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Just so Ya Know~

The last post with the photo of the swan was purposely made blurry – except for the very center of the picture. I did that. My camera is okay!

Had a few questions about that.

My bad.

I thought it was neat, but maybe not SO much of the blur next time!

Here is another shot of it without any blur done.

Oct.C 075-adj-1

And a closeup of the swan (with some blur).

Oct.C 065

This is a little lake in our area, but not in our neighborhood. (I wish!)

I had not ever seen the swans there before, so felt real lucky to get these photos.

Since my pond is nothing but a big mud pit that attracts frogs and bugs, and the dogs think is a big water bowl, I will have to visit little lakes and ponds like this for a while!

Oct.B 105(See how it’s kind’of heart shaped? Not on purpose… but cool – eh?)

Now that the leaves have covered the ground here and it will be cold now… I guess my “work” on the pond will have to wait for the winter to pass.

Life happens.





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The Pond… update… or lack-there-of really.

Yep, well… it hasn’t really moved forward on the “to do” list any… but when it rains (which isn’t very often lately) the bottom of the pond hole fills up with water and a cute toad comes to visit!

JulyC 007

Just yesterday a deer was in the pond looking for water. Poor little dear! They aren’t looking to good around here with it being very dry again this summer. Not much for them to eat or drink. We put out some water and throw any veggies or fruit out there that gets a little on the shriveled side! Not much help to the vast population I know… but for the one or two that visit our backyard on a regular basis I hope it helps some.

Imagine how fun it will be to look out my window and see all the wildlife, my turtle (Jerri), and the fish in that pond and at the same time it looks pretty too!! I can see it… I really can… off in the distance!

Yea… one of these days!

I believe it will be worth the wait.




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Nooooooo, the pond is not ready for all this rain!

So frustrated that I can’t get out there and work on the pond. More frustrating however is the fact that all this rain is slowly working dirt away from the sides and filling up the lower portion… again.


In the big scheme of things… as far as life goes… this is NOTHING. So I will be grateful for the rain and enjoy it like I usually do… and put the thoughts of more digging aside for today!

Today will be a pajama-and-blankie-on-the-couch day!

God is good to send us so much water when we need it!

(But if I only had the liner in the pond already it could be filling up with rain water! Ugg.)

It’s ok… I’m good, I’m good.



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