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Truly Christmas 2013

We had our annual Truly Christmas event last night at our church. It turned out wonderful. Good food, good people and good music! The group that came to play for us was called Purely Acoustic. Three sisters who truly have a love for and the gift of music. It was a blessing to listen to them.


I haven’t heard yet how much we raised last night, but our charity’s this year were One Roof and PTC Women’s Ministry. The Women’s Ministry makes heart shaped pillows for breast cancer patients. They supply several hospitals in our area.

My three youngest boys were servers once again, along with their dad. The boys fuss about it a little right before we have to head to the church, (I think it’s more about having to wear those ties! LOL!) but once there, they are happy and pleasant. Plus, they enjoy any bit of time they can have with their friends.



They immediately head into “help” mode when it is over and help me gather my stuff, load the car, and assist anyone else they see that needs it. (I think it’s mostly so we can get out of there and go home quicker, but… it’s still helpful!) I thank them profusely for helping me out with the event on the way home, and they seem happy that they did it.

Guy and JJ started serving when they were 7 & 8 (I believe), so this is old-hat to them. This sure helps them out if they ever decide to wait tables for pay! Harrison didn’t get to start until he was 11, but this was his second year and he got to team up with his best friend Tucker. They did a great job.

My only regret (and it seems that it is this every year) is, not getting enough pictures. So busy greeting people and making sure everything is going well, that I don’t get to think about what I might want in a picture later. 😦

At least I got these.

DSC_0255 (2)


I only ended up having to make one snowman. And THANK GOODNESS! I never would have gotten them both done. It was a long and tedious process. A great medium for smaller projects, but just too much for something this size. Here is where I got the recipe Paper Mache Clay. Then I painted him white, sprinkled white glitter all over him, and finished it up with Mod Podge sealer. It’s heavy.



The snowman looked pretty good on the stage, but ended up being kind of hidden with the various instruments of the musicians. Ahh well, Frosty will be there through December, so he will get lots of stage time!

Here are the 300 ornaments in baskets ready to pass out at the end of the evening. I did not have to tie all the red bows and stars on them. A special thanks to the other ladies that did that part! And a thank you to Becky and Branndan for helping fill them.

Learned how to do these here.



I pulled my cabin out of retirement this year. Dusted it off, patched it up and fixed the little smoke motor in the chimney. Oh, and I got some hot chocolate scented smoke oil for it. Smelled wonderful!



Can you see the smoke coming up the chimney?



Mailbox on the cabin centerpiece

I had a nice group of ladies at my table and enjoyed the evening very much.


Good times, great friends!


Next year I will not be on the TC committee, so will have more time to spend in my studio making a new centerpiece. I am SO looking forward to that! 🙂

(Update on the studio progress coming soon.)


My hair! I did an up-do deal. I had to watch about 4 tutorials to even attempt it. But for my first one… I think it came out okay.


Now to clean up my messes and get ready for Thanksgiving! So grateful it went well and that it is over. 🙂

Maybe now I could hibernate through the rest of the winter. Please?





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Mean Girls

It’s been gloomy and wet around here lately. Not much sun, and the yard is like a muddy marsh.

I still let my chickens out to free-range every day, even in the rain! They love it.

{My RIR’s}

My only problem with them lately, is that after introducing 6 new birds into the flock, and waiting the expected week of “adjustment”, they are still not really getting along to well.

The Golden Laced Wyandotte are beautiful birds, just mean. And the other three “mixed” birds are so scared that they pretty much stay hunkered down in the coop until the rest of them leave to free-range, and then they can come out of hiding to eat and drink. I hate that for them.

{the mean girls}

Most of all, I hate that my original Rhoad Island Red girls get chased around and pecked on by the Wyandottes (aka: mean girls), and I’m ready to just take those mean girls out and ring their necks.

Today, I’ve seen some slight signs that they are MAYBE getting used to each other, but my little RIR’s still run from the Wyandotts if they come close.

