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Finding The Humor In It All

Week two of school is done. Wheeewh. 

We are all still alive and I even hear laughter downstairs! That is a good thing.

There were a couple big hurtles this week, but we have tried to find the humor in the situation. Not always easy… and sometimes… not possible, but at least it’s worth a try.

Harry had to get the bottom braces put on this week, and he is not finding much humor in any of that. However… I did get him to smile this morning! So that is a start. Once his teeth stop hurting, and he gets used to all that stuff in his mouth, he might start to enjoying life a lot more again.

JJ has been driving a bit more this week. He didn’t think he was ready, but I made him get on a real road today. And not just an empty parking lot or deserted road. I knew he was ready and could do it., he just needed the confidence of seeing for himself that he could. I guess… now that I think about it… if he had wrecked or driven off the road the opposite could have happened too. Hmmm. Good thing I didn’t think about that while I was telling him to pull out into traffic! Lol! 

Even in his nervousness, JJ has a sense of humor. He said some of the funniest stuff while he drove along… going wherever I told him to. Coming up on an intersection with a light, where I had told him to hang a right…he says, “Okay…so…I…I can take this corner for free?” Meaning: Do I have the right of way? 

Silly kid.

He did great. He had WAY more confidence the second time around “the track”, and had a big smile on his face heading home!

He asked if he scared me by being nervous. I told him I’d be nervous if he wasn’t nervous. I think they SHOULD be scared to death at first. They are driving a lethal weapon for Pete’s sake, and every decision they make could forever change the rest of their life. I want my boys to be nervous, and then slowly build up confidence in themselves as they practice. It’s the ones that think they know it all already that you have to worry about!

But hey, I have one more boy to go…and that might be him! YIKES. I have two years to prepare my nerves for that one.


Hope you all have a great weekend,






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Preparing for Another Year of…Life

Yes, as much as I know we have to call it school, there is this big chunk of me that just wants to call what we do  “life”.  After-all, they will need to know math to get along in life. They will need reading and writing and lots of other stuff. But am I teaching it to them so they can pass a test? Or is my goal to teach them these skills so they can be successful in life?

If it’s the latter, then I would want to make sure they really “get it” in a solid way. Not just memorizing for a test and then forgetting it. I want them to get it, use it, remember it and grow from it. And if it takes a little longer to “get it”, (whatever “IT” might be), then that’s okay by me.

When anyone asks how the boys do in school, or what kind of grades they get, I tell them they are all straight A students. We don’t move on until they “get it”. I don’t give a small-rats-behind what grade they are “supposed” to be in, or what they were “supposed” to do in a given grade. I just want to make sure that they are moving on and building on a solid foundation.

It has been said by many a wise person that you don’t stop learning until your dead. I then, think that it would behoove us as parents, to teach our children how to learn rather than force feed into them what other people think they should learn.

Times are changing. Things are not the way they were for us as teenagers. Who knows what the future will bring. It is our job to make sure that our children are as well prepared, for the most uncertain of futures, as possible.

The Lord has led me (sometimes dragged me) for the last seven years in my homeschooling endeavors. He has held my hand and guided me along this path every day. I can’t say (unfortunately) that I have always been at peace with the path we are on. But that is because I often let go of His hand and rely on my own understanding. I invariably slip and fall, because I’ve become overwhelmed and think I am messing everything up, and I land in a heap of tears. I’m so lucky that my Lord Jesus never tires of picking me up and wiping off my dirty, tear-stained face. Then, once again holding my hand, He leads me down the path He has chosen for us. I am still learning to trust. I am striving to have peace. I know He is right…but I am so weak.

Sometimes I think that I will never “get it”. This “it” that I strive so hard to teach my boys… eludes me.

However, even if I never truly understand this life, God has assured me that if I just focus on my Savior, and teach my boys about Him, that He will help me and guide me through the rest of it.

That is all I can do. Let go. And let Him.

Because I can’t prepare enough. I can’t teach enough. I can’t read enough. I can’t study enough. I can’t even BE enough to make it through this life, let alone prepare my boys for it.

So, in my weakness He is strong.


In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

Romans 8:26


Trust in Him at all times. O people;

pour out your hearts to Him for God is our refuge.

Psalm 62:8


Preparing for another year of homeschooling life, for me, will be about encouraging grateful hearts, developing a peaceful atmosphere, and directing these young warriors toward Christ.

Even though everyday is a new opportunity to learn… our official school year starts on Monday.

I’m buckling up. Another wild ride awaits me.

Prayers are accepted.




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