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The School Year is Under Way

Today was the first day of the 2014 – 2015 school year for us.

It was met with excited children, a “together” teacher and lots of bubbles, balloons and rainbow streamers. Just kidding. 

But I have to say it did go quite well.

The boys got themselves up quite early, and were working on their assignments before I came in from having my own worship time in my art studio. I was so happy that I wanted to smother them with kisses and hugs, but I played it cool and just said “good morning!” Didn’t want to jinx it, ya know? After all, they ARE teenage boys!

Surprisingly, I was even able to get their school pictures taken after school! And they cooperated! Of course, I had to take them outside one at a time…or they would goof around and I wouldn’t get ANY decent shots. LOL!

So, I am feeling very blessed, and hope that the majority of the school year goes as well as this first day has.



(Even though he graduated last year, he is taking some classes on his own, and also teaching one for me this year.)

Guy B39



Jage B82


(8th grader)

Harris 010


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It’s Monday, Monday

So much has been going on lately, that I feel like I am spinning in circles most of the time.

I think I am well on my way from climbing out of that funk that I was in for about two months. It was a bad one, and I really hate that place. Doing much better now though, and working on ways to never go back there.

A change in our home school schedule and studying stuff I never got “the first time around” (in high school) took up a good chunk of my vacation days. However, I am very pleased with our new school day, and the boys said that even though it was harder, they are liking the new set up! That made me very happy.

Harrison has another piano recital coming up this Friday evening. Once again, he is not in the least bit nervous. Good for him, but I am!

We had a wonderful time with dear friends this weekend. We celebrated Matt’s birthday a week early (even though I forgot that we were doing that! 😦 ) by eating haystacks, watching Ashley WALK (Yes… the little baby girl in my life is walking already. She is SOOOO cute.), play with her big boy cousins and then we played card games after dinner. Had such a great time! We are so lucky to have them back in our neck of the woods for a while. 🙂

Then yesterday, we had a visit from our good friends and old neighbors, Sandy and her son Michael. It’s always a good time catching up with them. I miss them being next door SO much.

Haven’t been taking very many photos of the boys lately, but I do have some pictures of birds, the cats, the chickens and our yard that I haven’t yet downloaded from my camera… which will be an indication to some of you that know me well of how busy I really have been. Since I don’t ever leave photos on my camera for very long at all!! Maybe this week I can get to that.

Well, hope you are all doing well and having a good Monday!





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Your What Hurts?

Ok, so it’s not a real emergency. No one is injured. Nothing is wrong. I just like to ask that when the kids don’t talk clearly or I didn’t “get” what they said! It’s one of my favorite lines! I think my oldest brother started it about a eighty-five years ago! Thanks Eddie! I like it. I need it. I use it.

Your what hurts? heehee! It just makes me smile.

Yea, well today I used it on my youngest (who is seven). Which is not big news. I rarely know what that kid is talking about. I usually just listen and encourage him to keep telling me this tale of incomprehensible creatures and deeds! But today I used my favorite line when he began whinning about his English lesson! He asked me in his most offensive nasally-whine voice, if he really had to do it…and by giving him my “your what hurts?” line, it gives him a chance to correct his blunder and ask a more-better question! He did. But I could see there was more on his mind, so I gave him permission and time to explain (in a regular voice) why he was so perturbed!



He proceeded to tell me that it was boring. Of all the nerve! The audacity of that child… Kidding! I was actually thrilled!! For real! That meant he was smarter than I thought he was! Silly teacher/mom.

I crumpled up his paper and threw it in the trash. The look on his face was priceless!

“Pooey, on that paper then.” I said, “We will find something else for you. Something fun, something challenging, something worthy of your greatness and noodle ability!!”

Ok, maybe I didn’t say it just like that… but he got the picture and was very excited! All I did was pull out an old English workbook that had some pages left in it, and proceeded to show him how to do the work. He needed help on reading some of the words in the sentences, but other than that… he did it just fine! He was happy and interested and really showed effort… and was doing a 3rd/4th grade book!