The only exception to all of this mayhem, is the single Buff Orpington from my original four hens. I’ve always said she was dumb as a rock, but, at least she is big… and she can go where she wants – when she wants. Everyone leaves her alone or accepts her scratching for grub along with them. She really is something to see. So big and beautiful. Dumb… but maybe she’s faking it. She sure seems to know how to get along with others!

{“Bonnie” my Buff Orpington}

The mean girls are actually laying eggs, so it’s all the more hard to want to get rid of them. Am I going to have the same problem with any other hens I bring in to replace them?

{Henrietta, who follows me around!}

These things I just don’t know.

And it frustrates me.

I lay awake and think of ways to make it work out for all of them…

but in the morning,

I’m still at a loss.

For now… I wait… and watch. I’ve told myself, that if by the end of this week things aren’t considerably better… they will have to go. (the mean girls that is.)

Ahmi kitty’s leg has healed, and she is no longer limping. Yaaay! We still don’t know what the problem was. After x-rays and a thorough exam, the doc couldn’t detect anything wrong. Although, just a while ago I witnessed her going after some squirrels again. 😦 So, it’s only a matter of time before she gets into trouble again. She has brought us two shrews, 4 lizards and countless large bugs lately. And she’s bound and determined to bring us a squirrel! A hunter is just who she is!

She’s just so cute!

Homeschooling is going well lately. We’ve gotten a lot done and I’m very proud of the boys for their positive attitudes. They seem to like the new schedule, and, for the most part, don’t give me much “heck” about what’s expected of them.

JJ has been cooking with me everyday (as one of his classes) and although I sometimes wonder about his “passion” for it, he has been learning a lot of new techniques. And he is so funny that we usually have a great time.

He made homemade pasta sauce today for lunch. We roasted the veggies, and meanwhile, let the sauce cook down for a while. Then added the roasted veggies & processed with an immersion blender. (I love those things!) It was a bit on the spicy-hot side for me… but a big hit with all the boys.

After I discovered that little canning jars work on the blender, the boys have been making lots of healthy blender drinks for themselves. They actually asked me to get TWO bunches of bananas the last time I went to the store! I love it because they can blend and drink out of the same container – and I don’t have to clean the big’ole glass blender container AND glasses every time. NICE.

{Harrison added the umbrella for your viewing pleasure! “Because it’s a special drink!”}

Gerrit got his eyes checked last week, and I am ashamed to say that he desperately needed glasses! The poor kid. He’s been saying that he thought he needed them for quite some time, but I just kept putting it off. Now I feel bad that I waited so long. He really did need them!

He chose to start off with contacts and has been very diligent with them. He’s my (almost) OCD child, so he is great about washing his hands and taking care of the contacts. He is getting used to sticking his fingers in his eyes, and say’s it’s worth the trouble to be able to see so good after they’re in!

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of joining some other ladies on our Truly Christmas Committee to present the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) with a check for three thousand dollars! What a good feeling that was! We had a great turn out this year for our Truly Christmas event and since we raised the price of the dinner by five dollars a plate, we actually made money this year! We have had the same price for 13 years without an increase.

Well, I can’t believe that I’m out of time already, but I must get back to work and start some dinner. The boys turn into scary monsters if not fed regularly!




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Truly Christmas Centerpiece #1

This year I made two new centerpieces. One was more of an assembly type deal, and the other one was definitely hand-made through and through. I also had another table that I used my “Woodland Christmas” scene on from 2008.

The centerpiece that I made for my first table was a giant snow globe. Well, that was the intent. (It resembled one anyway.)

It was “assembled” by first finding and buying a large round vase. It looks kind’of like a big fish bowl.

Then I constructed a base in which to glue my pieces for the snow-globe “scene”. I bought a round piece of wood that would fit nicely down in the bottom of the bowl. It doesn’t have to fit exactly, but you don’t want it hitting too high up on the sides of the vase. You want all the weight distributed as evenly and as low as possible. Don’t want your vase breaking and going all over the table! That would be very unfortunate. 😦

I painted the base with several coats of white paint, sprinkled with glitter and sealed it at least two times. You want a good indoor/outdoor sealant – so it can withstand a while in the water.

