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It is soooo nice to just walk around the corner to do my laundry now!

Yes, I will still be using my pathetic old washer and dryer for awhile… but I don’t care! Look at this room!!!!!

I’m in hog heaven!

And just look at the size of this pantry.

Looks like I could store up enough food for these boys for a few days, eh?

No… still haven’t picked out paint yet. That is so hard for me since I like almost every color I see.

Dave and I have to keep pinching ourselves. Could our dream really be almost done? I think I might just faint when I get paint on the walls and get those windows cleaned up!

They have been working so late that I never got outside to get a picture of the outside of the garage. Of course it isn’t painted to match the house yet, but the siding is up.

See the doggie door to the left? No more propping the garage door up for Brutus and Jetta to get under! They now have a cozy bed under Dave’s workbench in the shop.

Still have plenty to do – but we are thrilled with it so far.

Was doing some laundry tonight and when I dropped a clean, wet, white shirt – going from the washer to the dryer – I didn’t have to utter a thing! Hurrah. 🙂

Off to bed now – have a full day of laundry catch-up tomorrow.






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More Mud/Laundry/Pantry Room Photos

Some of you may be sick of seeing updates on our project – but I know at least two of you who check on here everyday to see if I put up more pictures for you! So… for you two… or three… here is where it’s all at now.

And by the way… I am so thankful for a day of rest tomorrow. 🙂

The door (a pocket door) straight ahead is the door to the walk-in pantry. The doorway to the right is to the kitchen. (Just so you can get your bearings!)

And a peek inside the pantry. It’s big. (giggle)

That door is to the shop – and you see the coat closet to the left.

And here is looking back towards the kitchen – and where the (one day) new washer and dryer will go. They jurry-rigged the electricity over there for me for the weekend to do my laundry. They finished the plumbing, but still had something to do with the electrical part. Thoughtful of them to at least make it work for me before they left!

And this is standing in the doorway from the kitchen looking out to the new back door.

I am elated. I can’t imagine how I will feel after they get the flooring down on Sunday.

(more giggles!)

Night all~





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More Progress Photos

…it’s after 10 pm the guys are still here working and my brain is mush!

It’s been a busy, rainy, crazy day!

I do have a couple of pictures for you, but not much is forming in my head to say to you. I am tired even though I’m not the one that’s been out there with a hammer and nails! Actually, it’s more like a saw and a nail gun! (I think I’d like to use that.)  🙂

That will be the pantry straight ahead. The door to the right is to the kitchen now – that door used to be the back door to the garage. It will be taken off and it will just be a doorway there. No door.

And that door on the left here is the new back door – to the outside! James is working on the walls of the coat closet there. Not in the same place as the original plans I made up – but it’s all kind’a changed now. For the better – I am hoping! The doorway to the right of the fridge there is to the shop. The fridge won’t stay there of course – it will be in the pantry now. I need to do the design program on the computer again to show you what is where – or just wait a few more days and send you pictures of it!

We will see. Maybe I will find the time to at least do the floor plan again.

JJ is now sick with a nasty cold too. Thank goodness Guy is over it, and although Harris threatened to get it… we were able to chase it off… for now.

I am feeling much better, but am not sure that I’m over the UTI totally. We shall see.

It’s still a zoo in the house – dogs, cats, kids… oh, and here is a picture of Tang who took over Kiki’s bed today and caused quite the turmoil for the little dog! If I were to venture a guess as to who’s in charge around here (in the animal world) I would have to say that it’s probably Tang! Kiki is too “respectful” of him (or of his nails) to chase him off and the labs walk way around him!

Actually that makes me want to go snuggle into bed!

Goodnight all~




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I know… I know…

…I need to update you. Sorry. (and I was just SURE that this blog thing wouldn’t become another item on the “to do” list!)

It’s been SO busy around here… and then I had the nerve to go and get a UTI this weekend. I saw a doc today and got antibiotics – will be doing great by tomorrow I’m sure!

So, here is the status on the mud room:

They started construction on Sunday.

They worked ALLLLLL day, and into the night.

They got the wall supports in…

…and then then the door.


We are on our way!

And today – they’ve been putting down the floor boards. But had some issues with the left outside wall. It has sunken down about half an inch or more. So they had to take some time and jack it up, insert some expanding cement under the wall and then wait for it to set up and dry. Lunch break!

It took some valuable time out of their day – but at least it’s done.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet today because I’ve tried to stay out of their way – and of course because I haven’t felt so great. But I will get some maybe after they leave and hopefully get them posted tomorrow.




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Mud/Laundry Room Update

Just some more designs for ya. I am getting the design itself narrowed down… but the jury is still out on the color.

There are so many greens and so many golds… and I like them all.

Floor cam. This one is about as close to being my favorite as I’ve gotten.

Well, it sure looks like a freaky movie scene on this shot! It got all squished or stretched somehow. The door straight ahead is actually to the kitchen – not the woods! But since I’ve not made (drawn) that part yet, it shows up as a door to the woods! 

Remember- there will be a dryer on top of that washer over there!

Sure does need a rug or somthing doesn’t it?

This venetian gold (floor cam shots) color on the walls is very similar to what the kitchen is now. I don’t know if I am just comfortable seeing that color on the walls or if I really like it.

I am SO looking forward to this being done!





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