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Merry Christmas To All




Hoping that this finds you well and happy.

I am planning to be a better blogger in 2013!




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Read and Learn

I can’t help it… I have to share this. After collapsing on the couch today for some “me” time, I decided to catch up on some blog reading. I came across this post over at Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings, and laughed out loud. It sounds so familiar.  So, I thought I’d share it. And by the way… Dave and the boys have brought up all the christmas decorations from the basement… but after reading that and seeing myself…  I am not doing the tree this year. I’ve already cleaned the house and decorated as much as I feel the need to do! I’m pooped. And if they want the tree… they will have to put it together and decorate it themselves!! Just say’n.

Not against family decorating and all… but when they get to the age where they think it’s a “chore” for them… it makes me feel a little better about all the years past that I thought it was a chore! 


So, go ahead and click on over to Peg-o-lets Ramblings and read the Little Red Hen’s Christmas story. It gave me a much-needed chuckle!



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Christmas at our House…

Was very nice.

I am grateful to have boys that know the real meaning of Christmas!

They enjoyed just being together as a family,  sharing stories and playing with our new stuff… all the while smelling  delicious food being cooked!


Harris gets his Ninja sword…


JJ gets a…

dec08-d-057 and by the way… this reaction…

it was not from a video game system,

or a video game to play on a system,

or even from a pony (which by the way he doesn’t want!)…

it was from,




a blender!


Yes…I said a blender!

He is the smoothie king around here!

(okay, for all of you who think it is awful to give a kid an appliance for Christmas… it was actually from Santa, to the whole family! But he had a bigger reaction to that blender than anything else he got, making Santa scratch her his head in wonder of it all.)

Gerrit was happy to get the memory card he wanted for his phone.

And Darren was very happy to get a new watch.

Lulu was into mischief the whole morning…


and Tang was his lazy self…


It was a great day!


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