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It is soooo nice to just walk around the corner to do my laundry now!

Yes, I will still be using my pathetic old washer and dryer for awhile… but I don’t care! Look at this room!!!!!

I’m in hog heaven!

And just look at the size of this pantry.

Looks like I could store up enough food for these boys for a few days, eh?

No… still haven’t picked out paint yet. That is so hard for me since I like almost every color I see.

Dave and I have to keep pinching ourselves. Could our dream really be almost done? I think I might just faint when I get paint on the walls and get those windows cleaned up!

They have been working so late that I never got outside to get a picture of the outside of the garage. Of course it isn’t painted to match the house yet, but the siding is up.

See the doggie door to the left? No more propping the garage door up for Brutus and Jetta to get under! They now have a cozy bed under Dave’s workbench in the shop.

Still have plenty to do – but we are thrilled with it so far.

Was doing some laundry tonight and when I dropped a clean, wet, white shirt – going from the washer to the dryer – I didn’t have to utter a thing! Hurrah. 🙂

Off to bed now – have a full day of laundry catch-up tomorrow.






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The Plan(…er…my plan)

I have to clarify that this is my plan because we have experienced a few wrinkles in our unnaplanning. Dave and I have the same general idea in mind, but sometimes I will go one way in my mind on it and he will go another in his mind and then we discover, to our shock and horror, that we have a difference of opinion on something. Anyone else?

Anyhoo – my friend Sandy asked where the pantry went when I put the “new” hutch where it is. Because that is where the pantry lived. Well…. ah… well, its in the dinning room/class room. I know. I know. There wasn’t any room in there to begin with. But it’s temporary – you see? And here is the plan in which I referred.

The pantry is “wheeled” (and not without incident I might add!) into the dinning room and will “park” there until we get the garage turned into the mud room/laundry room – with a walk in pantry. 🙂 

See – I can deal with this…

… if I know that this…

is coming in the near future. Well, I don’t know how near it will actually be. See… that is another one of those – “in MY mind” vs. “in HIS mind” things! But I am confidant that it will happen as soon. Or fairly soon. Or at least this year. Okay… before the kids move out for sure.

Oh, and Dave figured out how to stack the virtual washer and dryer!






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Mud-Laundry Room

I’m so excited about this project that I can hardly stand it!

My “laundry room” now is a closet out in the garage with the washer and dryer in it. And they are hanging on for dear life – bless their cold steel hearts. But I refuse to get new ones until they can be in a cleaner and safer environment! Well… that time is getting very close.

Like I said in an earlier post, Dave got us a Home Designer program to mess with and come up with our final plan. This program is SO cool. Dave made our whole house on it. When you do a floor camera walk-through it looks totally like our house! Only virtual style.

It is a bit addicting. But I don’t worry too much about that, I usually change up my addictions now and then anyway…

Here are some of my designs so far. It’s hard to get the whole room in one shot, but you will get the jist. Oh, and there are some things that I just can’t get this program to do – like stack the washer and dryer – so you will only see the washer there. But just use your imagination and put the dryer on top of it!

Here is the floor plan. Soory it’s so small. I think you can click on it to have it come up a bit bigger.

This color is too dark for me – but Dave likes it. I am not sure of any colors yet – even for the cabinets. I just haven’t found anything that turns my cranks yet!

I’ll have a poll for you to take at the bottom of this post to see which colors you’all like better. Just run your mouse over the photo to see what the name of the paint color is.

Different angle. See the washer in the right hand corner?


 The white circles you see are recessed lights. And there are two hanging red pendant lights over the island.

Anyway… just some of the ideas we’ve got so far.

Now vote for your favorite color – out of these.

The poll application is still not working for me – so leave me a message with your vote.


Will keep you updated on the progress.




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