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As I come “down” from a very busy day, I am thinking of some of my friends.

Friends are such a vital part of our lives. Back when we were in high school it seemed that the amount of friends was the most important thing. You were “popular” if you had lots of friends. And if you were popular, you had value. There MUST be something good about you… look at all the people who “like” you! At least that’s what I always thought… and never quite achieved.

Well, as time goes on and you “mature”, you begin to realize that it’s not at all in the amount. It is in the depth of those friendships that really matters.

A few “good friends” outweigh the “many”… easily. I just wish I could have known that back then.

Now… as I sit and reflect on the friends in my life, I am so grateful for those that have stuck with me, and accepted me just the way I am, through thick and thin. I am grateful for you.

There are those that uplift me and inspire me. Those that are always ready with a hug, a laugh, a smile. Some that are able to point out my “errors” without condemnation, and some that are great listeners. Those that can agree to disagree, and those that are just for hanging out and having fun with. Some, and this number is very small, that I can pour my heart and soul out to, and I know that they aren’t going anywhere. They love me in spite of myself.

Yes, I am grateful for friends. Thank you friends.

I have made some friends through this blog too, and feel as though I know you personally. What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend an afternoon with you!

But my best and most trusted friend is Jesus. No matter how bad I mess up, no matter how awful I’ve been, no matter how far I’ve strayed, no matter what my messed up self is going through… He is there waiting for me to talk to, to lean on.

I am grateful for that Friend the most.

What kind of life I would be living without knowing that I am going to be okay – no matter what comes my way – I just can’t imagine.

I used to think that talking about “Jesus” was corny. But when you get to a certain age, you just don’t seem to be bothered about what others think as much. I like this age for that reason.

I KNOW what He has done in my life, and I am glad that He didn’t give up on me.

He still has His work cut out for Him, but I live in the peace that I am not in the driver’s seat! That is oddly refreshing to me (since I love to drive so much!). As long as I let him LEAD me through this life, I will be okay. I CAN’T DO IT BY MYSLEF! And I am so happy that I don’t have to.

As much as my husband might think that I am “superwoman”… I am NOT.

Everyday starts with the words, “guide me today”. Because I feel like I’m hanging onto the back of a giant rollercoaster most days. Flying around and just hanging on for dear life. Somehow, He gets me through each day. And my goal for this year is that I not just “survive” each day, but “thrive”.

He promises PEACE now. Here. In THIS life.

That is what I want. That is what I want to share with others.

So, as I close this day (of utter chaos)… I pray for peace. Peace through the broken dishes, spilled milk, quarrels, sick pets, piano lessons, attitudes, deadlines, and late nights of studying things I don’t understand. Peace through the pressures of homeschooling, housekeeping, feeding ever-hungry-boys, and piles of laundry.

I found a quote the other day that said “Do less, get more done.”

Sounds good.

But how?

Well, I am going to make a conscious effort to not take on as many extra activities this year. And focus on what I already have on my plate. Maybe I’ll get done some of what I’ve already started.

The most important thing in life lays before me – to parent and teach my boys.

With the encouragement of my friends, the peace from God, and while holding the hand of my best friend Jesus, I head into this year with HOPE.

Hope to thrive, to love, to dream, to create, to mold, to encourage and to have PEACE in the process.

I wish for you the same.






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It’s Monday, Monday

So much has been going on lately, that I feel like I am spinning in circles most of the time.

I think I am well on my way from climbing out of that funk that I was in for about two months. It was a bad one, and I really hate that place. Doing much better now though, and working on ways to never go back there.

A change in our home school schedule and studying stuff I never got “the first time around” (in high school) took up a good chunk of my vacation days. However, I am very pleased with our new school day, and the boys said that even though it was harder, they are liking the new set up! That made me very happy.

Harrison has another piano recital coming up this Friday evening. Once again, he is not in the least bit nervous. Good for him, but I am!

We had a wonderful time with dear friends this weekend. We celebrated Matt’s birthday a week early (even though I forgot that we were doing that! 😦 ) by eating haystacks, watching Ashley WALK (Yes… the little baby girl in my life is walking already. She is SOOOO cute.), play with her big boy cousins and then we played card games after dinner. Had such a great time! We are so lucky to have them back in our neck of the woods for a while. 🙂

Then yesterday, we had a visit from our good friends and old neighbors, Sandy and her son Michael. It’s always a good time catching up with them. I miss them being next door SO much.

Haven’t been taking very many photos of the boys lately, but I do have some pictures of birds, the cats, the chickens and our yard that I haven’t yet downloaded from my camera… which will be an indication to some of you that know me well of how busy I really have been. Since I don’t ever leave photos on my camera for very long at all!! Maybe this week I can get to that.

Well, hope you are all doing well and having a good Monday!





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So Much to Post About…

…and so little time to write it!

Wish I had a direct connection from my brain to here. Oh, wait. No, that wouldn’t be good.

Ahhh, never-mind.


