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Here’s a Snippet…

As much as I’d like to give you a great and entertaining post today…

I am a bit too busy for that – just right now.

So… I will leave a small snippet of what is going on here at the “Newie Zoo” today. This is mainly for a couple of you that tend to worry if I haven’t left a post in a few days! (And yes… it is a blessing to have friends and family that care enough to worry about you when they don’t hear from you!)

1. Taking care of three kids with colds at different stages:

  • One has an ear infection already. Been to the doctor and is on antibiotics. At least he told me it hurt before it got REAL bad like it usually does. (But… it’s been a year and a half since his last one!! So… Yaay.)
  • One has bad congestion in his chest and after a rough night and fever, is coughing horribly today. He refuses to believe he is actually sick and is hard to rope and bring in!
  • The third one just started his cold today. He has gone threw a box of tissues already and is quite cranky that his brothers “gave” this too him!

2. Making all the potions and remedies I know of:

  • I’ve made “Mama’s Potion“, Hummus (full of garlic), cinnamon capsules and Garlic Soup for them.
  • As well as chest rubs with Vicks, supplements, herbal tea, Airborne, and a glass of water every half hour.

3. Determined to give all my ailing fruits and veggies a proper burial in a recipe or freezer:

So far;

  • zucchini/rice bake
  • sweet potato puree in freezer
  • 12 over ripe bananas mashed and in freezer
  • 5 lbs of apples (about to die) peeled, cored and chopped – ready for freezer and a cake.
  • Guacamole (with LOTS of garlic) done and almost consumed!

4. A mountain of laundry to climb:

  • No explanation needed here… boys = lots of dirty clothes.


SO… I’m off to the kitchen again! It was nice to sit here for awhile and rest while I posted this!

I have some pictures I can’t wait to show you… and a new recipe to share… but it will have to wait until later! Maybe this evening I can get some pictures on here.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!




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Wash Room Wishings…

While Darren and I were at the laundry mat (on my birthday!), I began to look around and visualize what kind of laundry room I would have if I could have anything I wanted in it. I like planning and wishing.


Yes, I took my new camera! Are you kidding? I will not be going many places without it. Darren had to roll his eyes at me with this big’ole camera around my neck… in a laundry mat! But that is okay, one day he will thank me… I think.

Generally speaking, whenever Darren and I are together without the rest of the family – be it anywhere – we have a good time. We just have fun, and enjoy being with each other. We do have the longest history together, but even after that… we just have fun together!


He volunteered to go with me to wash the clothes this day, but I believe it is because he had a bunch of wash of his own to do and wanted me to go with him! So, it worked out for both of us really!


He would be none too thrilled to know that I had posted a picture of his sox and underwear being washed for all the world to see! But I like this shot. I can smell the soap! (I llllike soap)

And speaking of soap… I forgot to take mine. 😦

Uggg. It was par for the course that day week.

So here is what I had to use…


I hated paying one dollar for a tiny box of soap for one load. At that price a big box of detergent that I regularly use would cost $65.00. YIKES. I won’t forget it next time.


Well, I have to say that if I have to go to a laundry mat, this is the best one. It is kept so clean and tidy. I have told the lady there more than once that I appreciate how well it is kept up. That sure does help take away some of the drudgery of having to go there.

So… what would I wish for in a laundry room? Hummm… LARGE machines, lots of light, a large folding table and plenty of cupboards to store all the ugly cleaning supplies. (And the little lady from this place to keep the room neat and shinny!)  😉

Well, I may soon get to implement some of these wishes since our next big project will be a laundry/mud room! YYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!

I guess the little cleaning lady might be a problem… but it couldn’t hurt to ask!



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Lesson Plans and Laundry…

that is all I have been doing today. UGG.

This morning when I got up and felt my way to the coffee maker, I thought of about 16 different things I’d like to blog about this evening! Oh…I had plans…good plans! But alas…they were squelched by my oppressing domestic duties! Now I am too tired to implement any of those 16 ideas.

Ya…Whatever. I am not that oppressed! I am grateful for a lot of things. And all those things keep my domestic duty chart full! Having a big wonderful family and a house means lots of cooking, cleaning, laundry, planning, bandaging, consoling, encouraging, explaining, driving around and of course loving! All of which exhaust me… but in a good way! I hear stories of the alternative, and I think I’ll stick to being tired.

Thanks to all (7) of you who have commented! I like it. I like it a lot!

If you haven’t done so already, go to Gare-Bears Chiari Journey and read the second addition to his story. :0)



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