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Truly Christmas 2013

We had our annual Truly Christmas event last night at our church. It turned out wonderful. Good food, good people and good music! The group that came to play for us was called Purely Acoustic. Three sisters who truly have a love for and the gift of music. It was a blessing to listen to them.


I haven’t heard yet how much we raised last night, but our charity’s this year were One Roof and PTC Women’s Ministry. The Women’s Ministry makes heart shaped pillows for breast cancer patients. They supply several hospitals in our area.

My three youngest boys were servers once again, along with their dad. The boys fuss about it a little right before we have to head to the church, (I think it’s more about having to wear those ties! LOL!) but once there, they are happy and pleasant. Plus, they enjoy any bit of time they can have with their friends.



They immediately head into “help” mode when it is over and help me gather my stuff, load the car, and assist anyone else they see that needs it. (I think it’s mostly so we can get out of there and go home quicker, but… it’s still helpful!) I thank them profusely for helping me out with the event on the way home, and they seem happy that they did it.

Guy and JJ started serving when they were 7 & 8 (I believe), so this is old-hat to them. This sure helps them out if they ever decide to wait tables for pay! Harrison didn’t get to start until he was 11, but this was his second year and he got to team up with his best friend Tucker. They did a great job.

My only regret (and it seems that it is this every year) is, not getting enough pictures. So busy greeting people and making sure everything is going well, that I don’t get to think about what I might want in a picture later. 😦

At least I got these.

DSC_0255 (2)


I only ended up having to make one snowman. And THANK GOODNESS! I never would have gotten them both done. It was a long and tedious process. A great medium for smaller projects, but just too much for something this size. Here is where I got the recipe Paper Mache Clay. Then I painted him white, sprinkled white glitter all over him, and finished it up with Mod Podge sealer. It’s heavy.



The snowman looked pretty good on the stage, but ended up being kind of hidden with the various instruments of the musicians. Ahh well, Frosty will be there through December, so he will get lots of stage time!

Here are the 300 ornaments in baskets ready to pass out at the end of the evening. I did not have to tie all the red bows and stars on them. A special thanks to the other ladies that did that part! And a thank you to Becky and Branndan for helping fill them.

Learned how to do these here.



I pulled my cabin out of retirement this year. Dusted it off, patched it up and fixed the little smoke motor in the chimney. Oh, and I got some hot chocolate scented smoke oil for it. Smelled wonderful!



Can you see the smoke coming up the chimney?



Mailbox on the cabin centerpiece

I had a nice group of ladies at my table and enjoyed the evening very much.


Good times, great friends!


Next year I will not be on the TC committee, so will have more time to spend in my studio making a new centerpiece. I am SO looking forward to that! 🙂

(Update on the studio progress coming soon.)


My hair! I did an up-do deal. I had to watch about 4 tutorials to even attempt it. But for my first one… I think it came out okay.


Now to clean up my messes and get ready for Thanksgiving! So grateful it went well and that it is over. 🙂

Maybe now I could hibernate through the rest of the winter. Please?





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Truly Christmas

Our 2011 Truly Christmas Charity Event went off beautifully last night. We had a full room of tables and the program was wonderful. So many people put so much of themselves into getting this thing put on this year, and I am so pleased that it went as good as it did.

JOY was our theam.

I didn’t really have time to take pictures… I tried, but didn’t get them to come out very good, so just put the camera down and tried to enjoy myself. But I will try to get some from others who I know took some good shots.

This year I did not have to make 350 magnets, ornaments, or anything else! Oh… ya, except for those little chocolate candies to put on the dessert… but those were really easy. This year I made two big angels for the stage. They were HUGE, and I needed a ladder to do their halo’s!

Here is how I made them:

First of all I had Dave make me a base. Just some 2×4’s into a tee-pee type frame, with two long pieces at the bottom for ease of picking up and moving the angels later. (We cut them off once they were on the stage.) Then it was just chicken wire!

I sculpted, or rather, wrestled (literally) with it until came out an angel!

I used plastic zip ties to attach the wings and to hold on added pieces of chicken wire.

Then I rolled up some chicken wire – flaring out one end, and paper mache’ed it – glued on (indications) of hands out of tin foil, then paper mache’ed again. Paper mache’ed the heads. Spray painted the heads, hands and trumpets gold… then off to the stage in the back of a truck.

