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Sharing The Love…

…and I do mean love!

I love everything about this… this thing I’m going to tell you about. I love that my son loves it. I love that we can do it together. I love that he takes after me (in many ways – bless his poor little heart). I love the colors. I love the process. I love the feel of them, and I love the fact that I can share them with you!

More of JJ’s creations.

I love them.

Did I already mention that? Sorry. But I just do.

This boy has so much fun sculpting them. He is so intent. Then he carefully bakes them. The painting part is harder for him because he’s very colorblind, but with help from mom and little brother (the only one of the boys who is NOT colorblind), he gets the right jars of paint. He does ask for assistance from me to paint the eyes on most of the characters, and I am more than happy to help! Because… like I said… I love them! And him!

It’s fun, rewarding, and thrilling to watch him work.

Here are all 25 he’s done so far.





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JJ’s Creations

As I mentioned in an earlier post, whenever JJ “helped” me with the clay mice, he’d end up making his own little creations instead of actually making the stink’en mice! Now that I’m all done with them, and I had some extra clay… I’m letting him loose with it. Here are some of his creations.

Now let me first tell you that these creatures are not original. He has copied these characters from games and stuff. He has pictures of these by him as he sculpts them. And I did help him with attaching some of the appendages – and did some of the painting. But he did the majority of it.

He makes up games for he and his brothers to play, and they use all these wonderful little guys (and more) plus he has made dice, and other “items” for you to collect in the game. It’s so neat to hear them laughing and playing together down in the den… and knowing that they are using their creativity too! Gott’a love it!

 Some of you may know this blue guy… Sonic the Hedgehog.

This little cutie is Olimar.

And the pink dude is Kirby.

That’s all I know. I’ve seen them for years around here… but couldn’t really tell you what games or whatever they’re from!

I am so looking forward to whatever it is that JJ is going to become! I’m sure it will be something creative. If not an artist, then maybe a chef. He does still enjoy cooking. And really enjoys watching the cooking channel with me! 🙂 Good times!





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I’m Back!!!

Wheeew! What an ordeal to be without ones computer. I don’t like it.

Well, I have it back, and although everything seems different, I am ever so grateful to have it!!


I am also done with my critters and the whole centerpiece titled “A Woodland Christmas”. It came out good and the event that it was made for was fantastic this year! I had a great time last night!


Truly Christmas is a fundraiser our church does every year for different charity’s in our community. Ladies in our congregation sign up to host a table for the event. That means that they supply the table settings, the decorations for that table and a small gift for each guest. Then they are also responsible for filling up the eight seats at their table. The tickets sell for 15 dollars apiece and the proceeds then go to whatever charity it is that year!

Oh, and the best part….the men of the church serve us!!

Check out these handsome waiters!

Dad and his boys

Gerrit (12), Dave, and JJ (11 next month)

This was taken just as they were heading over to the church to get their serving instructions.

The men did a good job of serving a huge room full ( about 250 ) of ladies!!

I got an offer on my centerpiece. I told the boys I wouldn’t sell this one…since they love the little animals on it… but I can make them more of those! I think I should sell it if the lady (who I don’t know) was for real about wanting it! And if she is willing to pay the asking price. (which I don’t know either!!!) This is the first year (in seven) that I didn’t want to sell my centerpiece… and sure enough… someone wants it! Go figure.

But really, if I can sell them… it makes my husband happy then I can keep making them! And that is the fun part! Look… I don’t have room for all of these! Awe, now don’t look at me like that…

Well, I’ll shut up now and show you some more photos of the “Woodland Christmas”.

I promised my dad I would have lots of pictures on here today… so don’t think it will hurt my feelings if you get bored and just move onto another blog… I won’t even know!!

start of treeIt starts off something like this…a seven dollar tree from Michael’s.

A not-so-perfect circle cut out of plywood. (Hey, he did it for me so I wasn’t going to fuss!)

Just messing around with what I have to see if I can even make it work. The pink there is builders foam. I love that stuff!!!!

Then it move on to something like this.Got the tree to stand upright!


critters in progressHere is the porcupine in progress. He’s a bald headed porcupine!!

porcupine in progressYes, he took the longest to make. No, I don’t know how long. Yes, those are toothpicks – quartered! And no, I did not know if it would work out or not before I spent countless hours poking them into his naked little body!  It is my own personal gambling habit! I’m addicted. I have an illness.

TC-aI apologize for all the mess in the background. I was so happy that I remembered to take pictures… it didn’t occur to me that I should have had a better background. Oops.

The ladder is made out of cinnamon sticks, the string of popcorn is out of Styrofoam pieces and red beads. I did not make the red cardinals on the tree. I did a  happy dance in the craft store when I found them, because I was totally dreading making that many of the same thing.


The orange hearts and stars on the tree are cookie cutter’ed out of an orange peel and dried.




This little bugger is what started it all. I was trying to come up with my centerpiece idea when my son JJ asked me to make him a couple of critters and seeing this turtle gave him the idea of having a bunch of them around a tree! Yes… he has the same illness!





tc-naked bearsAnd then you have the naked bears for the name place holders.

It was funny that each one of them kind’a had their own personality! The one in the front was my first one, and the boys insisted that I keep that one!

tc-name/place holders

And here they are holding their new owners name! The garland was not glued down on the bears so that the beads could be changed to say “peace”, “love”, or “joy”… or whatever they want.




JJ, Sandy, Debra, Emily, Annette, Me (at about 6’3″- with 3″ heels!!), and Gerrit

Thank you to my friends who came and helped support Truly Christmas this year!

All my ladies did not make it into this photo. I let three of them go before I realized that I didn’t get a group shot. :0( Sorry Dee, Diann and Julia.


And thank you to my boys for showing the love of Christ and giving of yourselves to help others who are less fortunate.

It was a good program and dinner. I always enjoy the evening, and all the work I do to get ready for this is all because I love to make things… not because I have to have a newly decorated table each year. Like I said, I am addicted to it… and this is a good excuse reason to tell the husband, for making a grand mess and spending hours upon hours in my studio every evening and weekend!!


Hope you enjoyed seeing what has kept me so busy over the last month, and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section. The only thing I can not tell you is how long it took. Sorry, I know that is the one question everyone asks! But I choose not to keep track of my time because that makes it more like work! And I choose to think of it as “play”! (Plus the fact that I am up and down so much with this and that,  the kids, the phone… running in to stir something on the stove… I would need a tap stop watch or something!! (And that would be yucky.)

ta ta for now,



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