Then, I drilled a hole in, approximately, the middle of the piece of wood to insert (and glue) a small tree. I had found a nice looking plastic deer and two fawns, a tree stump with three squirrels on it, and glued them all down on the wood. Use a waterproof glue. I use E6000. It’s potent… so open a window – or get silly – whatever you prefer.

I sealed all of it again. Even the deer and tree. (spray sealed the tree before I glued it in.)

Now, I bought several bottles of Aqua Gems, Water Gels or whatever brand you have at your local craft store. They are in the floral department and look like a bottle of clear marbles. They are actually, clear (or you can buy colored  ones) little balls of gel. They feel neat. But the best part is that when you add water to them… they virtually disappear! Thus… enabling you to suspend items in your “snow globe”.

What did I need to suspend, you ask? How about SNOW or glitter! It is a snow globe after all! Anyway, just sprinkle away and watch the glitter fall onto your scene, but some of it stays on the tops of the different balls of gel. It’s really rather cool. Now, I better tell you that before you sprinkle in the glitter, you need to get the bubbles out. Either use your hand or use a long skewer to get as many of the bubbles out as possible.

If you can, find a bird to suspend in flight… that is the coolest part of this for me. But I couldn’t find one that matched my scale, so I made my own out of sculpy clay. Painted him, and then sealed and re-sealed him. He worked out just perfect. I should have also made some cardinals to be in the tree – that would have brought in some red and looked nice, but I ran out of time. You can make whatever suits your fancy, and put it all over the globe! Wherever you put it… it will stay.

(There is a little glare of light on his left eye, it’s not painted white.)

Just before the dinner event, I turned on four submersible lights and layed them on the top of the gels. They kept flipping around on me and shinning up, so I slid a piece of clear plastic (from some clam-shell type packaging) on the clip part in the back of them, and that kept them stabilized for me.

I placed a cool piece of cloth under the vase and added some glittery ornaments and snowflakes around it. (In hindsight, I wish I would have elevated the whole thing a little.)

The favors for the tables guests were their very own snow globes. I found these neat plastic snow globe bottles at Michael’s Craft Store. I put a little tree and a fawn in each one, some glitter, silicone, distilled water and bam… snow globe! Now… just a side note, I wouldn’t put the trees in them if I were to do it again. They kind of discolored the water a little. 😦 They still worked.

It was a very difficult piece to get a picture of. But you get the idea.


I guess I’ll show you the other centerpiece in the next post, I still have laundry to catch up on, and craft messes to clean up, oh, and Thanksgiving to prepare for. 



 P.S. Thank you Amy C for the good shot of this all lit up.


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Truly Christmas

Our 2011 Truly Christmas Charity Event went off beautifully last night. We had a full room of tables and the program was wonderful. So many people put so much of themselves into getting this thing put on this year, and I am so pleased that it went as good as it did.

JOY was our theam.

I didn’t really have time to take pictures… I tried, but didn’t get them to come out very good, so just put the camera down and tried to enjoy myself. But I will try to get some from others who I know took some good shots.

This year I did not have to make 350 magnets, ornaments, or anything else! Oh… ya, except for those little chocolate candies to put on the dessert… but those were really easy. This year I made two big angels for the stage. They were HUGE, and I needed a ladder to do their halo’s!

Here is how I made them:

First of all I had Dave make me a base. Just some 2×4’s into a tee-pee type frame, with two long pieces at the bottom for ease of picking up and moving the angels later. (We cut them off once they were on the stage.) Then it was just chicken wire!

I sculpted, or rather, wrestled (literally) with it until came out an angel!

I used plastic zip ties to attach the wings and to hold on added pieces of chicken wire.