Oh, Dave and I got to see Amy Grant in concert last night! Not that Dave was thrilled with seeing it, but he did say he enjoyed it. I thought it was real good.  She is so funny. I did not know that about her. A very good concert with good friends, and it was in an outdoor amphitheater on a beautiful evening. Good times.


Harrison missed baseball practice on Thursday and then the first game this morning (Saturday). He got sick on Wednesday. It started with a  sore throat and then came the gunk and a cough.  He JUST DID THIS.  I am so sick of snot. Oh… and you know it… the little sweetie decided to share with his brothers… so now JJ has it! (He just did this too!) Now I am all over them with garlic, vitamin C, Vicks and my special potion (ya… not really mine… but we call it “mama’s potion”! Mostly just to scare the kids).

I am very bummed that Harrison missed his first game. It took a lot for me to send the email to his coach last night and tell him he wasn’t coming. But if he’s sick – he’s sick. What can I do? The coach was nice and said he understood, and also said that his son – who had the flu all week – would not be their either. No sense in having a relapse. This is true. I will get over it and there will be other games.


Our study on the American Revolution is supposed to end Friday, however, we are not done with our Living Book and are enjoying it very much. The boys asked if we could have another week of this study. I am considering it. It’s been a good study. The other night we made a ground beef type stew (with veggie meat) and then made “fire cakes” to dip in the stew/soup. Fire cakes are bread that the American Soldiers ate during the American Revolution. They are just flour and water (salt if they were lucky) and then cooked over-or in the fire. We cooked ours in the oven. They were fun to eat with our soup, but would get old if that were all we had to eat!


It may be a good thing that Harris couldn’t make his game today, as I have been sick with a migraine. They seem to be making me nauseous more now than they ever did. Eeeuuuwea. No fun. I did make a big pot of chicken noodle soup (with tons of garlic) this afternoon, but proceded to spill an entire bowl of it all over my lap and burn my legs. Idiot. I am going to go take a nap now. I’m just not right. (and no comment from you about that, Eddie.)

Chow all. Life will be back on track tomorrow I am sure.



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Harrison’s Personal Coach

Sunday was Harrison’s day!

He and I met our ex-neighbor and good friends Sandy, and her son Michael (you met them recently here) in the next town over at a ball park. Michael was very sweet to volunteer to spend some time with Harris playing catch and giving him some tips on catching fly balls and batting.

Harris got better right before our eyes and Michael seemed to enjoy the part of “coach” very much! He was a good coach too! Very patient, clear and encouraging. Future high school or college coach? Maybe. I just know that Harrison was blessed to have that time with his buddy Michael. Harris even said that he wished Michael could be his real coach.


SeptB 004-b

SeptB 006-b

SeptB 014-b

I don’t have any photos of Harris hitting the ball because Sandy and I were instructed by the “coach” to go out in the field and get the balls that Harris hit!! And he hit quite a few of them! I was impressed. Good coaching!

Well, Michael said that we needed to get a lighter bat for him, so after they were done practicing we went to lunch and then out to find a lighter bat. It was such a good day!! So much fun hanging out with Sandy again. I sure do miss them being right next door. 😦

Anyway, thanks Michael and Sandy for spending that time with us and making Harrison feel special! You did a good thing man. And if you meant what you said about doing it again… I know Harrison would look forward to it!

You ROCK!!

SeptB 018-b

I’m just proud of both of them!



“Sometimes, the amount of time it takes to become friends is just the roots of your friendship getting a good grip, deep into the earth, so that nothing can shake it.”

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Special Guests Part 3

After the coke factory and lunch on Friday, we dropped by to pick up a friend of Kaoru’s. He went to school with Sammy when they were just little guys. Now look at them!

coke day 078-b

Sammy has been in India going to school for the last few years so it has been awhile since they’ve seen each other. Both of these young men are very smart and very good boys.

Saturday, we just hung out. Needed a “chill” day!

Sunday, we went down to my friend BV’s to take Kaoru swimming. That was his request for his last day in America.

augustdaysB 014-b

We also got to see and enjoy BV’s five little kittens again. Kaoru and Nagisa LOVE cats! So it was great fun for all of us. Me on the camera and the rest of them gushing over all the furry cuteness!

augustdaysB 023-bSkitty – the young one from the previous litter.

augustdaysB 030-bMama “Sunny” and two of the babies.

augustdaysB 037-bHere’s Tate holding two more.

augustdaysB 049-b

augustdaysB 046-b


Oh, no… this isn’t one of my boys… he’s not even one of BV’s really. This is her nephew Dalton. I have put pictures of his little sister on here a few times. sunday-4-26-09-Joey He’s a hard one to catch with a camera! But since he was willing… I snapped! And I just love this picture! He’s  sweetie but going through a tough time at home so spends a lot of time with is Aunt B and cousins Tate and Tucker.

augustdaysB 085-bNagisa and Skitty

augustdaysB 088-b

What a handsome kid. He looks a lot like his daddy (Yuji) here.

augustdaysB 177-bSkitty playing on Nagisa’s lap.

augustdaysB 100-bGuy, Bud, JJ & Kaoru

Harrison is off playing with Tucker somewhere.

augustdaysB 146-bOh here he comes!!

augustdaysB 162-b

augustdaysB 181-bSkitty and Nagisa became buddies!

augustdaysB 185-bNagisa is checking for eggs!

