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Pond Update

Our sweet friend Mack came over with his tractor today and (re)dug out my pond!

The hole that I dug by hand (last year)  – has been just sitting there – waiting to be finished.

When Mack called to say that he could come by and dig it again with the tractor, I took him up on it! Now, I must be more diligent at getting it finished this time. I’m both excited and nervous about it… cuz… I don’t really know what I’m doing!

Hopefully, I can bribe my two older brothers to come out and help me finish it this fall!!



Dirt, dirt, dirt!

Got’ta love it!








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Nooooooo, the pond is not ready for all this rain!

So frustrated that I can’t get out there and work on the pond. More frustrating however is the fact that all this rain is slowly working dirt away from the sides and filling up the lower portion… again.


In the big scheme of things… as far as life goes… this is NOTHING. So I will be grateful for the rain and enjoy it like I usually do… and put the thoughts of more digging aside for today!

Today will be a pajama-and-blankie-on-the-couch day!

God is good to send us so much water when we need it!

(But if I only had the liner in the pond already it could be filling up with rain water! Ugg.)

It’s ok… I’m good, I’m good.



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I over did it on the pond yesterday. When will I ever learn? Geeeeez.

I thoughtI was taking care not to get dehydrated and all. It was a beautiful day… a slight breeze… very nice to be out working. And I drank water, and even rested now & then… but darn-it if I didn’t get the MOTHER of all headaches. Knocked me flat for the rest of the day. It was ugly.

(I know… I know… I have said that I’ve had the mother of all headaches before… and most likely I will say it again.)

The boys were sweet. They tried to take good care of me. Asking what I needed and telling me to just lay down and rest! They said not to worry about dinner… they would just eat cereal. So cute. Dave worked late, but when he got home I went to bed. This morning… I was fine again!! But I stayed away from the pit today. I’ll try again Sunday maybe.

(Oh, and yes Dad… the boys did help for awhile. But ya’ know… they can only go at it for so long and I was on a roll!)


Do they make prosthetic heads? I am quite sure this one is going to explode off of my neck one of these days.

I will post pond hole pictures soon. Not much to look at really, but I am proud of it anyway!




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