Then I rolled up some chicken wire – flaring out one end, and paper mache’ed it – glued on (indications) of hands out of tin foil, then paper mache’ed again. Paper mache’ed the heads. Spray painted the heads, hands and trumpets gold… then off to the stage in the back of a truck.

After we squeezed them through the door of the gym, barely making it, I took (cheap) batting material (that was on sale) and hot glued around the “dress” of the angel. Now… I had originally planned to paper mache the whole angel. But I decided it would be too heavy to do that, so then came up with “dressing” them on the stage. (It’s a good thing I didn’t, because they never would have fit through the gym door!) If I had known earlier I was going to do it that way, I would have made them skinnier – like more of a regular body shape – not with big draping sleeves and all that. It just made them huge when I added more “clothing”, but they were fine in the end. Angels with girth, I call them! 🙂 And isn’t that the kind of angels we want around us???

JJ helping me fill the wings with tissue paper. 

So, after the batting material, I did a layer or two of tulle. A sash of golden tulle and tissue paper for the wings. Just like they do on the floats for parades… just tear off the tissue and poke it in the chicken wire! Ta-da!! An angel!

(These shots of the stage were taken the day before, during set up. We had baby Jesus in the manger and other stuff done for the Event.)

Oh, here is one during the program.

Will tell you about my centerpieces this year – soon. Right now I need to go take some Advil, start the laundry (that I have neglected for two weeks) and wash some dishes!


It’s all good.

Another year.

Another Truly Christmas.

And I’ve already started sketching ideas for next year.



***Just recieved this picture from a friend. Thanks Amy.


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Wheewh… It’s Over!

I make it sound like a root canal, don’t I? But no… it was just Truly Christmas! And just to be clear… I LOVE Truly Christmas! It’s just a lot of work. And now I’m tired!

It was a wonderful evening and went very well. Errrr, except for the part where I dumped an entire container of cream all over the front of me! No really!! I was mortified! It is the hostess of each table’s responsibility to provide the cream and sugar for their guests. I had filled one of my tables cream pitcher, and went to fill the second one. I thought there might be some glitter in the little pitcher from setting up the centerpiece the night before, so I tipped it out first before filling it. Unbeknownst to me… some sweet soul had already filled that one! 😦 I had cream all down the front of my pants and all over my shoes, the floor, and two chairs. 😦 I was stunned and frozen in an “oh $&*@” position. Help came and we cleaned it up fine – just in time. Leave it to me.

My two middle boys and husband help serve the dinner. This will be their 5th or 6th time at it. And I think we figured out that this is my eighth year as a hostess. I have decided that I need to dig out all my photos from every year that I’ve done a table and get them organized in a little “Truly Christmas” album. I’ll get right on that.

Oh, for those of you that don’t know what “Truly Christmas” is… let me give you a brief synopsis of it. Twelve years ago a lady in our church started this – I know that other churches do similar events – but she wanted to do something for the community during the Christmas season, and try to turn people’s attentions to helping others rather than the hustle and bustle of what this time of year has become. So she, along with some of her friends and family, invited some ladies from their neighborhoods and work places to come and have a nice dinner, hear some Christmas songs & stories, and the proceeds of the evening would go to a local charity. That first year there were eight tables in the basement of our little church.

Over the last twelve years it has grown to between 35-40 tables and we now hold it in the gymnasium. The programs have gotten better and we have been able to raise a lot of money for local charities. Not only that… it is meant to put us ladies in the right holiday spirit for this (hectic) season.

Here are my three tables this year. I didn’t make any new centerpieces – due to those mice – but used ones I’ve already made in past years.

The mosaic tree – with my friend Sandy’s beautiful dishes. You can’t tell very well in this photo, but the tree lights up.

The critter tree – this one I made two years ago. See about that here. And you’ll see a photo of the boys and Dave like the one above… it’s amazing how much they can grow in two short years!

And this vase with clear marbles and snowflakes. I kind of through this one together at the last-minute when there was a need for another table. It turned out nice with the silver and white.

