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My Movie Crew

JJ has a birthday this next week. He will be sixteen years old. (boo hoo… can’t be…) However, we celebrate his birthday in October when not as much is going on. He chose to do this, several years ago, because he was sick of his birthday celebration being so close to Christmas and his big brothers birthday. He wanted to open presents more than once a year like everyone else! Couldn’t blame him. So we moved it! We call it his “still __ birthday party”. (Fill in the blank with whatever age his still is!)

Well, this past “Still 15 Party” he wanted to have his friends over and film a movie. That was it. He told me that I could provide food and his regular “doughnut” cake, but not to plan anything else for them. Hey… easy!


So… had a house full of boys for about 24 hours, and this is what became of it.


JJ is the guy behind it all, but he would NOT want me to make it sound like it’s all about him. He LOVES to come up with little movies, has a gift for working the camera, likes to be behind the camera, and enjoys the pants off of editing… but he couldn’t do any of it if he didn’t have his brothers and buddies as actors. So, he is always quick to point out that it is a team effort.

Just before he posted the Hostages video, he and Guy made this little gem.

A Day in Minecraft

Now, I was doubly impressed with this one because not only was it JJ’s first attempt at adding animation to a film, Guy did the music for it! (I am so proud of them… even if I don’t always get the subject of the movie.) 🙂

Then a few weeks ago they filmed this one on a Saturday afternoon/evening at a friend’s house.

Power Level Too High?

I have already gotten on them for having my baby say one line that I am not happy about. Of course they all think I am over reacting… and that’s fine… it’s my job!

They have a great time making these movies, and JJ spends a lot of time editing them. I am very proud of my boys and all their friends that help out. They are a good bunch of boys.

Their You Tube channel is Trippin Lion Studios. In case you haven’t seen Friendly Fire or Wolf and Lance (the latter being a 24 minute movie that took them a whole year to make.) A “like” or comment would be wonderfully encouraging to them. Thanks!





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As My Planet Turns

Yes. I have noticed that I am not the most consistent blogger on the planet. I’m not the most consistent cook, artist, teacher or mom either. But hey… I do the best I can with what I’ve got!

A lot has taken place over here in our neck of the woods in the past couple of months. Let’s see if I can briefly hit on most of them.

Okay, I’ve already updated you on the new kittens. They continue to make us go “awe!”. In fact, the boys keep saying that “there should be some sort of cap on cute – because these two little babies are going to kill us with cuteness!” In fact, one is sitting on my lap as I type, making it difficult to concentrate!

But here goes.

Mentally, it has been a very dark and sad summer for me. But physically – and as far as everyone else goes – it has been filled with activities and good times.

At the end of June, Harry got to go to summer camp with his best friend. He had a blast!



In early July, Guy & JJ filmed their first wedding! They did a pretty good job – for not ever having done it before. They learned a lot, and this could turn out to be a great side job for both of them. Thanks Jake and Cassie for giving them the opportunity!


Oh, and I also got to do a little artsy stuff by making these Pikachu grooms cake topper for Jake and Cassie. Fun.

Next, I took five teenagers to Helen, Georgia for a long weekend full of tubing, zip-lining, and card games! We had a great time and lots of awesome memories.


(and yes… JJ really is that much taller than the rest of them! Guy – in the white shirt – is 6′ 1″ and 17 years old. And JJ is 6′ 61/2″  and is only 15 years old.) :O



Right after that, Guy got his drivers license!


I was all excited and happy for him until the first time he took off in the car with his two younger brothers… then I freaked out! WAIT!!! NOOOOOOO.


(Here they are leaving the house for the first time – alone – in Papa’s Cadillac. The Caddy is now; the boys car.)

I am working hard on getting used to all of this. Truly I am.

On the 24th of July, I took the five teens to Atlanta to attend a Meet & Greet for Olan Rogers. They were SO excited! We waited in line for 6 hot hours. (I must really love these kids!) But let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. This Olan Rogers is one special guy! Okay, okay… I was excited to meet him too!

He has become a YouTube celebrity in the last few years. My boys started watching his stuff when he was part of Balloon Shop – doing films with his friends – just like my boys do. He has now taken his filming to a new level, and done very well. But that is not the only reason I like him. I like him because he is a decent guy. A good role model for my boys. I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t curse or demean others to gain popularity. He doesn’t need to. He is funny and talented… and oh those dimples!! What a cutie! His mama should be very proud of him.


He took his time with each and every person that came to see him, (hence the 6 hour line – which for him was a 9 hour line!) and was willing to let you take pictures, ask questions and he even recorded a short video for some of the kids that wanted to come with us but couldn’t! His whole team was awesome and I was truly impressed.

He just finished up his Eat-a-Slice-with-Me tour, you should google him and find his website – it’s worth a read. Oh, here… I’ll give you the link to his YouTube channel. Just click here. He’s one of the good guys. I am very glad that he is out there for my boys to look up to and aspire to become like. What a silly, funny, crazy, kind, thoughtful, great guy! (My Dad would have loved him.)


Stay true to yourself Olan! Don’t let the world change you. You keep changing the world!

And speaking of filming… we had a few extra boys at our house this past weekend, and so it was an opportune time for them to film another movie. Thanks to some good friends that let us use their house while they were gone – the boys finished it up and JJ is now in the editing stages. I look forward to seeing it. If you care to go see what they have already done in the past, you can go to http://www.youtube.com/user/TrippinlionStudios

Well, we started our new year of school this week. Guy is now a Senior, JJ a Sophomore, and Harrison in the 7th grade. I am praying that we have a good and productive year. It is off to a good start despite my recent depression and regular panic over my job as teacher!


There was a whole lot of other neat stuff happening around and in between all of this, but you, nor I, have the time to hit on it all! These were the highlights, and since I just don’t seem to be able to be consistent with blogging, highlights is how I’ll have to roll!

Until next time…



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Wolf and Lance

I am a little late in posting this, but better late than never!

Here is the link to the boys long-awaited movie WOLF AND LANCE.

We are very proud of them for their dedication and diligence in the making of this. They all worked long and hard on it, and none more than JJ.

Hope you enjoy it, and leave them some positive feedback.




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