

JulyE 225-b

Michael was so good to Harrison. He spent some time showing him how to throw a ball and told me that he would come with us when it was time to pick out a mit and bat for him this fall. So sweet.

The husband and Gerrit drove to Iowa all day Thursday to see his family. Dave’s dad flew out from CA to spend some time with Grandpa (who is almost 102) so Dave thought this would be a good time to get to see his dad along with the rest of his family up there. Quick trip, but a good thing.

And then in other news… we have word that Dave’s cousin and his wife just gave birth to a little girl this week!! This is the first baby girl born into this family since before the civil war! So she is one special little girl! Can’t wait to see some pictures of her!

Well, it is very late and I have to get to bed! I will run through this real quick and hopefully catch any gross grammar errors and spelling mistakes… but no promises… and then off to bed I go.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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Brain Drain

I have so much going on… and my mind is so full of things to put in here. I can’t possibly do as many posts as I would need to get all my ideas out of my head and I certainly can’t possibly put all the pictures that I’d like on here or you’d never be able to open the site!! SO… I’m going to “Brain Drain”! Basically… drain my brain! (theoretically of course!)

I am going to write what comes to my mind as I am typing. No thinking allowed… no planning… no plotting… just pure and simple hi-d thoughts! Yikes… that sounds a little scary! (okay… I am allowed to use spell check! You’d not be able to read it if I didn’t!!) I’m already feeling sorry for you. But then again… I do think your computer has the same buttons as mine, or close, and I have a delete, get the hell out of here, WRONG WAY, go back button!  So… as long as you are sure… here we go.

I had a full weekend. But last week ended in a good way with me getting an early birthday present from my hubby and dad! A Nikon D40! I am so excited and have loved playing around with it! I have a lot to learn… but that is the fun of it!

The kids thought I should have gotten a new clothes dryer instead of a camera. But who wants a dryer for their birthday… I don’t. I want toys just like they do… mine are just different. I would say more expensive, but have you seen what kids want these days? Geeeeeez. I don’t suck into all of that for mine, but it is sure hard when their friends are sporting a new whatchamacallit, and they want one too. I always say that either they are an only child… or they have a job! My boys are anxious to get a job! (yaaay)

A lot of that comes from their older brother who – after much adoo – has a job! He buys himself stuff and comes home with new gagits… shows the boys and then they are obsessed with wanting one too. I HATE that!

I do have to say that he buys them some things too. And that is sweet! And he pays rent and all… so… what’everrrr.

Saturday morning I got up and started making granola early in the morning while it was still cool. (For the 5K run on Sunday – to pass out to the runners after the race.) Our air conditioner needs freon and the guy (a friend) hasn’t come by yet to fill it up. I am trying to be patient… but it sure is hard to want to cook anything when it heats up an already hot house. The boys were freezing downstairs this weekend because daddy would have it so low downstairs and put fans in the stair well to blow the cold upstairs. It helped… but in my unheard opinion, it just made one level of the house unbearably cold and one level tolerably hot. I was uncomfortable in either place! But if I didn’t move much… I preferred the warmer upstairs to the freezing downstairs! (Yes… I know… you would have been hanging down with the boys Matt!)

Okay, after making the granola… that took longer than I thought, I was running late for church. I didn’t go. I instead, went with the hubby to run erronds and get him some shelves for the garage which he then cleaned out over Saturday night and Sunday – all day. It looks great. I just wonder what all he threw away this time. Hummm. Maybe I should go check the trash. Long story. Neverrrrmind.

We got a lot done Saturday. We even had fun. Up until the Tahoe wouldn’t start. We did get it jumped… and got home… hot and cranky! Well, one of us was cranky… I’ll let you guess!

I got a liner for the pond and am SO anxious to put it in. But we went by and priced out rocks… and I’ll have to wait a bit. But I am VERY excited about getting that pond done.

Sunday morning I made a yummy egg dish. I don’t know what to call it… but it was good. Harrison had two BIG helpings of it… that is unusual. I started out sauteing some onions and garlic. Then added some baby portabella mushrooms that needed to be eaten, two Tofurkeys that were leftover from some other meal – after I processed them in… the… processor… du. Didn’t know how else to say that. Humm.

Then added to the sauted mixture… some leftover cooked rice. got that all good and hot, then in the center of the pan I scrambled some eggs… mixed it all together… seasoned it… maybe a little Tobasco (Harrison calls it Tobacco!) and served it with toast! Yum. It didn’t look that great, but smelled wonderful and tasted good.

Then the boys and I were off to the races… well, not the horse races… but the 5K our church was having to raise money for our church-school. We love that school, even though we home-school, and do all we can to help support it. Guy was going to run in it, but he sprained his ankle on Friday… but was very interested that a boy of 13 years old came in fourth place! He is going to really think about running more. He has always liked it… but not kept up with it. Now maybe because he saw that… he will!

It was a neat afternoon at the park. I took my new (to me) camera and took a TON of pictures. A TON I tell you. I had fun.

Then I dropped off the middle two boys at home and took Harris to a birthday party.

I normally don’t do more than one big thing in a day… yes, I’m a wimp, but I was glad I got both of those in this day!

When I came home Darren was at work, Hubby was out with some guys and the two middle ones were just hanging out. Harrison had gotten some bubbles at the party and so we went outside to play! I got some cool pictures of him and bubbles!

So… here are a few pictures I will share with you. This is but a tiny fraction of what I took…

…hope you enjoy them.



sunday-4-26-09-Maddy & Abby


sunday-4-26-09-Nickie 2She just ran in a race! I have about 5 more shots of her… she is adorable… and SO expressive! She was fun to watch.

sunday-4-26-09-boys running

sunday-4-26-09-myboys&tiffMy boys and their X-teacher

sunday-4-26-09-HarrisHarrison; trying to put some “sugar on his tude”!



sunday-4-26-09-5K start

sunday-4-26-09-bvMy friend coming in 3rd for the woman’s division!

Harrison and the bubbles will have to be in another post. This has taken longer than I thought already… I need to feed some kids! I guess.


And this concludes my Monday Brain Drain.


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