JJ and Guy helped me set up Saturday night. They were such a big help. After carrying in all the boxes of dishes and decorations for me, they actually got into helping me set the tables and decorate. They were treated to a Fratista Freeze (at Taco Bell) after all that! 🙂

Since the theme of the event this year was “An Old Fashioned Christmas”, we had one of our church members who collects old cars, bring in this 1958 (? I think that’s what I heard.) Chevy.

In the lobby was my old window with the painting, I did last week, in it. Dave spent a good part of that day trying to figure out how to light it up. The three (battery) candles that I planned on being enough light – weren’t. It turned out pretty good I think.

Now, the little white spots in it are from the Christmas trees that were across from it. Here is a shot with flash to show what the painting  looks like.

And here is a photo that a guy took for one of my friends on her cell phone for her. I just love it!

Wish I had taken it with a good camera. It’s a bit blurry – but so sweet!

I was so happy that all the ladies showed up for my tables and seemed to enjoy themselves. I don’t know for sure how much money we made for the two charities, but every little bit helps these days, so I know that they will be grateful.

Thank you ladies. And a big thank you to Sandy, and her mom Julia, for inviting their friends too!

Oh, and the little mice were a big hit. One lady (I didn’t know) came up and gave me a big hug and said that she collected magnets and she just loved this one! Another lady hugged me and thanked me for the time I took to make them and that she truly appreciated it. That was so nice! The fact that the ladies liked them makes it all worthwhile.

However, I’ve told everyone that I could, that I won’t be making 300 of anything next year! For all the money I’ve spent on the chiropractor, I could  have bought everyone a real nice ornament!

Anyway, it was a nice evening, but I’m very glad it’s behind me! Today was spent doing a whole lot of dishes and putting them away! Before I could get that finished I had a chiropractor appointment, and then piano lessons for JJ and Harris… and when I got home from those I found that Gerrit was sick. 😦 (Darren was already home sick from work.) So… guess how we’ll spend our Thanksgiving? LOL. It’s all good… tis the season!

Here are a couple of other photos that I really like.

The boys and their Miss Sandy!! Love it!

And the boys with me, just as we were leaving to head over. They had complained SO much about having to wear a tie and tuck in their shirts! You’d think they could handle it one day a year!! But after it was over they both said it was good and it went quick. They said it wasn’t near as bad as they had remembered!!

And this shot… after their dad said “hey, do you have a vest to go with this tie?” something from the Napoleon Dynamite movie. And he said it in the perfect voice!

I sure wish I had listened to my child and done my hair different. 😦 Too late. He was right though. It was just “weird”! I guess this shows you how “fashion” challenged I am… taking advice (or not) from a nine-year old… boy! All I knew is that I wanted it up out of my face for the night. I didn’t want to keep having to take it out of my mouth! It did look better in the back though.

 Hopefully, I will be able to make some new centerpeices for next year. I already have more ideas than time… and have half of the materials for three of them! Time. Just time. That’s all I need.





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Cooking Mice

I know… SICK. Hu?


Fortunately for you AND me, I don’t mean real mice.


But as promised, I am going to show you how to make the infernal mice that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks. These pesky little critters that have had me tied up in knots and then seeking relief at the chiropractor several times a week. These cute little buggars, that I have loved – hated, and hope I finish real soon, then never see again!

The Christmas Mouse Magnet

How To Mold Mice…

Here is a list of supplies:

a clay mold

clay (super sculpy)

clay sculpting tools

an old dull paring knife

a (cheap) soft artists brush

a cookie sheet (lined with foil)

a peanut butter jar (or something similar)


acrylic craft paint

small paintbrushes

Sculpy gloss glaze


First of all, you’ll need to purchase a clay mold. Or… if your real handy, you can make your own.  I will try that next time, but didn’t do that here with the mice. I ordered the mold at……………..  Shooot. I can’t find it. I will let you know where I found that mold as soon as I can find my recipt.

