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Spring of Death

Tang Tang

A week and a day after my Dad’s funeral we had to put our sweet’ole cat Tang down.


He had just recently lost a lot of weight, and on the day I got out to California to be with my Dad, Dave and JJ took Tang to the vet. They found out he had feline AIDS and a tumor in his colon.

Since he was a rescue, we don’t really know how old he is. But the vet guessed he was between 5 and 7 when we brought him home – and we’ve had him about 6 years.


The boys wanted to wait until I got home so we could all be together to have him put to sleep. It was almost two weeks before we were all home together again.

It was time. He was emaciated.


We had a vet service come out to the house so we could all be together, and Tang could be in the comfort of his own home. That was a great decision. SO much nicer than having him in the vets office.

 Tang was JJ’s cat, so he held him.


It was sad, beautiful, peaceful, and gut wrenching all at the same time.

We are glad the poor old guy isn’t hurting or hungry anymore. Bless his heart. But since our hearts were still so raw from the loss of my Dad, it was a difficult day.

He is now buried out back next to Axel (who we had for 17 years).


When the time is right, JJ will get to have a new cat. But for now, we are just remembering the good times and what a lover he was.


RIP Tang.

You were a good ole’Buddy, and your loud purring will be missed.


This has been a rotten Spring.





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Birds & Beasts

I am having the most irritating technical difficulties with wordpress lately. Writing a post is already time-consuming… but now it’s taking me much longer. So… hang in there with me until I can get this matter resolved. Thanks!

In the meantime, here are some recent photos I’ve taken.

Tang. Soaking up some winter sun. “Sunning” is Tang’s favorite pastime.

I love this one of Lulu! She looks like she is licking her chops after eating one of these birds! (But she didn’t eat a bird.) 🙂

And my hens. They love roaming around the yard eating all the bugs they can get!

This last week I received 6 more hens. Two different ladies gave me their three hens that weren’t laying. I am going to see if they start laying for me – but if not – hahhhm. *gllllk* 😦

It is quite interesting the dynamics that are going on in the chicken coop. They are staying in their original groups for the time being. The three Golden Laced Wyandotte’s are sticking together (and are a little mean to the other girls. They are now dubbed the “mean girls”.)

Then the rag-tag three that are an unknown breed are sticking to themselves and not even coming out of the coop. (I got them out today so they could soak up some winter sun – but they didn’t peck around at all. They get pecked on by the mean girls, so they stayed in the pen – even though the door was open for “free-range time”.) They are a sad bunch.

And then there are my original four (above) that are wondering who all these invaders are. I don’t think they are too fond of the arrangements yet. They are getting chased by the “mean girls” too, and it makes me sad.

Hopefully they will all settle down in a few days and get along. And hopefully most of the new six birds will start a lay’en!

Hope you all have a good week.






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Silent Sighting

With all the “oooh’s” and “aawwww’s” from the boys when she climbed in during worship today… it wasn’t really silent sighting… but, oh, such a cute one!






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Here Kitty, Kitty

Lulu’s Glamor Shots

(She totally poses for the camera! Silly girl.)




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Silent Sighting


This goofy cat is a bit syco (sp?), but he is loved.

Here he is slipped down between the back cushions on the couch – sleeping like a log!

It just looked so silly. This big ole’cat all squished up like that.

Hope you are having a good weekend.





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june-B 003

Wild bunny by the fig tree.

june-B 009-b

Rowdy, our gerbil. Isn’t that cute that he is sleeping in his tube where we can see him?!

june-A 046-b

Miss Kiki hanging out with me in the kitchen.

Misc. 014-b

These two cuties are BV’s boys turtles. Their daddy found another one by the lake while mowing the other day. Can you find him in the photo? Isn’t he/she cute?

April2 011-b

Princess Lulu waiting for her water to be turned on. It is way beneath Her Roayal Highness to drink water out of a mere bowl like the common pets do!

Yard frog 4-09-b

A funny yard toad! I hope he lived after the husband stripped the paint off the upper deck. I want him/her to stick around so we can have tadpoles in our pond soon! Well, soon is relative.

Surprise Party 035-b

I just love getting up in the mornings and seeing this little buddy, with his bottle brush tail, gathering the bird seeds off the porch!

random 003-b

And I know most of us don’t like spiders… but they really are fascinating to watch. Especially the females while they are watching over their egg pouches. This gal was on my big bathroom picture window… until the husband blasted her and her future offspring down with a power washer.

Don’t get me wrong… if she had been in the house, I would have smooshed her. But… being as she was on the outside of the house, I was willing to just watch and learn from her.

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Lulu’s Glamour Shots

Lulu and I had fun doing a photo shoot the other evening during the cookout. She loves to come and hang out up on the railing while we are down at the firepit!







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