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Oh Deer!

I’m so glad that we don’t have to hunt and eat these beautiful animals. I mean… if I had to kill one to feed my family – I would. But we don’t, and so I won’t. And it’s not like I don’t like to shoot a gun and all… I just don’t want to shoot a deer. There. I said it. I’m not saying that others shouldn’t… I’m just say’en I couldn’t. Ya Know?

Anyway… we’ve been seeing lots of them in our yard lately. In fact, yesterday during a horrific storm (that destroyed 10 houses on the other side of Atlanta) a huge buck ran right by the window downstairs where the boys were sitting at their desks drawing! One of them ran up and got me… and I saw it out in the woods bucking and kicking and running all over. Don’t really know what was up with it… but it sure was cool to see’em. He was too quick for me to get the camera though.

Most of the ones we see are mama’s and her babies. This mama’s babies have gotten quite big – almost full grown now. We saw her in the early spring when the two babies still had spots! So cute. They like to eat the clover that’s in the back yard – right under the boys desk windows.

Can you see her in this photo?

Here… let me zoom in a bit.

Just case you still don’t see her…

She’s so pretty. And yes… I know they eat your flowers and garden… but… so do bugs and bunnies… and…

and, anyway, are you going to hate everything that eats your stuff? Cuz I got four kids eating everything in sight!!

Be a lover not a hater.

Deer are cool.




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God Smiled at Me Today

Much to my youngest son’s dismay, I shoot pictures out of my window while I’m driving. I just can’t help myself. Oh, I do pull over for some shots… which doesn’t exactly thrill him either. But I just can’t help myself. Really… I just can’t. I’ve tried.

On our way to piano lessons today, the clouds were just amazing. I LOVE clouds. They make me happy. One day I will paint great clouds.


Then, while we were at our lessons, Harrison spotted a deer in the backyard! I love the deer!

(yes… I take my camera with me… a lot of the time.)


And here is the house we go to for piano lessons. It’s incredible. She and her husband built it with the trees they cut down on this land. They built it themselves! It’s amazing. Someday, I want to build a log cabin! Love it!


The boys piano teacher raised 5 boys and homeschooled them. She is also very artistic. Such a neat lady. We just love her too! And today, as we were leaving, she talked with me some about the homeschooling life. The words that she spoke were just the words that God knew I needed to hear. I left feeling very blessed and cared for by my heavenly father. It’s so wonderful how he uses those around us to help guide and direct us in this life. I appreciate her wisdom and that she felt comfortable sharing it with me. Refreshed and refocused, I think I can sit down and finish planning my school year now!

So, God, thanks for smiling on me today. I needed it.



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Telephoto Lens

Before my brother Rick left to go back home, he gave me some money and told me to go get a telephoto lens for my Nikon.


The next day, after I took him to the airport – I went to get the lens!


Even though I have much to post about… this one is just going to be some of the things I have shot in our yard with my new lens!

SeptJ 036-b

SeptJ 030-b

SeptJ 040-bc

SeptJ 037-b

SeptA 085-b

SeptA 097-b

SeptA 103-bA fascinating caterpillar!

I am very happy with my new lens Rick. Thanks a BUNCH!

More photos are waiting to be uploaded from my camera. Guess I better get off of here and get on it!




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