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Adios Derf

JJ decided that Derf had had enough of civilization.

She was great to observe for a while, but she needed to get back to the wild and get ready for winter.

The two surviving eggs, that she had laid, did not hatch. We were, of course, very disappointed, but knew that it was a longshot from the start.

This wasn’t easy for Jage… he loves him some turtle! But he knew that she wasn’t happy and needed to be free.

I missed the photo-op of her cute little head out. We guessed her to be 8 – 10 years old by her shell. (But what do we know.)

We put her right back out where I found her, by the compost pile, and it has lots of crazy-good grub in there for her.

Good-bye Derf… have a good life.

Who knows… maybe we’ll see her again come Spring.



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Cheese-do on a Hard Shell


Derfette loves her some cottage cheese!

The turtle eggs continue to incubate… it will be a long three months of anticipation.



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june-B 003

Wild bunny by the fig tree.

june-B 009-b

Rowdy, our gerbil. Isn’t that cute that he is sleeping in his tube where we can see him?!

june-A 046-b

Miss Kiki hanging out with me in the kitchen.

Misc. 014-b

These two cuties are BV’s boys turtles. Their daddy found another one by the lake while mowing the other day. Can you find him in the photo? Isn’t he/she cute?

April2 011-b

Princess Lulu waiting for her water to be turned on. It is way beneath Her Roayal Highness to drink water out of a mere bowl like the common pets do!

Yard frog 4-09-b

A funny yard toad! I hope he lived after the husband stripped the paint off the upper deck. I want him/her to stick around so we can have tadpoles in our pond soon! Well, soon is relative.

Surprise Party 035-b

I just love getting up in the mornings and seeing this little buddy, with his bottle brush tail, gathering the bird seeds off the porch!

random 003-b

And I know most of us don’t like spiders… but they really are fascinating to watch. Especially the females while they are watching over their egg pouches. This gal was on my big bathroom picture window… until the husband blasted her and her future offspring down with a power washer.

Don’t get me wrong… if she had been in the house, I would have smooshed her. But… being as she was on the outside of the house, I was willing to just watch and learn from her.

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I Have This Thing For Turtles

A few years ago, when I started homeschooling my boys, I thought it would be wonderful to have some aquatic turtles in our classroom. We ordered two babies off the internet – since they are illegal to buy them that small here in Georgia – and got all the equipment for an aquatic turtle paradise! I chalked the expense up to a learning experience for my boys!

Well, the two little red eared sliders were adorable, but sadly did not live long. Two weeks to be exact.  And then I was left with all this turtle paraphernalia.

A month or two later… after all the turtle goods were stashed in the storage room… a friend of mine called and said, “You’ll never guess what I found in our pool”! Okay – they have found just about everything in their pool, so the field was wide open!!

“A baby turtle!” she said and finished with “You have to come and get it!”

I loaded the boys up and we drove over to the next town immediately!

Sure enough she had a baby yellow eared slider in a paper cup! It was no bigger than a silver dollar. The shell was such an increadable mix of colors – yellow, light green, dark green, etc.

(I wish I had pictures of her in my had at this size. She was so tiny!)

We decided to bring it home and set up the “turtle paradise” for it and see if it would live.

That was four years ago!

My friend named it Jerry Garcia because of the wild pattern on it’s shell.

We found out later, as we studied the aquatic turtle, that it was a female! So now her name is Jerri!

She is a hoot! I love her. Of course the boys were very much into her at first, but then the duties of feeding and cleaning her kind of wore off and they liked to just say she was “mom’s turtle” because Jerri loves mom and mom loves Jerri!  They still giggle over the fact that Jerri get’s all excited when I go anywhere near her tank! When all she really sees is the person who brings her her food!!

She even eats out of my hand!

What a wonderful creature she is! I do enjoy her.

I am not sure what I am going to do when she gets too big for this 20 gallon tank. I think she is too tame to let go. Don’t tell the husband, but I have been looking at BIG tanks lately!! Although I do not know where we I would put it!

My husband never really understood until I went away for a long weekend a couple of years ago. I was more worried about him feeding her than I was what he was going to feed my boys! He just laughed at me… but when I got home he said, “Jerri is very cool! I like her now. I just didn’t know she even had a personality!”


She is so fun to watch! I love sitting on my couch every morning before the kids get up and doing my reading/quiet time and watching her eat her breakfast!

Like I need more to take care of… but I even enjoy the upkeep on her big tank.

I know… not everyone shares in my reptile fetish, but if you gave them a chance… they really are quite interesting!

Do I smell chicken?



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