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I’m Thankful for Good Food, Good Friends, My Family and…


I’m serious. I LOVE shooting them. I know, hu? What is up with that?

So sweet is the blast that bruiseth my shoulder.

Darren forgot that he is left eye dominant, so had to switch up sides and shoot left-handed.

Oh, and see the cat? Well, there were two of them down there at the lake with us. They were totally unafraid of the shotgun blasts! Unbelievable! Tim said “Dont’ch know, those are hunt’en cats Heidi”! So funny. They fish with him too, and I can see how they might find it beneficial to hang around there. But skeet shooting? Don’t really see any perks for a cat there.

I always feel kind’a bad for Bud. He doesn’t fit in with the kids or the adults during this event. But he’s a good sport and hangs in there with us.

Love this one of Harry.

Miss Branndan – she is good!

Once again, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our friends house hanging out with their family since all of ours is 3,000 miles away.

Look at all those boys. I am so blessed.

How was your turkey day?




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All Grown Up

Just so you know… I did get an updated picture of my brother and I.

While we were on our Line Creek walk I had one of the boys shoot some. Except for the fact that I look like his little brother instead of his little sister – they turned out pretty good!

SeptE 036-ab

(Yes, my hat was on backwards so I could get the camera up to my face! But you camera people already knew that didn’t-cha?)

Wow. It’s been a lot of years since this one was taken.

March08A 063-b

And we still enjoy each other just as much now as we did then!

SeptE 118-b





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It’s a Girl!!!!


I am SO excited I just can’t stand it!

After approximately 150 years of  NO girls born into this family… we now have TWO!!!!!

Yes, my brother-in-law and his wife just had their third child and chose all along not to know what it was until it’s birth. We all were of course expecting another boy… but, low-and-behold last night we got the call that they had a girl!!!



Dadgumit that I live three thousand miles away from her.



My husband was the one to talk to his brother… and you know how men are… so all I know is her name!

Audrey Marie

I will get pictures and more info for ya when I get it.

Welcome little one!


(whisper – yippppeeee!)

And I’ve already been asked twice so far if I’m jealous of the two girls that got to have girls, and my answer is no. I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world and I know that God knows what he is doing. I’m just glad that the “curse” of no girls is broken so that I may have a chance at having a granddaughter some day!! heehee!




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What’do ya give me if…

This is a common phrase around here! “What’do ya give me if…?” One of the most disgusting, but most used is… “What’do ya give me if I can eat this whole __________ in one bite?” Fill in the blank with cupcake, hot dog, waffle, you name it, they’ve tried it! Wanna know what I’d give’em if they asked me? I’d give’em a good pop in the head after I performed the Heimlich maneuver! But they don’t usually ask me. They know I frown on such things! Not so much because I am so proper, more because I can think of a whole lot of better ways to go than choking to death on a stink’en hot dog!

Well, today I fell into the “What’do ya give me…” trap! Gerrit asked me this morning what I would give him if he could recite the day, month, and year that Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean Islands. We had just watched a C.C. movie yesterday and have been studying about what he went through. But my focus has not been on the date so much… anyone can look that up if you need to. So I thought he was just pulling my leg a little! So, I said (like a dummy) “I’ll give all of you the rest of the day off of school if you can give me the exact date.”

He did.

Gerrit - school year 07-08

I learned more today than they did.


Well, one thing is for sure! He will never forget that date! He has now associated it with a triumph! However, I don’t know if that date will be such a useful device in his future. Sure would have been nice if this had been over a key math equation or something like that! But who knows… maybe he’ll be a Historian like his great grandpa and knowing that will be a wonderful piece to his life’s puzzle! Or something.

He has been apologizing ever since then! He knows I didn’t plan to have the day off… and the guilt of tricking his mama is getting to him!! He is so funny. But I sent him off to play and told him it was my own fault! And I’m not going back on my word. He voluntarily said that they would all do their 30 minutes of independent reading before they disappeared into “boy world”. What a guy!

No worries… I got some drawers cleaned out in the kitchen, the dished done, some cooking started, laundry caught up, the turtle tank cleaned and here I am blogging way before dinnertime! Sweet!!

What’do ya give me if I can get all my backed up chores done in a single day?!



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Lesson Plans and Laundry…

that is all I have been doing today. UGG.

This morning when I got up and felt my way to the coffee maker, I thought of about 16 different things I’d like to blog about this evening! Oh…I had plans…good plans! But alas…they were squelched by my oppressing domestic duties! Now I am too tired to implement any of those 16 ideas.

Ya…Whatever. I am not that oppressed! I am grateful for a lot of things. And all those things keep my domestic duty chart full! Having a big wonderful family and a house means lots of cooking, cleaning, laundry, planning, bandaging, consoling, encouraging, explaining, driving around and of course loving! All of which exhaust me… but in a good way! I hear stories of the alternative, and I think I’ll stick to being tired.

Thanks to all (7) of you who have commented! I like it. I like it a lot!

If you haven’t done so already, go to Gare-Bears Chiari Journey and read the second addition to his story. :0)



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