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Silent Sightings

JulyA 026-bTucker & Skitty

JulyA 017-bHarrison

JulyA 011-bSkitty – Tucker’s new kitty!



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A boy and his dog

One early morning I heard talking outside my bathroom window.

Curious at who would be out there at that hour… I looked out and this is what I saw.


Harrison… just a-talking-away to himself and his little dog Kiki!

As long as he has been able to make words, this boy has talked. Whether there is someone there to listen to him or not… he talks. (He used to talk the whole time he was sitting on the potty!) We can often find him outside just a talking up a storm… using hand motions and everything… but no one is around!


He will get embarrassed if he knows you can see or hear him.

A few years ago I asked him once who he was talking to. He said in a very matter-a-fact little voice, “Oh, I have a friend. Ya knaaoowww… you can’t see him, but I know he’s there.”


He has also been heard talking to his best little buddy Tucker before. Well, actually… a lot. Even though he see’s him on a regular basis… he will still talk to him like this!

Harrison used to go outside (to talk to his “friend”) and if any of us would go outside – around where he might be… he would say, “awww, I just wanted to be alone… can you go back inside?” Sometimes it was more like, “Um… I’m here… you can’t be”. Like it was his room or something!

He is a dreamer… a planner… he has a very big imagination and he will go far in life!

Harris-dDo you see him now? He is perched up on the railing!

There is so much about Harris that I admire. He has a good heart and cherishes solitude like now one else I know. But at the same time he is such a little social light! He adds so much joy to this house. Noisy joy… but joy!!


But I have to say that one of my favorite things about Harris is his love for Jesus!

What he says to Him… he means. It is truly from his heart.

I sometimes wonder if he might be talking to Jesus when he is sitting outside like this. I won’t ask of course. At least not yet. It’s not my business and I don’t even want him to know that I watch him like I do! Stalking him to shoot pictures so I can post them and talk about him on my blog! Geez. What have I become? Okay… if we were to get real REAL here… I have always stalked my kids and taken their pictures when they didn’t know it… I just didn’t always post them up for the world to see! They should be SO grateful that I didn’t blog when they were little!!!! Oh my… what fun that would have been!!!

Yep… gotta love that boy!




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