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Have I Mentioned…

…that I LOVE Craig’s List?

After stalking it for months and months for a Rainbow vacuum… I found the one I wanted, for the price I wanted!


Okay, this photo doesn’t show all the pieces to it, but I just took this shot awhile ago while I was vacuuming the heck out of the house. I was in a “vicious vacuum mode”  and couldn’t be bothered with arranging things for a nice photo.

By far the best vacuum ever. All the dust and dirt goes into water so as not to fly back out and just circulate around the house again. No bags to buy, change or throw out. And MAN does it have some serious suction. Wow. Love it.

Of course you have to dump the dirty water out, but it just isn’t that bad to me now. My parents had one – way back in the day – and I never did appreciate it like I should have. To a kid, it’s just big, obnoxious and I HATED taking out the bowl of dirty water! But it sure does do the job.

So, here’s to a cleaner and less dusty/cat & dog hairy house!






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I Love Craigs List

Look what I found!

They just wanted to get rid of it – so it was “make me an offer” kind of deal. I usually screw those up somehow, but I made a crazy offer of 60 bucks and they took it!

A little muscle help from one of our friends (it’s very heavy), some  lemon oil & windex and there you have it. Not too bad looking for 60 bucks, eh?


I just love Craig’s List. Next thing on our list is a Rainbow Vacuum.

I’m on it.





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I Almost Feel Guilty…

…I said almost.


This was my Christmas gift…

… to myself!

Okay, now wait… it’s not like that. See? I had to act fast!! I’m not known for that, but in this case… I just had to!

This is how it happened…

I was cruising around on Craig’s List (I love that “place”!) looking for something for my oldest son, and low & behold… someone posts this mixer (not actually THIS one – one like it) for only $150 bucks. It said that a little old lady bought it and was only used twice, but you never know these things… even so, $150! So, I emailed them and set a time to get it right away! RIGHT AWAY. I was so worried that someone else would show up with the money before I could get there. I took my big 6′ 31/2″ , 200 lb son with me – just in case. But, it truly was a little old lady that had it, and she just couldn’t use it because of its weight and size. She did, in fact, only use it twice – and you wouldn’t even have known it.

PLuuuuuuss, she threw in a meat grinder attachment!

Honestly, I knew it was a good deal, but I didn’t know how good until I got home and googled the mixers. I thought I had the regular size one, but after going to the Kitchen Aid site… I found out that this is the Pro 6! A five hundred-dollar mixer! Wooohooo! (Happy Dance!)

And guess what? I’ve used the beegeebers out of it already! Christmas cookies, sweet breads, pizza dough, more cookies, waffles, biscotti and even more cookies! I LOVE IT!

I even put together a little box of goodies and sent it to the little lady who sold it to me. I told her it had a good home and was getting LOTS of use! She will be happy about that.

And those of you who know how small my kitchen is… well, it is just planted on the counter and it’s going to stay there! Everyone else will just have to deal with it (me included)!

So… that is how I got my own Christmas gift. No wrapping necessary! Just let me get right to it!











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