Then you’ll need to purchase clay. I found out the hard way that not all clay is equal! My preference is unequivocally this stuff…


I started these mice off using regular sculpy. But, it was so soft that it made getting them out of the mold killer. So much of my time was wasted reshaping them with my tools. So, when I ran out of the softer sculpy, I tried this Super Sculpy and LOVED IT. It was SO much easier to work with and went much, much faster.

In addition, you will need some clay tools. Now… I’ve used random things from around my house before… so no worries if you don’t have these. Just find stuff that will work! I can now afford to make my life a little easier and purchase what I need, so I did! (It also makes everyone else around here less stressed out, by recognizing that mom is using a specific tool, instead of always wondering if they are eating with something I’ve used on a project!)

Here are my “must have’s” on this project.

 A clay sculpting tool of some sort, preferably, that is arched and then flat on the end. An old, dull paring knife, and a soft bristled brush.

Here are some more tools that I found useful, but not necessary.

 These soft points are on one end… 

…and these nifty balls are on the other. Great for smoothing inside the little rodents ears and up in some corners!

 So… let’s start.

As you can see… I’ve spread out on the dinningroom table. So much for eating at the table for next few weeks!

First take your soft brush and dust the inside of your mold with cornstarch. You will need to do this each time you make one. Trust me… you will remember to do it after you’ve forgotten to a time or two!

Then tap the mold (upside down) to get out all the loose cornstarch.

Okay, now take about as much clay you think you’ll need to fill up your mold. (See how I have several balls, the right size, already made and ready to go up there? Thank you Papa & Sandy!) Warm it up in your hands and make it into a nice smooth ball. Now brush a nice thin layer of cornstarch over the part of your ball that will be going into the mold first. 

Now, push it into the mold. Make sure it is pressed all the way down to the bottom corners of your mold.

Get it in there nice and even.

If it’s too thick, you may have to shave off some excess clay. Here’s where your handy-dandy-old-dull paring knife comes in. 

Smooth out the clay and bring the edges in to as close to the edges of the mold as possible.

Now, take an extra piece of clay, and push it onto a corner of your molded clay. Then pull up quickly. (If you are human, this may take some practice! But you will get it!)


Next, place your molded clay on the lid of your jar. (*** don’t use a painted lid like the blue one I am using in the photo… it got specks of blue paint in my clay. Or cover it with foil.***) 😦

Use your paring knife as a spatula if you need to.

The reason for the jar is so that you can turn it and tilt it however you need to, without having to stand on your head! But, you will need to anchor the little guy to the jar… so, do this by smooshing the excess clay (around the edge of the mouse) to the jar lid. 

 Like so…

 How well attached it is will always depend on how much excess clay you have to work with. It’s nice to have not much excess to trim… but at the same time… there isn’t much to hold it down for what you do have to trim. Small quandary.

Tip: Another good reason for the jar (vs. a plate or something) is that you can keep your extra clay in it.

 Now go on ahead and trim the excess clay from around the molded piece.

Smooth as necessary and make any other adjustments to your piece that are needed.

TIP: I keep a lump of extra clay (stuck to the table) so that I can just wipe what I’ve extracted onto it and it comes off my tool nicely.

Now, I usually had to brush some of the cornstarch off my molded clay. You may or may not need to do this step. It is fine to leave it if you will be painting the whole piece. (It can be brushed off after cooking too.)

Okay, when you are done trimming and smoothing, take your paring knife (or spatula) and gently slide it under your piece to get it off the jar lid. Then place it onto a foil lined cookie sheet.

Bake according to directions on the box of clay you’re using.

I will have to post the next steps in making these little mice at a later date. I’ve been on here long enough for one day. And I do have several mice to finish before I can start bagging them for the special event!

But just so ya know… I will be holding a drawing soon, and three of you will be receiving a little Christmas mouse to adorn your fridge! Stay tuned for more info.