After we squeezed them through the door of the gym, barely making it, I took (cheap) batting material (that was on sale) and hot glued around the “dress” of the angel. Now… I had originally planned to paper mache the whole angel. But I decided it would be too heavy to do that, so then came up with “dressing” them on the stage. (It’s a good thing I didn’t, because they never would have fit through the gym door!) If I had known earlier I was going to do it that way, I would have made them skinnier – like more of a regular body shape – not with big draping sleeves and all that. It just made them huge when I added more “clothing”, but they were fine in the end. Angels with girth, I call them! 🙂 And isn’t that the kind of angels we want around us???

JJ helping me fill the wings with tissue paper. 

So, after the batting material, I did a layer or two of tulle. A sash of golden tulle and tissue paper for the wings. Just like they do on the floats for parades… just tear off the tissue and poke it in the chicken wire! Ta-da!! An angel!

(These shots of the stage were taken the day before, during set up. We had baby Jesus in the manger and other stuff done for the Event.)

Oh, here is one during the program.

Will tell you about my centerpieces this year – soon. Right now I need to go take some Advil, start the laundry (that I have neglected for two weeks) and wash some dishes!


It’s all good.

Another year.

Another Truly Christmas.

And I’ve already started sketching ideas for next year.



***Just recieved this picture from a friend. Thanks Amy.


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Angels Galore

Each year our church has a wonderful Christmas event called Truly Christmas. Any of the women in our church can host a table and invite 8 friends to buy a ticket that gets them a spot at your table for dinner and a program. One of the bests parts of this is the first half hour of the evening, walking around looking at all the beautifully decorated tables. It is just a great atmosphere and a wonderful way to start the Christmas Season. Actually, I should say that the best part of it is the fact that the men (and boys) in our church do the serving. Dressed in black pants and a nice white dress shirt with a Christmas tie to boot! I like that!

I love this event and usually make a new centerpiece for my table (or tables) every year. I will share some of my past pieces with you in a post soon.

Well, this year I am on the Truly Christmas committee. Since our theme is Angels this year, I suggested making little chocolate molded angels for the dessert plate, and then later it came up that the same molds you would use for the chocolate could be used with Plaster of Paris to make refrigerator magnets. So… since it was my idea and all… I have found myself making these little celestial beings for over a month now! It’s not hard, just time-consuming. I love this kind of thing though, and don’t mind a bit.

Just thought I’d share how to make these little plaster angels. And obviously you could do the same thing with any chocolate candy mold that you get at a craft store. Here is the angel mold.

Now take some Plaster of Paris powder in a butter tub or other such disposable type dish, add just enough cold water to make it an almost cake icing texture. Work very fast as you don’t have much time before it starts to set up. Fill the mold and then tap the whole mold on the counter over and over again to make sure the air bubbles rise to the top. You may have a few trials before you get it just right, but don’t worry – you will get it.

Now wait about half an hour or until the plaster is cold.

Turn over the mold and gently press out your plaster. Hold your hand under it or do it real low to the counter so you don’t drop and break the piece. Right now it is still very breakable. It has lots of moisture in it, so lay them out on a paper towel and let them cure for hours or overnight.

Now, see the extra plaster that is around my angel. I don’t like that. But believe me… after carving number 201, knowing I have 99 more to go… I am beginning to think I like that extra little bit of  “edge”. But what you have to do is just carve it off with a knife. If you have an easy mold, you might not even get too much of it.

After I got them trimmed up, I painted the trumpets and halo’s gold.

Paint your pieces as detailed as you wish. Then you need to seal them. After I painted the gold on these, I then prayed sprayed them with gold glitter before sealing them.

Don’t know if you can see the glitter – it just kind’a looks dirty there.

Anyway, you will need to brush on a sealant. I’ve tried the sprays and they just don’t give you a thick enough layer to make them look good. So, any of the liquid sealants at your craft store. You will have to choose between glossy, matt or satin finish. These are the satin finish.

Then I just glued a strong magnet to the back, and waaa ‘la. You have a sweet little gift or favor for any occasion.

I was lucky enough to have three sweet friends help me make the 300 chocolate angels, which were MUCH easier. We got them done in three hours! Thank you girls!

Hope you try it out and enjoy yourself in the process. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any questions you may have.

Good luck!



(This years centerpiece info coming up in a post soon! -maybe-hopefully.)



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