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More Snow Pictures

These photos are actually from Friday.

The boys love playing in all this snow, and I love watching it come down, but we would welcome warmer weather and springtime pollen any day now! This has been a pretty cold winter (relatively speaking that is).

Kiki had a great time. She would even try to catch the flakes as they came down!

JJ – always making something!

Harrison can find the fun in just about any kind of weather!

They say we will get another inch of snow tonight.




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The Wonderful White of Winter

The last time the Atlanta area got snow I was out in California surprising my big brother for his big birthday. But yesterday we got some more! It was beautiful. Although I am ready for spring – this was nice to see.

Snow ball fights, snowmen, flavored ice and then hot chocolate by the fire…




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Snow Day

Yes, Atlanta Georgia got quite a bit of snow on Sunday!

We had betweeen 4 & 5 inches at our place. It was beautiful coming down… big, big flakes.


march snow

Sunday turned out to be a fun day for the boys!

And Darren didn’t have to work that day so he got to be a part of the fun!


Harrison was playing over at the nighbors house, so he isn’t in any of the pictures. I didn’t think about that when I let him go… I just thought how fun for him to play with his friend in the snow! Now I wish I could have at least gotten one with him in it.


I haven’t been feeling real well, so I didn’t get out there much with them, but enjoyed watching the process of the snowman and taking pictures. I also made a BIG pot of homemade hot chocolate for them for when they came in!

It was a great day! Actually, two days! (Sunday and Monday)

A girlfriend called and told me that I put the tulips on my blog header a little prematurely!!

Oh well…

The March snowman-09




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