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Whooohoo… Fall Fell Here Today!

It is COLD today.

Yesterday it was in the 80’s and humid. Today it barely got into the 50’s.

I’m loving it. Making me “get a move on” for winter preparations too. Getting fire wood, stalking the pantry, pulling out the winter blankets and jackets, seeing if the gloves all have a mate, making sure the growing boys all have a jacket that fits, change the litter in the chicken coop, check the furnace, buy extra sox, and pull out all the yummy fall soup, squash and stew recipes we love. I really like this time of year.

What are you doing to prepare for winter?

Do you have some fall recipes that you make every year about this time?

Does your family request certain things that evoke good memories of this time of year?

We have a few standbys. And I’ve been trying some new ones lately as well.

A friend of mine got me hooked on the website Pinterest. It is just like a big virtual magazine with all the kinds of things you want to see or read about. (because you pick your subjects) And you get to keep all your favorite stuff in a “pin board” all your own. Others can look at your boards and see what you like, or recipes that you want to make, or home projects you’d like to try, etc…

It’s a great place to get ideas and inspirations. You should check it out. The only problem with it is… you can sit there all day and look at what others have done… and not get any of that or anything else done yourself. So, my personal remedy is that if I spend more than a few of minutes (just enough time to go get a recipe or plan that I’ve pinned) on it in a given day, I HAVE to make something I’ve pinned. So far so good.

If I have time to browse, I have time to make. If I don’t have time to make, I don’t have time to browse. Simple.

In this last week I’ve tried several new recipes.

Here are two of my favorites:

This broccoli was SO yummy, I could eat the whole thing myself!! My boys ate it and liked it, but will probably always prefer it raw.

Roasted Broccoli


And these sweet little puppies were a BIG HIT around here and at my Bible Study group!

Homemade Butterfinger Bars

And they are very easy to make too!


Anyway, just a few of the cool things you can make, do, and see on Pinterest. It’s a good thing, that could easily become a bad thing if you’re not disciplined!

Well, I’m off to cook a yummy soup, to warm us up, this wonderful Fall night.




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JJ has always had a knack for finding neat things.

From tiny flowers, bugs or heart shaped rocks to starfish, castle shaped clouds and even a little box turtle.

baby pics 041MiscFamPics 133MiscFamPics 197I just love that about him.

He is just growing up way to fast.

Oct.F 022-b

But just the other day while he was up getting the mail he found this:

Oct.D 076-bHe has a good eye!

I’m glad he still has his little knack for finding stuff.

Thanks for showing us the small things in life Jage. You are so special.

Happy Fall Ya’all!



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Krispy Kream & IMAX

I am very late with this post, but feel the need to tell you about every field trip we take. I don’t know why.

A few days after Uncle Rick left us, we met up with our pastors wife and her little girl to go to Krispy Kream and then to the Fernbank Museum to watch an IMAX film.

My friend Branndan was supposed to go with us, but she got sick the night before, so we took Tucker and let her rest for the day. It was a beautiful day, and we all had a good time.

SeptJ 048-b

SeptJ 050-bThese yummy little cream filled fellows are heading into the icing machine!

I wish I could attach a smell to this post for ya! It smelled divine.

SeptJ 057-bOur pastors little girl Jayla. Isn’t she darling?

The bummer was, that even though we went specifically at the time the Krispy Krispy “>Kream said to be there for a field trip to see regular Krispy Kream doughnuts come off the machines – those cream (or kream) filled doughnuts up there were just coming off the “press” when we got there and then they stopped production to clean the machine.


Yea… I know… crazy eh?

SeptJ 053-b

We made an appointment to be there at 9:30 a.m. for the field trip “tour”, and we were supposed to get a doughnut hot off the machine! The “tour” was a window to look through and the doughnut didn’t just get made – nor was it hot.


SeptJ 080-b

But you know what? The boys didn’t know all wasn’t as it should be! They were happy to be there – and were more than happy to eat a free doughnut – hot or not! So all was good.

SeptJ 074-cb

And of course, who can have a doughnut without coffee? I don’t know either. So I got them all a small coffee (with lots of cream) and they got to pick out another doughnut! Yea… I know. But it’s a field trip for Pete’s sake!

And just look at these babies. We can just call it “Celebrating Fall!” Eh?

SeptJ 062-cb

SeptJ 063-b

SeptJ 061-b

Maybe we can celebrate all the seasons like this! Yum!

After this, we drove to the Fernbank Museum, in downtown Atlanta, to see an IMAX movie about the ocean.

SeptJ 121-b

This too turned out to be a bit disappointing to me (way too short for how much I paid), but the boys (and girl) enjoyed it and all in all it was a good day!




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What I like About Fall

I like the colors.

I like pumpkins.

Harris 10-01

Harris 10-01

I like the decorations.

I like the crisp blue skies.

I like to cozy up on the porch with a hot drink.

I like the sound of the wind in the trees.

I like the fact that summer is over.

I like to see all the critters getting ready for winter.

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher



I like to gather my little cooks and make a decadent mess!





I like the smells…

yummy cinnamon & spice, crispy apple, cranberry and pumpkin candles burning.

Fall is a time to be cozy.

Curled up on the couch with a good book.




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