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A Little Beach Time

We were given the opportunity to stay at a friend’s beach house over on Tybee Island this last week. It was kind of a last-minute trip, and we couldn’t all be there for the whole time, but it was wonderful to get away for a while.

The boys and I headed down on Monday, and Dave and our friends, Matt & Amy (and baby girl) came down in the middle of the week.

It wasn’t long enough, it never is, but grateful for what we got!

Of course I couldn’t keep Harrison out of the water for very long! That little beach monkey.

These two are just best buds.

One day I hope we can get a picture of all four of the boys on the beach again. It’s been a long time since Darren has been with us at the beach.

And when we weren’t at the beach, there was a lot of tree climbing!

This big beautiful tree was in the backyard of the beach house.

I even got in on some of that!

Then, of course, there were more trees to be climbed at the park!

Not many of Harrison climbing trees… I couldn’t keep up with him! Until he jumped off the railing at the house and sprained his ankle. Then his climbing was slowed WAY down. 😦

Isn’t this Live Oak tree just gorgeous? I want one in my backyard.

Harrison’s getting very interested in helicopters lately. He is thinking he might like to pilot them for a career. He got a kick out of seeing all of them flying over the island. There is a coastguard base nearby, apparently.

 We also a little geocaching. 

On our last morning there, some of us got up early to take a walk on the beach.

This is my favorite time of day on the beach!

 My soon-to-be-eleven year old baby. 


 After awhile, the husband came ambling on out to the beach holding his cup of coffee. Cheater. There is a strict rule that no one gets coffee before The Morning Walk when there are that many of us… or we’d never get out the door!! We were cranky with him, however, jealous of his cup’a joe.

Amy & I. 

This was Baby Girls first time walking on the beach!

As we were walking along, JJ called me to come with the camera. This is what he saw. It looked just like a rock to me, but as I got closer… I saw that it was…


…horseshoe crab.

It was SO cool! So prehistoric looking.

I had to show the boys what it looked like underneath there. And yes… it was alive.

I need to google and find out a little more about them, but that tail… if it doesn’t sting ya, it sure looked scary enough to keep most from finding out!

It was a good week.

A big thank you to Becky & Jarrett for letting us stay at their house!




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Frantic Friday Post!

No time… I’m late… I’m late… for a very important date…

I think the windy weather and barometric pressure change is causing something in my brain to short out!

It’s a crazy day… and so I’ll just post a beach picture!


Sure looks good, doesn’t it?

I could easily be persuaded to go back… today even!

It was just so peaceful there.

Okay… It’s all good.





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Lobster Legs and Sea Monkeys

It seems that no matter how bad someone gets sun burned the year before, and no matter what precautions I try to take, someone always ends up burned. This year it was Daddy! Poor guy. Somehow forgot to get it on his legs on the first day at the beach. They were so bad that they remained bright red the whole time. They still look bad.

The second day he had to cover up with a towel, but didn’t stay out at the beach very long.


Sea Monkeys:  little children who dance around and play in the ocean surf; next to impossible to get them out; have an obsession with the beach; continually ask “when are we going to the beach?” almost every moment they are NOT at the beach; only stop when they are raw and bleeding from the sand rash between their legs.

 I have one. His name is Harrison.











and my favorite shot…



He’s a Sea Monkey all right!

Hours in the surf. Hours I tell you…

The great thing for me is that while watching one of my favorite people play, I get to see the ocean (one of my favorite places) AND sit and talk with another one of my favorite people! That is just the best of all worlds!

By the way… those UV blocking shirts are WONDERFUL!! I highly recommend them. No sunburned shoulders for my two fair skinned kids this year. I can’t tell you enough how much I like them. I only wish I would have gotten one for the “golden boy” too. Doctor said even though he tans easily… he should still be blocked from the UV’s.

I better get going… I am still unpacking and getting sand out of stuff!

Stay tuned for more – hopefully tomorrow.

So much to tell… so little time to do it!













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