This little hen, we found out later, was sitting on nine of them.

augustdaysB 198-b

augustdaysB 213-bSkiddy was a very popular attraction!

augustdaysB 257-bBut when Mama Sunny got done nursing and let us see them again… this little sweetie became the center of my camera’s attention!

augustdaysB 259-b

I have TONS of pictures of her… but these two are my favorites.

augustdaysB 276-bAnd then I just love this picture too! So cute of both “Bandit” and Harrison.

Bandit is the one BV is keeping. She is tiger stripped, but looks like a blob of orange sherbet was dropped on her little head!

augustdaysB 060-bIronically, Nagisa and Koaru have a thirteen year old cat at home that looks VERY much like this one.

Here is a picture of Kaoru and his kitty when they both were little!

n1102225677_30258036_7921Ahhh… smooch, smooch, smooch. Yummy little face! mmmhhha!

We left BV’s with very hungry boys! So we went to the Golden Corral – an all you can eat type restaurant!

augustdaysC 006-b

augustdaysC 010-bSo much fun!

augustdaysC 012-b

augustdaysC 011-b

augustdaysC 008-b

augustdaysC 013-bWe had a great time and miss them very much. We really wish that they were still our neighbors!

Thank you Nagisa for making sure that these boys stay connected with their Japanese brother!

We love you both (Yuji too!) and look forward to your next visit.

“Friends are relatives you make for yourself.”

Eustache Deschamps




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Good Friends, Good Times

We had the pleasure of hanging out with some good folks Saturday night. Ever since my husband has been going to a Men’s Bible Study he has been making friends with some of the men in our church. Just so happens that most of those men’s wives are my friends and go to my Women’s Bible study! It has been nice to hang out as couples lately.

August09 074-b

All the kids swam, played hide & seek, ran around outside and played Rock Band on the WII! It’s always good for the adults conversation when the kids are content, happy and playing elsewhere! And we have a 21 year old nanny big brother that loves to hang out and play with them!! (Thanks Buddy!)

August09 081-b

August09 098-b

And NO Dad, there are no pictures of me. That just doesn’t happen when I’ve got the camera. I need to ask someone sometime… but I forget. Sorry.

August09 107-b

The boys got a tour of the property.

I’m glad he has those guys.




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Brain Drain… again

I just have too much on my mind to sort it out into different posts!

I know that is how it “should” be done, but I feel the need to catch up and move on. So bear with me.

A good portion of this last week was spent cleaning out and going through the class room. Last Sunday, Dave helped me build shelves in the front coat closet (that was just full of junk because we don’t use the front door) and I am using it now for homeschool supplies and games. I love it!

JulyD 073-b

It has helped make room on the bookshelf for books! Just a few more things to get for the coming school year and we should be set. I enjoy the planning, but get frustrated if I can’t get all that I want to teach into them in a given month… or year for that matter.

I also got to go on a mini vacation to my favorite dentist this week. (In case you missed it before… I feel like I’m on a mini vacation at a spa or something at my dentists! Laying down in a nice chair, blanket, cushy pillow, my own music, laughing gas! Hey… find as much as you can to do in there folks… because I am loving this!) I broke a tooth last Sunday and had a crown prep on Thursday. Yes… I am sore, but they are so nice and good to me that I just don’t mind. I know it will be fine in another day or two. Just grateful that it wasn’t any worse… and that we have ways of fixing broken teeth now! Can you imagine way back when they just had to pull them if they went bad on you? Yikes.

The three younger boys and I got to go visit our good friend Sandy and her son Michael this week as well! They used to live right next door to us and we miss them very much. Michael is a year older than Gerrit and fits right in with our family. We have kind’of made him one of our own! And Sandy and I feel like we’ve known each other since we were little. We will always be friends – no matter how far away we live from each other. But I sure do wish she was still next door.

JulyE 087-b

JulyE 190-b

JulyE 225-b

Michael was so good to Harrison. He spent some time showing him how to throw a ball and told me that he would come with us when it was time to pick out a mit and bat for him this fall. So sweet.

The husband and Gerrit drove to Iowa all day Thursday to see his family. Dave’s dad flew out from CA to spend some time with Grandpa (who is almost 102) so Dave thought this would be a good time to get to see his dad along with the rest of his family up there. Quick trip, but a good thing.

And then in other news… we have word that Dave’s cousin and his wife just gave birth to a little girl this week!! This is the first baby girl born into this family since before the civil war! So she is one special little girl! Can’t wait to see some pictures of her!

Well, it is very late and I have to get to bed! I will run through this real quick and hopefully catch any gross grammar errors and spelling mistakes… but no promises… and then off to bed I go.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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