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Truly Christmas Centerpiece #2

This particular centerpiece was inspired from where our proceeds were going this year. We found out that the Red Cross has pulled out of Coweta County – due to lack of funds – and so the fire department was raising money for an Emergency Fund to replace what the Red Cross would do. The money we raised this year at Truly Christmas will all go to that fund.

So, I thought it fitting that we have some of the women firefighters and some EMT’s or even some firefighters wives here for the Truly Christmas event. Sadly, it didn’t work out for any of them to make it. The singing group, that came from Tennessee for us, sat there… so someone got to enjoy it. But I was VERY bummed that we didn’t have any firefighters.

The figures are all sculpted out of Super Sulpy clay, baked, painted and sealed. Baby Jesus’ face is from a mould. The base is a wooden plate that I bought at Michael’s Craft store. I drilled five holes in it for the acrylic rods to go threw. I needed them to poke out the bottom so that I could light up the rods. The rods take light up to the star, and in the star is one LED light that shines right down on Jesus.

I painted and sealed the wooden base, painted the bottom part of a hat box and glued the wooden base to the upside-down painted hat box.

(I am SO NOT good at taking pictures of my projects along the way. 😦 )

Remember… you can click on any photo to see it bigger.

Here are a couple of shots of it in the dark. I had to put it in the bathroom and set up my tripod to get the full effect of the star and rays of light.

It may make its way to the firefighters after all. Will keep you posted.




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Sharing The Love…

…and I do mean love!

I love everything about this… this thing I’m going to tell you about. I love that my son loves it. I love that we can do it together. I love that he takes after me (in many ways – bless his poor little heart). I love the colors. I love the process. I love the feel of them, and I love the fact that I can share them with you!

More of JJ’s creations.

I love them.

Did I already mention that? Sorry. But I just do.

This boy has so much fun sculpting them. He is so intent. Then he carefully bakes them. The painting part is harder for him because he’s very colorblind, but with help from mom and little brother (the only one of the boys who is NOT colorblind), he gets the right jars of paint. He does ask for assistance from me to paint the eyes on most of the characters, and I am more than happy to help! Because… like I said… I love them! And him!

It’s fun, rewarding, and thrilling to watch him work.

Here are all 25 he’s done so far.




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JJ’s Creations

As I mentioned in an earlier post, whenever JJ “helped” me with the clay mice, he’d end up making his own little creations instead of actually making the stink’en mice! Now that I’m all done with them, and I had some extra clay… I’m letting him loose with it. Here are some of his creations.

Now let me first tell you that these creatures are not original. He has copied these characters from games and stuff. He has pictures of these by him as he sculpts them. And I did help him with attaching some of the appendages – and did some of the painting. But he did the majority of it.

He makes up games for he and his brothers to play, and they use all these wonderful little guys (and more) plus he has made dice, and other “items” for you to collect in the game. It’s so neat to hear them laughing and playing together down in the den… and knowing that they are using their creativity too! Gott’a love it!

 Some of you may know this blue guy… Sonic the Hedgehog.

This little cutie is Olimar.

And the pink dude is Kirby.

That’s all I know. I’ve seen them for years around here… but couldn’t really tell you what games or whatever they’re from!

I am so looking forward to whatever it is that JJ is going to become! I’m sure it will be something creative. If not an artist, then maybe a chef. He does still enjoy cooking. And really enjoys watching the cooking channel with me! 🙂 Good times!





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More With Mice

So… now that you have your mice (or whatever you’ve molded out of clay) cooked, it’s time to paint the little cuties. Well, I usually glue on the magnet at this point, as it helps me hold the little dudes while I paint. It’s up to you. I use E600 glue. I like it… I like-it-a-lot! (But it is a bit noxious… so glue and then leave the room!)

Oh! I found the site that I ordered the mold from. It’s at Mad About Molds. But there are a lot of neat molds out there if ya google it.

I use regular acrylic craft paint for this. Use a metallic silver for the thimble part. I had to put two coats of that color on. You wouldn’t have to really… but I’m just particular that way. I thought it looked better with two. (I’m one of those “more is better” kind’a people!)

In the beginning, I painted the ears and cheeks with a pink paint… but later learned that watering down the red (same as the bow) looked better.

I also painted the lines on the mouth in some of the earlier mice – but soon learned that I could save a whole lot of time by not doing that. And they still looked fine.

The eyes, nose and claws were all done with black and were – no doubt – the hardest part. Once I got into a groove, it went along pretty well. Just takes practice and patience.

In this photo you see some of the white ones up at the top. That was with white clay – but the softer kind – so they were much harder to make. Also, I still had to put a coat of white on them anyway since I didn’t think the bare white clay was white enough.  You can also see that these were done with the pink ears and cheeks.

I am much happier with the last 200 mice than the first 100… but I’m not about to do those over!

Okay… last step. The Sculpy gloss glaze. This is just to seal it and make it shiny. You notice that I didn’t use it on the mouse at all. I wanted him to look furry (sorta) rather than shiny. (Although, in the beginning I was glossing the whole thing. So, personal preference here for sure.) I did put a dot of gloss on his nose!

Word of caution… this gloss will gunk up your brush. I washed mine out with soap and water each time I used it, and it still got stiff. DON’T use your favorite brush for this. However, using a cheap one may be frustrating to get good, smooth coverage, and may also leave hairs in your glaze. I used a fairly decent brush and just chalked it up to charity! It’s one of those things you are just going to have to decide for yourself.

