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Krispy Kream & IMAX

I am very late with this post, but feel the need to tell you about every field trip we take. I don’t know why.

A few days after Uncle Rick left us, we met up with our pastors wife and her little girl to go to Krispy Kream and then to the Fernbank Museum to watch an IMAX film.

My friend Branndan was supposed to go with us, but she got sick the night before, so we took Tucker and let her rest for the day. It was a beautiful day, and we all had a good time.

SeptJ 048-b

SeptJ 050-bThese yummy little cream filled fellows are heading into the icing machine!

I wish I could attach a smell to this post for ya! It smelled divine.

SeptJ 057-bOur pastors little girl Jayla. Isn’t she darling?

The bummer was, that even though we went specifically at the time the Krispy Krispy “>Kream said to be there for a field trip to see regular Krispy Kream doughnuts come off the machines – those cream (or kream) filled doughnuts up there were just coming off the “press” when we got there and then they stopped production to clean the machine.


Yea… I know… crazy eh?

SeptJ 053-b

We made an appointment to be there at 9:30 a.m. for the field trip “tour”, and we were supposed to get a doughnut hot off the machine! The “tour” was a window to look through and the doughnut didn’t just get made – nor was it hot.


SeptJ 080-b

But you know what? The boys didn’t know all wasn’t as it should be! They were happy to be there – and were more than happy to eat a free doughnut – hot or not! So all was good.

SeptJ 074-cb

And of course, who can have a doughnut without coffee? I don’t know either. So I got them all a small coffee (with lots of cream) and they got to pick out another doughnut! Yea… I know. But it’s a field trip for Pete’s sake!

And just look at these babies. We can just call it “Celebrating Fall!” Eh?

SeptJ 062-cb

SeptJ 063-b

SeptJ 061-b

Maybe we can celebrate all the seasons like this! Yum!

After this, we drove to the Fernbank Museum, in downtown Atlanta, to see an IMAX movie about the ocean.

SeptJ 121-b

This too turned out to be a bit disappointing to me (way too short for how much I paid), but the boys (and girl) enjoyed it and all in all it was a good day!





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The Body Exhibit

Monday we got to take a field trip to downtown Atlanta and see the Body Exhibit.

(I hear now that it is highly controversial. I am not here to say anything about that. Wouldn’t touch the topic with a ten foot pole. But we did buy tickets to it… so conclude what you may!)

I was looking forward to it very much, but the boys were less than enthusiastic about it! Body parts, guts and organs are not something these boys appreciate. Don’t ask me… I thought boys liked that sort of thing!

It was fascinating! The only problem I have is that they didn’t let us take pictures. Sure, I understand why… but I still wanted them.

Right away my boys are groaning and moaning at all the grossness of it. I myself didn’t think it was gross at all. Fascinating yes, gross no. Gerrit in particular was having a rough time of it. I was thrilled that there was a skeleton at the very beginning that showed the spine, vertebra’s and base of the skull. I was merrily telling the kids (two other friends boys besides mine) about how Gerrit doesn’t have the back of the first three vertebrae… and proceeded to show them… Gerrit walked away with his hands over his ears. I wasn’t sure if he truly has a hard time hearing about what is wrong with him, or if he is just grosses out over everything to do with the body. But I chose not to “make” him stay and listen/look. He made it through the whole exhibit, but not without visual disgust and random wondering.

Harrison was just happy to be with his friend and I don’t know how much he actually heard me say… and JJwas okay with the bodies, he just got low blood sugar and almost passed out! He was “droopy” but made it through without incident! It was the perfect environment for passing out… a little too warm, dark and slightly claustrophobic. If there had been anymore people than there were in the rooms… I may have been the one passing out!

I was able to see the brain stem and cerebellum, and where they should¬†be in a skull… so it was very interesting to me with reguard to Gerrits condition. (If you haven’t read about his Chiari II story – click here)

If I had it to do over again, I would have had our lunch first, then the exhibit.

Live and learn.

We went to the famous Varsity for lunch. The boys love it there and it has kind of become tradition to go there when field-tripping in Atlanta! NOT my cup of tea as far as food goes… but fun.

boys at varsity2-09

JJ (11), Tucker (8), Tate (11), Harrison (7) and Gerrit (12).

(If it wasn’t for Gerrit’s drink they could be in any fast food joint! We wanted them to be sitting on the other side so you could see the big sign out front, but the sun was shinning in that way and it was too bright to get a good shot.)

So… here’s in hopes that the boys learned something, (as my friend would say… “a nugget” ) that will benefit them someday in the future. They were good boys and we did have a nice time. At least they¬†should never forget¬†going to see¬†the Body Exhibit!





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Mixed up Monday!

Wow… what a day!

We planned on going to the Art Museum with my good friend BV and her two boys which are good freinds with my boys! Well, just before leaving the house we find out that the museum is closed on Mondays!

So… we decided to go to the Farmers Market.

But on the way up there… we got a better idea! We’ll go pick apples!

After much adieu and phone calls to friends (thank you Sandy!) about finding the farm that I had read about on the internet… we find out that it is closed for the season. What? Didn’t know the season even started yet!

Sooooo… then we drove through a unique neighborhood that is an all natural, organic, planned community. It was very beautiful and interesting. Got some pictures of miniature donkeys that BV and I thought were absolutely adorable! We both want one!

Then we headed off to get all these boys some lunch. And after that we ended up at the dollar theater and watched ‘Long shot’! A nice little movie about the first girl to play quarterback for a high school football team. Good, true story. It had the “A__” word in it two or three times… but that was all the language. I’m sad that it had those in there, but in this day and age, I know it could have been a LOT worse.

On the way home I got to stop at the Hobby Lobby for a little bit and find some supplies for my Truly Christmas project! That was NICE! I like that store. I will have to make a special trip over there without kids sometime soon!

Even though I got a few pictures… I don’t want to download them to my son’s computer… so I will just do without for now.

Oh, and Heidi (Adventure Girl)… we got the wind today!!! Brrrrrrr!

Oh yea, one more thing… JJ got to fly out to California Sunday morning. He’s occupying the right seat for the road trip back home with his daddy. He was very brave, but nervous. Happy to get some time with his Daddy, but sad to leave us here at home! Poor little sensitive kid.

I miss him.


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