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And We Found Her…

Harry’s little partner!

Harrison slept most of the way up to Calhoun.


We liked the folks that had her very much! They were sweet and genuinely good people!

(I meant to get a picture of them and Harry… but in the excitement, I forgot.)

She did GREAT on the two hour ride home!


Thank you Eli and Caitlin! We are grateful that you found her and took good care of her until Harrison could have her for his forever pet! She is a little sweetie!


I hope you don’t mind that he renamed her Kiki. She is already responding to it and Harrison has an easier time saying it!

She was introduced to her new “brother and sister” on neutral ground and it went very well.¬†She has been out around them several times now today and they get along just fine! That was my biggest hurtle… and we got over it with flying colors!!

She is still a little shy around big Dave and big Darren… but I am sure that she will warm up to them soon. She is great with the other boys… and wants to play with the cats… but they are not so sure about her yet!

We all love her already and she seems to feel right at home.

Happy early birthday Harrison!

And thanks again Eli and Caitlin.





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