Happy Mice Cooking…



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Truly Christmas

Well, this years big event is behind me once again. Time to start thinking about next years centerpiece! (Kidding… kind’a.)

For those of you who don’t know about my “handcrafted centerpiece obsession”… let me tell you what I do it for. Our church has a wonderful dinner for the ladies of our community to start off the Christmas season in the most possitive and peaceful spirit possible. It’s every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  We provide dinner and a program and all the proceeds go to a local charity. (We actually collected for four charity’s this year.) And the women in the church – who want to – host a table (or two or three) and decorate it real nice, set the table with their own dishes and decorations. Then they are in charge of getting the table(s) they host filled with ladies.

I only did one table this year because of making all the favors for the almost 300 women in attendance. (See about my angel magnets here.)

This year I did something I’ve never done before… I made a fondant cake. Or a cake with fondant. Or is it a cake and fondant? I don’t know. And actually, there was no cake at all. It was rice krispy treats! WAY better than cake anyway. And a lot easier to carve shape create “turn into” something!

So, here it is… the process of my angel cake.

I bought a doll at the craft store. I wrapped her in plastic wrap, and tied up her hair. (to keep it clean and out of the way.)

Then I made some yummy rice krispy treats. Three batches actually!

I began packing it around her… and yes, I left her undies on… it just didn’t seem right for an angel to go camando. I don’t know…


Anyway, I molded and shaped it until I had it about the way I  wanted her dress to be. (Note to self…give her a waist next time!)

Then, I made the fondant.

It is a marshmallow fondant that my friend Sandy directed me to. She’s made it more than once and said that it is much easier than most of the regular fondant recipes. Plus this one tastes good!

Just look at those “yummy white cushions of love” as my son JJ calls them, melting with some real butter!

I didn’t get any photos of me rolling out the fondant or putting it on my doll form – because… well,  my hands were busy! But just trust me that you too could make this fondant too! It was actually pretty fun!

I had made paper patterns of what I needed to cut out of the fondant for the dress. It was like dressmaking 101 the other day. Me with a pencil stuck in my hair – trying to do with two hands what really requires four – wrapping and cutting and marking the paper to make the dress pattern!

Well, I was at least close! A few minor adjustments, but it came out close to what I wanted.

One of my frustrations was the fact that I couldn’t get her to hold the banner like I wanted. (she just wouldn’t cooperate!) I didn’t think of this in time, but if I were to do it again, I’d rip off her arms and glue them back on her in the position that I wanted them. You’d have never known! But… that thought came just a bit too late.

Her banner says “THE KING IS BORN”.

And here she is with her halo.

This is her on the table at the Truly Christmas event.

This is the first time ever that my boys and Dave helped me set up the table. Of course, they were there because I made them show up to help the men of the church set up all the tables and chairs! But they did – and did a good job. Then they wanted me to hurry and get done with my table so we could leave and go to a movie!! But I don’t care so much why they were there helping me… it was just nice to have them there putting thier two cents worth in. 🙂

You won’t believe this, but I forgot my camera that night. Well, it was in the car… but we have to park at the church down the road a bit to make room in our parking lot for our guests, and it was raining. I’d have had to take the bus back over to the other church and run through the rain to get it – so I just asked our pastors wife to send me some copies of her shots. Thank you Debbie.

But since I didn’t have my camera, I didn’t think to have her get a picture of Dave and my two middle boys that were there that night as servers. They looked so good all spiffed up with their Christmas ties and all! And they did an incredible job of helping (the rest of the men in our church) to serve nearly 300 women that night.

It was a wonderful night. Good friends, good program, good food, and good times!

Oh, and for those of you back home that haven’t seem me for a while… I’m a brunette now!


Yea… so were all my friends that came that night. Some of them had trouble finding me!

Oh, please… it’s just hair!




 ***OOOPS! I forgot to mention that you put a layer of buttercream frosting on the rice krispy treats before you lay the fondant on it. It acts as “the glue” and is a very important step! Sorry. 🙂


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