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Big Flakes

We woke up this morning to snow flakes gently floating down from space into a quiet morning!

It was beautiful.

Although nothing stuck to the ground for very long – it was just such a beautiful sight.

Lulu stayed out in it for some time… she seemed quite excited by those big snow flakes.

Kiki also enjoyed the falling snow. I got a little bit of her on video trying to catch some!

It was all very entertaining for a while.

Now, at 2:30 in the afternoon, it is sunny but chilly.

I’ve almost finished painting the pantry. Just have a little of the white gloss trim left to do and then we can begin to move in the food shelves! I can’t wait to get that all done.

The rest of the room (the laundry/mud part) hasn’t gotten any paint on the walls yet, but I hope to get that done by this weekend. Even though it isn’t painted yet… we did get some progress in there this week! Take a look at what I can’t believe we have now.

I have enjoyed doing the wash this week more than ever!

I have to tell you a funny little story about this washer and dryer, and the boys. There is great interest in the laundry as a chore now… it has been shunned by all of them except JJ – who enjoys it like me! Now, all of the sudden, the other two want in on this lovely chore. Yesterday afternoon, when I called the boys upstairs to take care of a few things for me, Harrison asked if he could do some wash. I told him he could bring up their dirty clothes and sort the stuff, but that it’s all been done and so there won’t be much in the hamper to do. Well, he lugged up the hamper and sorted the clothes into three tiny little piles and then asked me to come show him how to wash it in the new washer.

Well, I was in the middle of my painting… and was down on the floor working on the shoe moulding… not real comfortable and not in the greatest of moods and so I told him to wait until tomorrow to learn how to use the washer. He begged for me to just come and show him how because he really wanted do the wash! I snapped and raised my voice, “Harrison, just go and play – I will show you how to work the washer tomorrow. You don’t need to do it NOW.”

Can you believe me? What an idiot. Here is an 8-year-old boy who wants to learn how to do the wash… finally… and I blow him off.

A little bit later, after I had finished my painting (for the day) I called Harris up and apologized for raising my voice and snapping at him. He smiled and said he forgave me and that he looked forward to learning how to use it tomorrow. So sweet. Oh… and he did remind me today that we had that chore together! And he did great. He said as he pushed a button to start the machine, “Mom… this is like SO high-tech… what will the washers in the future be like?” 

I say this IS the future. (for me!)

Now if only he will still want to do the wash after the excitement of the new machines wears off! He can wash his own baseball uniform this season. 🙂

Anyway, things are coming along, slow but sure.




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Brain Drain

Yep… it’s that time again… I’ve gotten so far behind I think I see my rear end ahead of me!

So I’ll try to catch up here with some of the highlights of the past week or so.


Harrison is back into the baseball practice grind. It’s been extra difficult this week with the temps in the upper 20’s and low 30’s during practice time. (I am a wimp and spend most of the two hours at the field in the car!) Poor kids. He was a “Harry-Pop” when they got done.

I did purchase some under armor clothing for him to wear under his uniform and that was not only expensive, but quite the ordeal to get on him!! He fussed and fussed about it being waaaaaaaay toooooooo tight and that he was going to be waaaaay toooooo hot out there…etc. I MADE him wear it all and off we went. He didn’t even grab a jacket because he was SURE he would be too hot and probably “die because of these tight clothes”! I grabbed his coat and after fussing most of the way down to the field (which takes about 20 min.) he gets out of the car, feels the chilly wind, turns to me with a sheepish grin and asks for his jacket. Of course I can not let it go without a good tease (and to rub it in that I, not little 8 year old he,  knows what is best!), so I say, “What? What’s that I hear??? You want a WHAT? Oh… it couldn’t be that you’d want a…a…a  jacket could it?? No, that just couldn’t be… could it?” He hates that… as do I… and yet I can’t help it.

Then to top all that off – when we got home he didn’t want to take those tight under armor clothes off!!! That kid. UGH.

Today it was quite a bit warmer and he enjoyed it more, but acquired a real bad headache before practice was over so we left 10 minutes early. Dehydrated? I don’t know… I hope that’s all it was, but he is lying low tonight.

My Owie:

Got my stitches out on Tuesday and although it feels less tight – it is still ugly and hurts. The doc said it will be MUCH better in about a month. Okay. I’ll wait.

The Mud/Laundry Room:

Yea… sorry… nothing really new here… it’s taped up and waiting for a layer of paint that I just haven’t yet had a chance to put on! And all of you who know me know that I LIKE to paint… so it’s not like I’m putting it off because of dread! Just not enough time in the day. But it will happen and when it does you will get a photo. Until then… just try to guess what color I went with!

Home Schooling:

Well, we have been studying Music and learning more songs on the piano. They can each play two songs pretty well, with a third one in the works. I am excited about a new hymn book we received in the mail today. It is easy music and we should be able to learn several of those songs fairly quickly. I like to learn tunes that I recognize or can even “sing” to.

Spelling Bee:

Gerrit entered the spelling bee at our churches school this week and he came in second place! He is eligible to go on to the next event that is in North Atlanta in two weeks. It is a big one and the prize is 100 dollars. He entered the bee to raise money for Haiti, and since he didn’t get as much as he wanted (by coming in second) he said he would move on to the next event so he has another chance at making more m00lah to send to Haiti!

We were very proud of him. He was spelling words that I couldn’t even pronounce – let alone spell!!

(Gerrit was the only one this tall – so the mike was low for the other kids and he had to bend over to talk in it. 😦 But he didn’t seem to mind.)


My Grandmother passed away this last Friday. It wasn’t unexpected. Just sad. Sad that she had alienated herself so long ago from almost all of us who loved her the most. She died virtually alone, angry and bitter. Just so sad.

Now I pray that my mom finds some kind of peace and can go on knowing that, throughout her life, she did her very best to make her mom happy. It was a difficult task and one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. My mom can now relax and enjoy the rest of her life without that kind of pressure on her.


Okay… let me lighten this up with a few more photos from our snow days!!

(The kids helped me title them.)

‘White Blanket’

‘The Snow Gallows’

‘Snow Ball’

The snow is gone now… as I too must go.






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More Snow Pictures

These photos are actually from Friday.

The boys love playing in all this snow, and I love watching it come down, but we would welcome warmer weather and springtime pollen any day now! This has been a pretty cold winter (relatively speaking that is).

Kiki had a great time. She would even try to catch the flakes as they came down!

JJ – always making something!

Harrison can find the fun in just about any kind of weather!

They say we will get another inch of snow tonight.



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The Wonderful White of Winter

The last time the Atlanta area got snow I was out in California surprising my big brother for his big birthday. But yesterday we got some more! It was beautiful. Although I am ready for spring – this was nice to see.

Snow ball fights, snowmen, flavored ice and then hot chocolate by the fire…




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While I Was Gone

This is what I missed while I was visiting foggy California.

It’s still very cold here and there are patches of snow still remaining in the yard.

I also missed out on the drama of Wild Man Harrison poking a stick into his eye. Thankfully he will be okay and no permanent damage was done. But apparently it was quite the painful event.




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