To top that off… when we had our closing prayer at the end of the day, all three boys said that it was a great day of school! Now, to be honest… I thought they were just saying that because I thought they could tell that I thought it was a rough day. HU? Oh, anyway… they all enjoyed the day, but none more than Harry! He hugged me tighter than usual and said that I was “the best teacher in the whole world!!”

{big smile}

Tee-Hee! I know the truth. You don’t need to tell me! But that sure feels good on a mama’s exhausted head and heart! Sometimes you feel like you are just spinning your wheels. So it’s good to know that even on days when you think you might have just as well stayed in bed for all the good being up has done, that God can use you to make a difference in the lives of your children! (And in your jammies no-less!)

Gotta love it!



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Our First Day of School

We actually had a great day of school today!

For the most part.

My three youngest boys love coffee! So my husband and I decided a few years ago that coffee was better than a lot of other drinks they could be consuming, so we make them a pot of decaf in the mornings to drink a cup while we have worship! They love lounging around in their PJ’s drinking a hot cup-a-joe!

It seems to me to put them in good place for discussions. They are enjoying themselves and don’t really want the moment to end…so they are apt to ask a lot of questions! This leads into deeper discussions and we just go with it until they start to peter out…or run out of coffee! (remember…it’s decaf! I’m not into self torture!)

This morning we went over our “Family Code of Rules” again. Some of the rules apply all of the time, but some of them will be specific to the school year. I am sure that most of you homeschooling moms have something like this, but if you don’t, it is a real good thing to do. My boys catch each other on some the things themselves! And they seem to like having a “code” just for our family!

Here is our family’s code of rules:

1. We will strive to keep God first in our lives and suit up in our heavenly armor daily!

2. We will be obedient to our mom and dad always.

3. No name calling (i.e. stupid, idiot, dummy, etc.) to others or ourselves. Remember the Golden Rule. (offenders loose 5 tickets)

4. Don’t make fun of anyone. Including friends and brothers. (offenders loose 5 tickets)

5. Never use the “hate” word. Not allowed. (offenders loose all tickets in their box)

6. If something doesn’t belong to you and the rightful owner says you can’t play with it, you can say “please” just once. If the answer is still “no”, then put it down and let it go! You may not continue asking. (If you are caught not respecting someone else’s property you will loose 20 tickets.)

7. If caught fighting over a video game, it will be taken away for a week. No questions.

8. Any physical fighting/wrestling that turns ugly will result in the involved parties being put in a room together until they can resolve their issues or relinquish all your tickets.

9. No video games from the time you get up in the morning until after school on weekdays. You may play from after school till dinner time. Then they stop until the next day. Getting caught playing a video system at an illegal time will result in loosing your system for at least a week. Depends on your attitude…could be longer, if your not careful.

10. Sodas are not allowed during the week. DON’T ASK! (Unless we make an exception for a special occasion.) If you do ask, everyone looses a day that you can have them. Friday after school to Sunday afternoon, you can ask. But it doesn’t mean the answer will be yes!

11. No snacks after 5pm. Too close to dinner time.

12. Mom is not a short order cook. Whatever she has made for a meal is what we will eat – without complaining or making an ugly face; even if it is not our favorite. (Offenders will loose 2 tickets.)

13. If it is close to a meal time and you are hungry – don’t come in the kitchen and complain – come in and help make the meal or hush up and leave the area! (offenders will loose 2 tickets.)

14. We will not watch anything on T.V. that we couldn’t be comfortable watching with Jesus sitting next to us.

15. We will all do our part to uplift and encourage every member of this family, in anything that they have a passion for or enjoy doing, even if we don’t share in that passion.

(I will tell you about the tickets at another time. I have to hurry and finish this so I can go start dinner!)

I hope this might motivate someone to try making a code for the their family! You know they will all be different for different family’s and beliefs, but involve the kids! We did this together, the boys and I, last year…and I have to say, some of the rules they wanted were pretty tough. They also came up with most of the punishment themselves! And funny thing is…it works! I have learned over the last few years to start the conversation, and then be quiet…and let them lead where it goes! It is very interesting and enlightening most of the time! What more could a mom ask for than to be in a wonderful (lengthy) conversation with her children, whether it’s about when they can have a soda, or how to treat themselves and others! I homeschool for moments like that!



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