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I am so very sad. My favorite photo editing site is closing in April. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Piknic has been such a great help to me. They’ve made it easy to edit my pics and make them look interesting.

Now what am I going to do?

Anyone have any suggestions for another EASY editing site?

I don’t do a lot of photography, but I do enjoy it, and really enjoy editing them.

Please, give me some suggestions!




January 28, 2012 · 7:41 pm

After the Rain

A little “wet” photography by JJ and hi-d

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Random Sightings

Some random pictures I took this weekend with my little point & shoot.

Nutt’en special… just stuff I like!




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Oct.C 073-ab




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Telephoto Lens

Before my brother Rick left to go back home, he gave me some money and told me to go get a telephoto lens for my Nikon.


The next day, after I took him to the airport – I went to get the lens!


Even though I have much to post about… this one is just going to be some of the things I have shot in our yard with my new lens!

SeptJ 036-b

SeptJ 030-b

SeptJ 040-bc

SeptJ 037-b

SeptA 085-b

SeptA 097-b

SeptA 103-bA fascinating caterpillar!

I am very happy with my new lens Rick. Thanks a BUNCH!

More photos are waiting to be uploaded from my camera. Guess I better get off of here and get on it!




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Weekend in Review

Thank you to all of you who voted on Gerrit’s hair (-do)! He is very pleased that the majority was for him to have his own style. And I am fine with it too. Just so long as he keeps it clean… and he has continued to be good about that… so, “style” it is! ((sigh))

This has been a busy weekend. Dave came home from work sick on Thursday and is still not doing real good. I don’t remember the last time he was sick like this. It’s a head cold-headache type-miserable feeling kind-a thingy. My guess is that he will go to work tomorrow, even though he should stay home and work on finding his health. He’s not an easy sick person… but then who is? I know I hate being sick, so I understand his frustration. (Just whatever you do bub… keep it away from me!)

He missed getting to go to our friends house Saturday night for a cookout. Mr. J smoked chicken all day and it was GREAT! We were all sad that Dave missed out and I know he was very bummed.

Here are some photos of their property and the back of their house. It should really be in a magazine… it is just gorgeous out there. They built this house and have landscaped and worked on the grounds for many years now.

This is where I was when I took the Prom photos awhile back of their two daughters. Only the younger one was home this weekend, so I got a few shots of her too.

(Just having fun with the camera!)

Ouellettes5-16-09 085-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 004-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 002-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 005-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 089-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 009-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 046-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 063-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 066-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 084-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 019-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 096-b

And BV tried to convince us that she was “for real” with this big’ole B around her neck!! But she couldn’t stop smiling!! Didn’t buy it for a minute! She’s just not into “bling”!

Ouellettes5-16-09 094-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 107-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 109-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 106-b

Ouellettes5-16-09 113-b

Good times.




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Make-up & Photos

I was lucky enough to be asked to do theย make-up for my girlfriend Becky’s girls on Prom night!

It was SO fun. I love doing that. Years ago I did the make-up for another friends girls… and they are all grown up and far, far away from me now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  So this was real fun for me to get to do again!

After the make-up… I got to take pictures. And I am the first to admit… I know very little about photography, but I know what I like…





Beautiful subjects helped me I’m sure!

ย ย I could SO get into this photography thing.

I asked for a good camera for my birthday.

My husband asked, “which do you want more… a camera or a gun?”


That’s a tough one, but I know I would shoot the camera a whole heck-of-a-lot more than the gun, so I went with a camera!


This photo is in here for Sandy… to see my hair! Even though it is up… you can see that it looks fine girl!





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