This glaze is air dry. I did mine before I went to bed so that the mice were ready to pack up and put away in the morning. I haven’t had any problems with them at all. Just make sure you are using fresh gloss. Not one you’ve had in the back of your craft closet for years! (learned that the hard way last year. 😦 )

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed taking the mouse magnet journey with me. I do encourage you to try it. It’s fun – and they make great little gifts. And the kids might like to make them too. JJ helped me work on them some… but he’s got a creative mind of his own and more often than not, he would create his own little creature instead of a mouse! Then I had to stop what I was doing and take a picture of it!! He’s a nut.

Okay, now for the giveaway. Leave me a comment telling me about a craft project you are working on, a favorite project you’ve done, or why you don’t do crafts 🙂 and I will have a drawing from the comments on Monday (Nov. 15). (Only one comment per person please.) There will be three winners. Each one will receive a personally signed, little Christmas Mouse magnet of their very own.

Also, if you have any questions about this clay craft – feel free to ask! I may not know the answer… but, please… ask! 🙂

Good luck,




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Cooking Mice

I know… SICK. Hu?


Fortunately for you AND me, I don’t mean real mice.


But as promised, I am going to show you how to make the infernal mice that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks. These pesky little critters that have had me tied up in knots and then seeking relief at the chiropractor several times a week. These cute little buggars, that I have loved – hated, and hope I finish real soon, then never see again!

The Christmas Mouse Magnet

How To Mold Mice…

Here is a list of supplies:

a clay mold

clay (super sculpy)

clay sculpting tools

an old dull paring knife

a (cheap) soft artists brush

a cookie sheet (lined with foil)

a peanut butter jar (or something similar)


acrylic craft paint

small paintbrushes

Sculpy gloss glaze


First of all, you’ll need to purchase a clay mold. Or… if your real handy, you can make your own.  I will try that next time, but didn’t do that here with the mice. I ordered the mold at……………..  Shooot. I can’t find it. I will let you know where I found that mold as soon as I can find my recipt.

Then you’ll need to purchase clay. I found out the hard way that not all clay is equal! My preference is unequivocally this stuff…


I started these mice off using regular sculpy. But, it was so soft that it made getting them out of the mold killer. So much of my time was wasted reshaping them with my tools. So, when I ran out of the softer sculpy, I tried this Super Sculpy and LOVED IT. It was SO much easier to work with and went much, much faster.

In addition, you will need some clay tools. Now… I’ve used random things from around my house before… so no worries if you don’t have these. Just find stuff that will work! I can now afford to make my life a little easier and purchase what I need, so I did! (It also makes everyone else around here less stressed out, by recognizing that mom is using a specific tool, instead of always wondering if they are eating with something I’ve used on a project!)

Here are my “must have’s” on this project.

 A clay sculpting tool of some sort, preferably, that is arched and then flat on the end. An old, dull paring knife, and a soft bristled brush.

Here are some more tools that I found useful, but not necessary.

 These soft points are on one end… 

…and these nifty balls are on the other. Great for smoothing inside the little rodents ears and up in some corners!

 So… let’s start.

As you can see… I’ve spread out on the dinningroom table. So much for eating at the table for next few weeks!

First take your soft brush and dust the inside of your mold with cornstarch. You will need to do this each time you make one. Trust me… you will remember to do it after you’ve forgotten to a time or two!

Then tap the mold (upside down) to get out all the loose cornstarch.

Okay, now take about as much clay you think you’ll need to fill up your mold. (See how I have several balls, the right size, already made and ready to go up there? Thank you Papa & Sandy!) Warm it up in your hands and make it into a nice smooth ball. Now brush a nice thin layer of cornstarch over the part of your ball that will be going into the mold first. 

Now, push it into the mold. Make sure it is pressed all the way down to the bottom corners of your mold.

Get it in there nice and even.

If it’s too thick, you may have to shave off some excess clay. Here’s where your handy-dandy-old-dull paring knife comes in. 

Smooth out the clay and bring the edges in to as close to the edges of the mold as possible.

Now, take an extra piece of clay, and push it onto a corner of your molded clay. Then pull up quickly. (If you are human, this may take some practice! But you will get it!)


Next, place your molded clay on the lid of your jar. (*** don’t use a painted lid like the blue one I am using in the photo… it got specks of blue paint in my clay. Or cover it with foil.***) 😦

Use your paring knife as a spatula if you need to.

The reason for the jar is so that you can turn it and tilt it however you need to, without having to stand on your head! But, you will need to anchor the little guy to the jar… so, do this by smooshing the excess clay (around the edge of the mouse) to the jar lid. 

 Like so…

 How well attached it is will always depend on how much excess clay you have to work with. It’s nice to have not much excess to trim… but at the same time… there isn’t much to hold it down for what you do have to trim. Small quandary.

Tip: Another good reason for the jar (vs. a plate or something) is that you can keep your extra clay in it.

 Now go on ahead and trim the excess clay from around the molded piece.

Smooth as necessary and make any other adjustments to your piece that are needed.

TIP: I keep a lump of extra clay (stuck to the table) so that I can just wipe what I’ve extracted onto it and it comes off my tool nicely.

Now, I usually had to brush some of the cornstarch off my molded clay. You may or may not need to do this step. It is fine to leave it if you will be painting the whole piece. (It can be brushed off after cooking too.)

Okay, when you are done trimming and smoothing, take your paring knife (or spatula) and gently slide it under your piece to get it off the jar lid. Then place it onto a foil lined cookie sheet.

Bake according to directions on the box of clay you’re using.

I will have to post the next steps in making these little mice at a later date. I’ve been on here long enough for one day. And I do have several mice to finish before I can start bagging them for the special event!

But just so ya know… I will be holding a drawing soon, and three of you will be receiving a little Christmas mouse to adorn your fridge! Stay tuned for more info.


Happy Mice Cooking…



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